Most common questions from new parents about infant

A new-born baby is a bundle of joy that brings love and happiness in the family. The first few months of babies in critical. They require lot of care in bringing them up.  New parents without any experienced help are most worried and have plenty of questions in their mind. Each question will be really vital to the new parent as they wishes to give every necessary element to their new born.

Natural baby tips for infant care

Common Questions new dad and mom ask –with answers to help the anxious novice parents

Q. How to take care for my new-born’s umbilical cord? How to clean it and when will it falls off?

A. The umbilical cord should be kept clean and dry. It can be cleaned with a small amount of alcohol. Normally a cord dries and falls off on its own in one or two weeks. But if it appears red or swollen the doctor must be consulted.

Q. When is a baby’s fever high enough for me to call the doctor?

A. An infant less than three months doctor must be consulted anytime the fever is above 100.

Q. How long is it OK for a baby to cry?

A. The parent has to understand for the baby’s crying. The baby cries when it is hungry or sleepyor if there is some discomfort in his clothes or the atmosphere which may be too hot or too cold. This comes with experience. Sometimes babies cry for a moment without reason. They can be left comfortably to calm down themselves.

Q. How to know that the baby has had enough breast milk?

A. The best way to know if the baby is getting enough milk in the feeds. The diapers of the new-born have to be closely monitored. A baby of four days should have four stools a day of light brown to yellow colour.

Q. What is the sleeping pattern of the baby?

A. Most babies sleep for short intervals. Every baby develops its own pattern of sleeping. The child should be kept comfortable to sleep. A baby sleeps well after a good massage and bath.

Q. When can a new born be taken outside or in public places?

A. An infant should not be taken in the crowd till at least three months… Strangers and visitors should not be allowed to hold the baby. All those looking after the baby must wash their hands before touching the baby.

Baby feeding tips

A baby must be taken out in the fresh air in the morning and evening. They should left in the morning sun with light clothes on.

Q. How often should the baby be fed?

A. A newborn needs to be fed every two hourly that is at least twelve times during the day. The baby should be fed 15minutes on each breast. The baby must be fed anytime with no limitations. Till the age of six months, after six weeks there should be an aim to avoid feeding between 10pm to 5 am.

Q. What is the best method to burp the new born?

A. A new born baby needs to be buried in between feeding and after feeding.  Burping can be done by holding the baby from the chest and patting on the back or by placing the baby’s head on the shoulders and rubbing the back. Some babies burp in no time but others take a long time to do so.

Q. When does the newborn need vaccines?

A. The first hepatitis B vaccine is given as protection from contagious liver disease. Other vaccine requires in the first two months include vaccines against pneumonia, polio and rotavirus.

Q. How to bathe the baby?

A. The baby must be given a bath with mild soap and lukewarm water. A towel needs to spread in the sink or basin in order to avoid the baby from slipping.

Q. What to do if the baby has hair all over the body?

A. Most babies have fine hair on their body which soon disappears. These can be easily removed in the first month by rubbing a ball of flour dough dipped in mild baby massage oil.

Q. Is it safe to apply Kajal or surma to a new born baby’s eyes?

A. Babies eyes are very delicate and medically no kajal should be put in the eyes. It can lead to some