Health benefits of Ajwain / Carom seeds

Ajwain is one of the seeds used as spices in Indian kitchen. Both in Indian as well as Middle Eastern cuisine, Ajwain or carom seeds are invariably used. Along with its great taste, it has the great taste, it has also variety of benefits.

You can digest the food item quite easily by consuming Ajwain after having lunch or dinner. It has wonderful feature of eradicating bad breath allowing you staying fit and healthy.

You can readily get this seeds in the supermarket or a grocery shop. You might get it in loose form. But, if you are targeting better quality of Carom seeds, taking a packed product with ISI mark will be important.

Ajwain/ Carom seeds are basically a seed extracted from nature with the capacity to digest. People have a tendency of consuming it just after they complete their means.

It means they are going to boost their digestion power with the benefits of Ajwain. But, apart from it you can also get much more variety of health benefits with this seeds.

You just need to chew few seeds of Ajwain as advised by your grandmother and get healthy stomach back. It is a natural handy ingredient to be used at every home to stay away from variety of stomach problems.

Health benefits of carom seeds

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  • Ajwain or carom seeds contain the active ingredient which is quite suitable for the digestion purpose. Since it helps releasing gut juice from the intestine, development of great intestinal tract is observed.
  • An essential oil named as thyme is present in Carom seeds that provide an aromatic smell. People get delighted with its fragrance while consuming it.
  • According to the researchers, the ajwain or carom seeds are rich in antioxidants. If you have excess of oxidants in your body, you immune system will be easily affected. This will easily give rise to a proper supply of vitamins as well as minerals. Fibers content in Ajwain is really good for the bowel movement.
  • Also the Carom seed has essential oil which has antifungal as well as anti bacterial properties.

More advantage of ajwain with medicinal properties

People have cuts and gets inclined to various types of infections. Since Ajwain has antiseptic properties you can get effective remedy out of it.

Even if you are suffering from cough and cold for a long time, antiseptic properties of the medicine will be really effective. Many people are suffering from asthma and an effective remedy can be attained by getting seed decoction.

Few years before, medical science was not so much developed. Ayurvedic medicine was quite popular in treating various types of diseases.

Carom seed has been used for years by the experts dealing with Ayurvedic medicine and makes variety of herbal medicines by the combination of herbs. Treating the problem of indigestion and flatulence is effectively done by the carom seeds.

Kitchen uses and benefit of carom seeds

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Along with Indian kitchen and Middle Eastern kitchen, Ajwain is also used in Pakistani kitchen. In some places this seeds are grinded properly before preparing various dishes.

It is good to avoid prolonged cooking with respect to use of carom seeds. The essential oils will be evaporated if over cooking is done.

One of the province of India is Punjab, this is the place where carom seeds is used. An exclusive type of bread such as as ajwain paratha is prepared by the people staying in Punjab constituency.

In India various types of vegetable dishes, fishes and meat preparation is done with the use of carom seeds. It provides wonderful flavor to different preparation of meat and fishes.

This can also be used in making various types of pickles. Along with this you can also prepare variety of snacks, cookies, soups, spicy biscuits etc.

How you can use ajwain?

You can use the ajwain in variety of ways. One of the ways will be to boil it in a cup of water and heat it to such a level that it becomes exactly half. Filter the seeds and drink water so that you can get instant relief.

It is very good for ladies going through the pregnancy period. Breast milk is really important for the baby.

Also the pregnant lady must consume carom seeds which have anti inflammatory properties. It has a wonderful benefit of keeping the digestive track of individual really effective.

You can crush some seeds of ajwain and mix the same with jaggery. This tastes really well and can taste like a coffee upon consumption. You can take some seeds and tie the same in a cloth.

Now heat the packet in a warm plate. If you have congestion problem, this will be helpful if the warm packet is is slowly applied on the chest. This helps in relieving congestion immediately.

Health benefits of Ajwain/Carom seeds

Relief for pregnant women

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Mothers holding their baby in their womb suffer from variety of health conditions. One of them is nausea or morning sickness. Even they suffer from digestion problem. If you make her consume few seeds of Ajwain whenever she faces such trouble, the problem will be reduced easily.

She will also develop a good mood with its intake. The pregnant lady must stay in good mood all the time. Morning sickness is probably a condition when she becomes restless. Give her some Ajwain and her how well she recovers from the morning sickness. Get it right away.

Relieve from asthma

The problem of asthma has created wider problem too many individual around the world. It is the time for all of you to have serious intervention. Sometimes asthma can develop when you suffer from cold attach.

Cough is associated with asthma. You can now stay relieved from it with chewing few seeds of Ajwain. The fungus and bacterial infection will be removed with the help of Ajwain remedy.

Reducing ear pain

When we have problem with ear pains occasionally, we don’t have anything handy to sort it out. But, let me speak to you about a wonderful home ingredient that will sort out the problem of earache.

You have to make a paste of ajwain and garlic with grinder and apply the paste over your ear lobes where you have ear ache. This will be a wonderful remedy if you are suffering from ear congestion.