What is anorexia nervosa? What are its symptoms and treatment measures?

Anorexia nervosa is a peculiar type of disorder where the person has a fear of gaining weight repeatedly. Since they think that they will be gaining weight every now and then, they develop a limit in their diet routine.

They are constantly with a thought that, their food is making them bulky. Thus, they are thinking a lot about what food to consume and what not.

Even many thin people are seen to suffer from this type of disorder for a long time. For them, it is not just a problem with food; rather the food is used over here in an unusual way which leads to starving.

The anorexia nervosa is a physical condition where the individual suffers from the loss of appetite. This is the situation where he/ she do not have the appetite like the way they have in their usual days.

In other way, during this health condition, individuals get the strong desire of losing their weight. In some cases, it is also known as dieting.

This physical condition may not be considered very seriously in the beginning but after a sometime it becomes really worse due to lack of treatment procedure. It is important to go ahead with regular exercise for recovering from anorexia nervosa.

Individual gets satisfaction by starving as they feel themselves more in control.  This makes them fee from anxiety, tension and anger in life.

Signs and symptoms of anorexia

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You will easily see variety of signs and symptoms of a person suffering from anorexia. Some of these symptoms include?

  • Not eating at all or eating very little
  • Making him or her throw up
  • Weighting food and counting calories
  • Taking diet pills
  • Exercising a lot even when they are hurt or tired
  • Eating very small amounts of certain foods
  • Moving the food around the plate with spoon instead of eating it

There are various effects of this physical disorder. People suffering from these types of disease have a distorted body image.

Individuals suffering from such problem also think that they have a problem of gaining weight every minute and seconds. They also have no intention to eat in front of others. Rather, they remain sad and moody all the time.

They always wish to stay isolated from the crowd. Even the youngsters with this type of problem do not wish to stay with friends and deal with the activities like outing etc.

Causes of anorexia

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People are not aware of a single cause of this disease. An individual having eating disorder can be one of the important causes in this regard. This is proved to be an illness by the medical science that leads to anorexia. Other causes include:

  • Families

It can be a problem in your family. Any family member such as mother or sister suffering from this type of metal block can easily make your mind influenced. If you have anyone in your family for who looks is an important issue, you may easily develop this disorder.

  • Personality traits

Today world is looking out for the best presentation. In every field you world starting from entertainment to corporate, your looks and presentation would be provided with a great emphasis.

If you too have a same trouble, you might hate the way you look. Sometimes things become hopeless due to improper personality traits.

  • Culture

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In certain country, ladies are constantly having a pressure to fit into the image of beauty. Since people are constantly exposed to the image of flawless ladies in the television screen or localities, ladies who are not actually beautiful or presentable are under great pressure.

They become depressed and try hard to become good in looks. This is also one of the reasons behind anorexia.

Treatment measures of anorexia

The family members of the patient suffering from this disorder would be cautious and ask whether someone suffering from anorexia would become better ever. If you can get the treatment under doctor and medical team, getting better in this disease is now possible.

The health care team can work hard to bring the patient to his normal state. The action and thought of the patient will be counseled so that they become better from inner self. If this disease is related with psychology, issue can be sorted by visiting a psychologist.

Some people are seen to become better after having antidepressant on a regular basis. Those are also known as the mood stabilizers and make the affected person feel better always.

It has been proven that people with mood and anxiety problem can be better with this type of antidepressant dosage and medicine can be treated totally.

But, you should always consult a doctor before getting the perfect dosage. Some medicine can also provide an adverse effect to the patient.

Symptoms of anorexia nervosa

Obsession of dieting

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An individual suffering from the health condition, anorexia nervosa have great obsession towards dieting. In spite of having thin body structure, they are really cautious about gaining weight.

Pretending to eat

Another symptom of anorexia nervosa is the prevention of eating. They show to the people that they are consuming meal. But, in reality they are not. Rather, they lie to people about their meal consumption.

Cautious about fat rich food

Individual with the problem of anorexia nervosa will be a mile away from fat rich food. They keep on reading the labels in food when they buy it from the market. They also keep on reading diet books.

Treatment of anorexia nervosa

Be honest about problem

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People suffering from anorexia nervosa must be honest to themselves. They must admit that they actually have a problem of obsession towards getting thin. Since they will get a lead towards the physical and emotional damage to themselves, it is better to admit before it.

Stay away from similar category people

If you have an obsession towards getting thinner, it is better to stay away from such person who has similar intention. Stay away from your friends and relatives who too feels they are fat and need to reduce their weight.

Show a doctor

Sometimes people suffer from the psychological issues and thus require a psychiatrist help. If your want of getting slim has not come to an end, it is the time to show professional.