What are the types, cause and effects of anxiety disorder?

A normal reaction to stress is nothing but anxiety which can be result of tense situation due to exam, office and other related burden. Today children also gets the anxiety disorder as the competition of getting higher marks in exam is getting increased everyday. Even in the job field, people get tensed about variety of factors starting from meeting deadline to getting the deal successful with clients. Every individual are affected by anxiety disorder more or less.  According to the recent report, through anxiety disorder, more than 40 millions of American Adults are affected who have an age limit 18 years or older. It is not the question of mild stress which you generally get when you are going to face your girl field on your first date. Rather, it is the serious disorder with variety of side effects.

Anxiety disorder is quite common among teen age when they are into a relationship. The overwhelming worry as well as social phobia is associated with variation of disorder of individuals. If there is some un natural situation at home and suppressed tension among the family members, this can easily give rise to the anxiety disorder among individuals. This can also lead to embarrassment. There are variety of symptoms based on which the anxiety disorder becomes boosted. Every human being has the normal emotion which makes them cry at the time of grief and laugh with funny element. Anxiety disorder also has connection with emotion of individuals.

There are different types of anxiety disorder which includes

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  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Social phobia

Obsessive compulsive disorder

It is a particular variety of disorder that is caused due to disorder of a person.  Individual suffering from such disorder carry on doing things over and over again to control the cause of obsessive thought.  For example, an individual suffering from Obsessive compulsive disorder will check and see whether the doors are locked or not several times. Even some people have the habit of washing their hands again and again before consuming anything. They are actually frightened about getting sick.

Post traumatic stress disorder

Just after an accident, people go through a traumatic situation. This give rise to post traumatic stress disorder. An individual who has experienced a terrific or harmful event comes across this type of stress disorder.  The symptoms of this type of stress include frightening thoughts, flashback were individual relieves the trauma again and again. Bad dream is also one of the symptoms of this disorder.

Generalized anxiety disorder

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The issues such as money, health and family problems are the reasons to worry. But, people with GAD think much more than that of other people in this world. Even if the issue is not too big, people with these types of disorder worries much more. They are really very anxious about every event and happenings in their life. They can’t even relax for a moment.

Panic disorder

Due to sudden attack of terror, individual gets the panic disorder. There are different variety of terror that is suffered by the patient.  The symptoms of the disorder include sweatiness, feeling overly warm, pounding heart, weakness, numb hands, tingling, dizziness, faintness and smothering sensation.

Social phobia

The fear of society with regards to social culture and self-consciousness gives rise to social phobia in an individual. The patient is always very tensed about being judged and watched by others. They have a fear of getting embarrass very easily.  There are various situations in which people gets social phobia. It include eating, speaking to people, writing on a blackboard etc.

Causes of anxiety disorder

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People suffering from such disorder get it due to various typical situations in life. Some people might have experienced very bad acceded due to which phobia takes place. He can only view the particular factor in the flashback. Some other people may have problem in earning and providing adequate life to their family.

Effect of anxiety disorder

An individual with the problem of anxiety disorder might have mild effect in some cases. But, some people suffer from severe effect.  Some people have difficulty in speaking with people within the crowd. Some blushes too much due to anxiety disorder. People with anxiety disorder also suffer from trembling effect. Nausea is another important effect of individual suffering from anxiety disorder for a long time.  If you too are having such effects, it’s time to see doctor immediately without being careless.

Treatment procedure of anxiety disorder

People have an important question about whether anxiety disorder can be treated. Basically there is no cure for the anxiety disorder but proper treatment procedure can provide relief to people in making their life normal.  Some of the treatment procedures of anxiety disorder include:

  • Beta blockers
  • Antidepressants
  • Anti anxiety medicines

Symptoms of anxiety disorder

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You can come across variety of symptoms after which anxiety disorder becomes prominent. Some of the symptoms are;

  • Palpitation in heart
  • Dry mouth
  • Tension in muscle
  • Feeling of uneasiness, panic and fear
  • Dizziness
  • Numbness of feet and hands

Causes of anxiety disorder

There is variety of causes due to which people suffers from the anxiety disorder. The stress in the environment or the social atmosphere which the person stays gives rise to the anxiety disorder. The emotion of fear and other negativity is focused by the brain signal. Also the information exchanged from one part of the brain to another is associated with the long lasting stress. When the anxiety disorder takes place, people get major changes with control on memories which gives rise to more complications.

Effects of anxiety disorder

People can suffer from variety of physical and mental complication as a result of anxiety disorder. Most of the people suffer from excessive headache. It creates complication in central nervous system function. There are some behavioral changes among the individuals with anxiety disorder. Also the immune system response becomes slow in such a mental and physical condition of individual. Anxiety disorder also affects the digestive system as people restrict the aim of having food. As a result the excretory system also becomes improper. As per the social short coming, this attack changes the personality of an individual. It can lead to alcohol and drug abuse.