Emotionally being intelligent

I am sure that most of us wonder as what and how can concepts like emotions and intelligence could be merged and used together. I am going to take you through few instances which would prove that both these concepts together can create magic and miracles.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get into the scenarios to learn more about it.

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Firstly, let’s rewind on what are emotions and intelligence individually. Emotions are the feelings a human would react to the respective situations. Those feelings, which can sometimes get that person into trouble when not used in a proper way. And the same feelings which can also create a magic and miracles when used appropriately.

Now, let’s talk about intelligence. It is something that only humans are gifted with in this beautiful creation of the God. It can create any magic or miracle or wonder or may be at times, spoils things when not used the right way.

Now, how do we merge both? Well, as I earlier mentioned, emotions when not used in a proper way, can spoil the situation and make that person stupid. The same emotions when used with little intelligence that we are gifted with, always help us to create those miracles and wonders. Let us take an example to see how it works.

I am going to take a very generic scenario from our day to day life. A Boss and Employee scenario. Sounds interesting? Yes, let us also see if any of us can relate to this situation.

A boss is a person who manages the entire business and the employee is a person who must manage his own life along with the job responsibilities assigned to him/her. Since I say every one of us are gifted with both emotions and intelligence we always tend to use them in our very own way. This is because every person is unique in his/her own way.

So, employees at times, be so emotional that they saying, “We love our team or our boss more than the company we work for” becomes very fact. Let us imaging a situation where there is an employee who is very attached to one of his/her team. One day, that person had to leave the job for their career opportunities. Most of the times, that emotional employee would also feel, “SAD” and tend to follow that favourite team member. Here is when he/she must use their intelligence. But when the emotion covers most of the person, intelligence cat find a way to come into the light. Now is the time for that emotional person needs a Moral support. This is when the Boss comes into picture. Being a boss, he/she should possess those soft skills like showing empathy, convincing, etc. Should I also mention that I would like to thank the corporate world for specifically training their employees on these soft skills? Yes, you got it!

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Emotionally being intelligent is more about using the skills and turning any situation in our favour. Coming back to this scenario, the boss now used his empathy towards his/her emotions and tells him how to deal with it as this is another fact that we get to meet people in our day to day life who comes and leaves as co-passengers in a train. Yes, that rarely few of them travel along up to some extent. When this moral support can boost the intelligence in the employee, so that he/she will be able to use their emotions in a right way and thus they may focus on their career to be successful themselves, also cheering their emotional / favourite friend to grow, understanding the fact that not everyone walk with us till the end.

Here, the wonder is when the employee realizes the fact and continue his journey with everyone else around him. You may also think as, why do I refer it to as “wonder”? Because, if the employee was not emotionally intelligent here, he/she may end up travelling the journey very sad and with no life in it. He/she could have been living with that negative energy also spreading the same across the human chain they meet everyday. Remember, when we are told to surround ourselves with more of positivity, we are also responsible in spreading the same positive energy. At last, yes that this positive energy matters lot.

Thus, the boss used his intelligence and experience to enhance and boost the employee’s intelligence out. And thus, the employee being emotionally intelligent becomes a successful person spreading the positivity across their world. Thus, they created a beautiful team again, which leads to beautiful office, and the beautiful colony and a city and so on, that one day, we will get a beautiful world around us, we being witness the same. “Become the change that you wish to see” Very True!

I hope you enjoy reading this and that I was able to convey the right message about being emotionally intelligent.

I wish every one of us would be able to act emotionally intelligent in all the situations to attract the success into our lives!

Happy reading!