How betel leaves / piper betel are useful for health

Betel leaves are the leaves of the Piper betle vine. This vine produces heart shaped leaves that are deep green in color and in Ayurveda these leaves have been praised highly due to their immense medicinal properties.

When taken alone, betel leaves can work as a medicine for the body offeringa number of health benefits;however, eating quid, prepared by adding slaked lime, areca nuts, tobacco powder and other ingredients with the leaves, is not certainly healthy for the body.

So to get the best health benefits of betel leaves make it a point to chew the leaves only. A paste made from Betel leaves can also be used for topical application in different cases. Read on to know the health benefits of these edible leaves,

Promotes better digestion

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It is best to take betel leaves after having your meal, particularly because these leaves promote digestion.  Betel leaves stimulate saliva production in your mouth, which is filled with digestive enzymes that help in quick break down of the food.

As it helps in digestion, it also cures problems like bloating and intestinal gas. Betel leaves can be helpful to boost your total digestive process, ensuring better health of your digestive system, which is sure to promote a better overall health.

Helps in maintaining better oral hygiene

Betel leaves have antibacterial properties that can be helpful to kill the germs in the mouth that cause bad breath.

Betel leaves can also be helpful to control the acid level in mouth, thus preventing the formation of cavity. However, always make it a point to wash your mouth properly with water after you have chewed a betel leaf, otherwise it might stain your teeth.

Betel leaves help in cough and cold

Cough and cold are common problems that make all of us suffer every now and then. Betel leaf extract can be helpful to clear the phlegm from the chest and it can also provide relief and healing to the throat area.

People who suffer from problems like pharyngitis and tonsillitis might get great results by chewing betel leaves. The mild antibacterial property of these leaves help in curing the throat infections and provides relief from common cough and cold.

Betel leaves can treat diabetes

According to studies, betel leaves has some active compounds that might be helpful for maintaining a more normal blood sugar level in the diabetic patients.

The anti-diabetic property of these leaves have been proven and one can actually get results in controlling blood sugar by consuming these leaves in regulated number.

Betel leaves are ideal for treating gastric ulcers

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Gastric ulcer is a digestive system related condition that can create a lot of trouble in the body. Starting from acute abdominal pain to indigestion, bloating, acidity all may be caused due to gastric ulcers.

For curing this condition, betel leaves are actually helpful. Studies have proved the gastroprotective properties of these leaves and hence if you are suffering from gastric ulcer, consuming betel leaves can actually be helpful.

Betel leaves for headache

Many people believe that betel leaves or betel leaf extract can work effectively in curing headache. However, no scientific studies have yet been performed on the topic that can stand for the justification of the claim.

It is said that applying a concentrated extract of betel leaves or the betel leaf paste onto the temple cures headache efficiently.

Betel leaves has detoxification properties

Detoxifying your body and digestive system can be highly helpful for a better health. Betel leaves are known for their ability to remove toxins from the body. These leaves are also believed to be effective in treating mild poisoning or food poisoning.

Betel leaves for wound healing

Betel leaves are excellent for healing any open wounds.  Prepare a paste of betel leaves, apply it over the cleaned wound and cover it up with a bandage.

Betel leaves can coagulate the blood quickly stopping bleeding and can also work to heal the wound. Betel leaves are even effective in treating insect bites. Just prepare a paste with the leaves and apply it onto the affected part of the skin.

Betel leaves for treating boils

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In Ayurveda, betel leaves are also used for treating boils. For this application the leaves are warmed to some extent and then they are coated with castor oil. When these castor oil coated leaves are pressed lightly over the boils, the boils are easily ruptured and the fluid is drained naturally.

Betel leaves for treating warts

This is another external application of betel leaves that has been found to be highly effective and yet completely side effect free. Betel leaf paste or extract can be used directly for treating warts on the skin.

The best thing about this treatment is that, it does not leave any scar on the skin. Just apply the extract on the wart for few days and you will see it shrink.

Betel leaves can be helpful to prevent oral cancer

Betel leaves play an important role in maintaining the proper level of ascorbic acid in the saliva which is directly related to oral cancer. Ascorbic acid works as an effective anti- oxidant in the body and prevents oxidative damages as well.

Betel leaves may treat erectile dysfunction

In Ayurveda, betel leaves are used for treating conditions like erectile dysfunction. It is said that the aphrodisiac property of these leaves help in curing the problem. However, no scientific study has yet been done linking the action of betel leaves with the condition.

Betel leaves for treating acne

Betel leaves can work effectively to treat any type of skin infections caused due to bacteria or fungus.

When you use the extract of these leaves on acne regularly, you are sure to see the acne subside with time. The mild anti-septic property of these leaves also help in preventing skin breakouts and allergies.