Best braided hairstyles & Haircuts for Girls

Come summer and it’s time to soak our hair under the bright sunshine. Schools and colleges begin with a full swing and heading in the sweltering summers might be a nightmare for you pretty girls and moms- getting their girls ready. Now, nor more. We bring to you an exclusive bunch of hairstyles to don comfortably while keeping a chic look always. Don’t forget to get your hands on the vibrant neon hair pins and accessories for a colorful summer look. Check out these top braid hairstyles that are perfect for your next day out:

Braid in a Ponytail

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An easy yet innovative way to style your long or medium hair into this classic braided ponytail. Part your hair into two sections and make a high ponytail by securing the upper layer and now start braiding the lower section hair, take each strand and weave till the ends. Now, twist together into a lower layer ponytail. You’re ready for school.

Double Trouble

Channel the chic in you with this double trouble old school glam braided hairstyle. This is the fuss-free, long-lasting and extremely playful look for girls. All you need to do is divide sections of your hair into equal parts. Now, take each section and start twisting your hair into French braid. Secure them with a band or accessory and you’re ready to spill the sass.

Messy Double Bun Braid

One of the most popular trend these days is prim rolls or double buns that you can totally rock this summer with a twist. Plait your hair into messy braids from each section of your centrally parted hair and secure them into buns respectively. To add some charm, you can accessorize buns using flowers or fancy hair pins. Be your own kind of princess.

Call me cute maybe

This open hair braid waterfall is our all-time classic favorite for its versatility and easy to make when you’re running late. Start French braiding your hair from the hairline till you reach the ends, make sure you leave hair open and let the waves add some texture. You can also play around by simply braiding each strand from separate sections and securing them with a clip or band.

Cornrows Bun

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Treat your hair like Elsa and give them a little makeover with this pretty cornrow bun. Start dividing your hair from the rim and braid them. Once you got about 4-5 braids, secure them together into a neat low bun. This will be your quintessential summer look that will save all the hassle to take care of your brittle messy hair when back from school or college.

French Princess

Ain’t’ there nothing more beautiful than a simple hairstyle which shall make your girl look worth every inch of a princess. Don a French braid and secure it with a hairpin on the crown. Sweep your hair into a high ponytail and then take a section of your ponytail to braid the final French look into perfection. Gear up girls for compliments you’d have to handle.

Wear your crown always

Gleaming like a halo on your head, this crown braid hairstyle is surely the most girly, delicate and dreamy. You can sport this look with any attire, it will stay graceful as ever. Take a section of your hair from one corner and start plaiting your hair till you finally reach the other end. Now secure them with pins and take out your loose strands for a lived-in look texture.

Side Braid Ponytail

Unfold your beauty in this visually appealing side braid ponytail which is easy to create and lasting to stay. Start braiding your hair from the hemline and secure it with a band. Twist your hair into a low side ponytail for a casual chic look. Summers are incomplete without a dressy costume (y) look. You can try mermaid braids for a fancy hairstyle.

Dutch Royalty

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You’re sure to beat the summer heat in this lifted braided bun which looks a lot like a moon from the back. The elegant updo is certainly a conversation starter and we bet you shall be turning heads and rolling those envious eyes. Play around, work smart in this sweet dutch braid hairstyle.