What is detox diet? What are the benefits of detox diet?


Detox, the short form of detoxification is the body’s natural process of getting rid of toxins in the body. Toxins are elements that can harm body tissues.

Detox Diet is a strict diet that helps to remove toxins from the bloodstream, kidneys, liver and intestines.

The purpose of elimination of toxins refers to purifying the body and makes it function in a better manner.

The detox diet helps the body to become healthy and fresh. There are several types of detox diets with different plans, but the summary of each of them is a low calorie diet, mainly consisting of liquid foods.

It is a short time diet that minimizes the intake of chemicals in the food.  Detox Diet emphasizes on foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals and contain antioxidants that are needed for detoxification.

The toxins are eliminated with the help of fiber foods and water by increasing the frequency of passing water and clearing the bowels.

Benefits of detox diet

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  • Detox diet boosts the energy and people feel more energetic. The replacement of fruits and vegetables in place of sugar, starch and fat help in boosting energy.
  • It helps to get rid of excess waste   by cleansing the colon. Fruits, vegetables and water are of great help in this process.
  • Reduction of high calorie foods and healthy eating in leads to weight loss.
  • Detox diet helps to keep the organs free from toxins and function properly.  This gives a boost to the immune system.
  • Detox program cleanses the colon which helps in diminishing bad breath.
  • Detox plan promotes healthy changes from the old lifestyle with addictions to caffeine, sugar, oil to the healthy lifestyle consisting of healthier choice of fruits and vegetable.
  • A good detox diet keeps the body lighter as fresh fruits and vegetables create a lighter feeling in the body. The cleansing of the intestines and colon also leaves the body lighter.
  • The constant accumulation of toxins adds to the aging process.  The reducing of free radicals damage done to the body will help for a long healthy life.
  • Detoxing often used for weight loss which gives a sense of wellbeing and feel the improvement to witness better relationships, better performance at work and a new zest for life.

Who should not try a detox diet?

It is advisable that pregnant or nursing women and children should not go on a detox diet. People with problems of liver or kidney disease should follow the diet under the supervision of a health care taker. Detox diet is not intended for detoxification of alcohol or drugs.

Side effects of detox diet

One of the most common side effects on starting detox diet is headache which normally is due to the stoppage of caffeine.

Diarrhea or constipation is some other side effects of detox diet. Other side effects include tiredness, weight loss, skin rash and irritability.

A long term of detox diet can lead to some nutrient deficiencies which are mainly protein and calcium deficiencies.