What fruits to try first for babies / infants?

Right type of nutrients will be important for every child. Vitamin C is really essential for your baby at certain stage of life. It is true that an infant within 2 months of age would feed on only breast milk. But, when he is between the age range of 4 to 6 months, you can easily make him consume pureed fruits. Those fruits would be rich in vitamins as well as minerals which is really essential for the infants or your babies. But, not all fruits are suitable for the babies while they consume the same for the first time. It is important to find out the first fruit with which fruit diet is begun.

Fruits are pure and healthy ingredients extracted from nature. In order to make your baby healthy, make him eat some wonderful food that is filled with nutrition. For every baby, vitamins are really essential. The fruit that you choose must include numerous vitamins. But, even in fruits intake there are some restrictions. You must ask your baby pediatrician before making him consume fruits. Some of the fruits can be acidic in nature. Thus, these fruits cannot be for babies. Let us find out the list of fruits which you baby can be consume.

First fruits for babies


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You must keep in mind about the digestion point of view of the child before thinking about the first fruit. You must find out the fruits which can be easily digested in the digestive system of the baby. You can try out apple in pureed form. Don’t ever try to feed the baby with the typical slice of apple.

Parents responsible in this procedure must make a puree and then feed the same to the baby. You can make a healthy apple sauce for your baby which has a good source of vitamin C. Thus fruits will be really effective for the baby where they can absorb the iron content of the fruit. Also the fiber content in the fruit is really effective in reducing the constipation problem in a baby.

Mashed bananas

Banana also contains good amount of mineral and iron. It must be provided to the babies for developing normal muscle as well as appropriate heart function in a child.

Peach in pureed form

You can also consider peach as the one among the first fruits which must be given to the child after 4 months of age. Since peach has vitamin A as well as vitamin C, your child will get healthy eyesight. Also the formation of white blood cell will be effective. You can make a paste out of peach and apricot and allow your child to consume the same. Since your child is a new consumer of fruit, you must feed him with the item which is easily digestible. Combination of pureed peach as well as apricot is very well digestible fruit for your baby.

Fruits to be avoided

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Not all fruits are favorable for all kids. There are some varieties of fruits which must be avoided at once. Strawberries, oranges as well as grape fruits are some of the fruits which should not be provided to kids as the first fruit. Since these are highly acidic fruits, babies can get the diaper rashes which are quite painful. You may also find the fruits which has high pesticide level. These fruits must be avoided for kids. According to one of the environmental working group, the fruits such as plums, pears and peaches have high pesticide level. Some babies having strong immunity can consume it. But, not all babies have same level of immunity. Thus, it will be wiser to avoid such fruits. The organic variety of fruits will be more preferable as babies gets less exposure to dangerous chemicals.

How to feed your baby with fruits

You need to change the fruit with time as your baby might not like same type of taste all the time. You can continue providing a single fruit for 2 to 3 days. But after completing the period, you should definitely change it. But, keep a note of such fruits which will be easily digestible by your kids.

Fruit purees

Since the teeth of your baby are not very well developed, the solid fruits will not be favorable to them at all. Feeding your baby with the pureed fruit will be advisable. The fruit purees that are made at home are ideally filled with all types of nutrients. You can also take the fruits such as banana, apricot and peach, combine them together and get a wonderful puree out of it. You can easily feed this to your child in order to provide him with all types of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.

Fruits to try first for babies/ infants


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Banana is a wonderful fruit which you can make your baby consume when he is too young. But your baby is too young to consume it in a solid form. You have to mash banana and make him consume. He cannot take up very solid food as his digestive system is not so well developed. But mashed banana is full of nutrition. You must keep banana at your home so that your baby can consume it with all nutrients and vitamins inside his body.

Gala apples

Another variety of fruit which you can make your baby eat is gala apple; You need to boil the apple, peels its skin and smash it. This has good amount of vitamin C that is ideal for the skin health of your baby. Even Gala apples will help keep the baby safe. Your baby won’t be affected by any disease. Every doctor would ideally prescribe this for your baby. Try this right away and make your baby happy.

Nectarine puree

This is quite similar to peach. You can easily get this from any of the fruit stall. This is a recommended fruit which your baby can consume when he is of the age of consuming some solid food. But, this fruit too needs to be smashed and made in puree form. Use a spoon to make your baby consume this particular fruit. This is filled with potassium and beta carotene. This can be consuming in raw form. It is not required for you to cook this fruit.