Best good habits for children

It is popularly believed that good habits start from early childhood. The early years of the child are the formative years and when good habits are formulated at this age they become a part of their life.

Good Habits for School Children:

Eat Healthy Foods

Children are tempted to eat chips and biscuits. They must be made to eat homemade version of fresh snacks and explained the harmful effect of junk food. They must learn to eat homemade pizzas, pastas and noodles occasionally. All types of fruits and salads must be encouraged as foods to kids. It is no doubt a difficult task, but slowly it will become a habit of the child.

Table Manners

Children must be made to sit on the table and eat properly. They must be educated about the table manners. They must also learn never to waste food and take only the amount they can finish. They must eat with the adults to form the habit of following table manners.

Brushing Twice a Day

it is essential for kids to start brushing their teeth twice a day. They must be explained the importance of brushing. Develop the habit of brushing at night by allowing him to a sweet treat if brushing is done after that.

Sleep on Time

Develop the habit in the children to sleep everyday at a fixed schedule time. It will enable them to have enough sleep and will make them get up fresh in time. This is essential for children going to school. It develops a proper sleep routine for them.

Play Outdoors

Children must be forced to plat outdoors in the fresh air and not remain glued to the TV watching cartoons and playing games on mobiles. There must be fixed hours for both activities. This routine must be made with patient behaviour and not forcibly.  Parents must make it a point to play games with the children. This will encourage them to play outdoors.

Cleaning up the Mess

Children must learn to keep back their toys and books after spending time with them. They must be given half an hour daily to tidy up their room and put all the things in their appropriate places. They can be rewarded with their favourite snack or chocolate after doing so.

Be Responsible with Money

A child of 8 years must educated about money and given responsible by giving them pocket money. The child can have a piggy bank where he can save the money and spend it on a particular occasion.

Say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’

Children must learn to say the two magical words Please and Thank you that will enable them to handle most jobs with others without any problems

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing is one of the most important good habit for school children. A single child must be educated about how sharing becomes an important part of life. They must learn that sharing gives joy. Usually siblings do not face this problem, but if there are problems they must be explained the importance of sharing.

Don’t Litter Public Spaces

Kids must be taught the rules of a good citizen from early childhood. They must be explained the hazards of littering public places like parks, play grounds and garden. They must learn to use the dustbin places in one corner.

Some healthy habits to be developed in children

Scrub the hands

Children must learn the proper method washing hands and develop the habit of scrubbing hands several times a day. They must wash their hands before and after eating food, coming home after school or after playing, after sneezing, playing with a pet or any animal and after using the potty. This habit is to be developed from the time they are babies. Hands need to be washed with warm water and soap, loads of foam must be made , then scrub the hands from the back and front  for a while and then rinse well with water and dry them with a towel.

Use of the tissue

Children must learn to use the tissue while sneezing, blowing the nose and dispose the tissue immediately in the dustbin. Some germs and virus live on the tissue for hours hence the used tissues must be disposed immediately.

Do not share

Children must learn from childhood that they must never share some of their personal belongings with their friends and even brothers and sisters if possible. These things include tooth brushes, combs, cups, spoons, forks and straws. Even toys like whistles and mouth organs that are put in the mouth should not be shared,