Hair color removing products

Coloring your hairs is a great way to add a fresh look or some more drama to your overall appearance. Hair coloring or even highlighting when done in the right way can actually change the whole appearance of a person.

However, going wrong with the hair color can be actually a harrowing experience, which many of us keen to trying out new hair colors, have faced at some or other point of their lives.

You saw a hair color on your friend and you just thought of trying it out, but once you got that on your hairs, you find that it is not complimenting your skin tone or the eye color. Now you are left with no other choice but to bear the color in your hairs till it fades.

Same type of situations might happen when your hair color starts fading and reaches an undesirable tone with a tinge of orange or yellow, before it goes off completely. People who love to swim, bleaching their hair colors to something unwanted is quite common for them.

If you spend a lot of time under the sun and you have colors on your hairs, in that case too you might end up with an unwanted tinge of color on your hairs. In these situations, you are left with no other choice but to try out with the hair color removing products.

These products claim to remove permanent and semi-permanent hair colors as well as the yellow or orange tones from your preferred shades effectively and can be the only way to get rid of any unwanted hair color without chopping off your locks.

Another situation when hair color removing products come actually handy is after you have somehow put on some hair color on your skin and you badly want to remove the stain.

The products that remove the hair colors from hairs and the ones that remove them from the skin usually cannot be used interchangeably. However, there are some products that might be used for both the purposes.

Here is a list of the hair color removing products used by the professionals and though these products claim to be handy enough to be used on your own, we think some assistance from the professionals in this case will not hurt. So here we go,

Color Oops Hair Color Remover Extra Strength

Color Oops Hair Color Remover Extra Strength

This product is claimed to be the safest way to reverse an unwanted hair color. The product is highly concentrated and it claims to remove the color in a single application.

It takes only 20 minutes to remove the color and is completely free from ammonia or bleach that can cause hair damage and dryness. The formula of this hair color remover shrinks the molecules of the dye, enabling them to be washed away easily.

This extra strength hair color remover takes the hair color to its lightest shade, which means if you have applied darker colors on your hairs, you will be left with the hair color close to your natural shade after application of this remover.

In case of application of hair colors of lighter shade than your natural tone, the Color Oops will remove the color but as the natural pigment has already been lightened chemically, so you will end up with the chemically lightened tone of the color on your hairs.

Color Oops Regular Strength Hair Color Remover

Color Oops Regular Strength Hair Color Remover

This regular strength hair color remover from Color Oops can remove any hair color applied within the last 48 hours and will take your hairs to its lightest shade.

The product is formulated without ammonia and bleach to ensure that your hairs are not damaged during the color removing process. The formula shrinks the color molecules applied on the hairs and thus removes them easily.

The product can restore your hair color to its lightest shade within 20 minutes of application and it is completely safe and easy to use. The product does not damage your hair shafts making it possible to color your hairs on the same day.

L’Oreal Effasol Color Remover

L'Oreal Effasol Color Remover

This color remover from L’Oreal is one of the most effective hair color removing products available in the market.  The remover efficiently removes any type of hair color from the hairs without causing damage to the hair shafts.

If needed, you can even re-apply this product on your hairs to get rid of the unwanted hair color completely. The product will take your hair color to a shade appropriate for immediate recoloring.

Colorist Secrets Brass Banisher

Colorist Secrets Brass Banisher

This brass banisher is formulated to remove any unwanted brassy, orange or yellow tones from your hair color.

The product effectively removes the brassy tones in 5 minutes leaving your hairs soft and lustrous. This product is not formulated for removing hair colors; it banishes the brassy discoloration of the hair colors giving new life to them.

One ‘n Only Colorfix

One 'n Only Colorfix

Have gone wrong with your new hair color? There is nothing to worry as long as the One ‘n Only Colorfix is there.  This product removes any type of permanent hair colors from your hairs regardless of how long it has been applied on the hairs.

So, if your hair color has taken turn to an unwanted shade, or you just want to try out something new this product can be the best pick for you.

The product claims to remove the unwanted hair color within 20 minutes of application without harming the hairs. According to reviews, the product is very effective and it can be kept on their hairs for even longer according to the requirements.

Roux Clean Touch Hair Color Stain Remover

Roux Clean Touch Hair Color Stain Remover

This hair color stain remover can efficiently remove any type of hair color stains from the skin. This product can also be used on the hair ends, when you are left with unwanted colors at the ends.

This product removes hair color stains from the skin effortlessly and you can use it even on your forehead without worrying for skin irritation.

Colortrak Colortrak Wipe-off Hair Color Remover Wipes

Colortrak Colortrak Wipe-off Hair Color Remover Wipes

These pre-moistened wipes are the easiest way to remove hair color stains from any part of the skin. The wipes are moistened in an Aloe Vera based formula which soothes the skin and clears off any color stains easily without any much rubbing or scrubbing.

You can remove these wipes for removing hair color stains from your forehead, ears, cheeks, neck or hands without causing any irritation on the skin.

Wella Service Color Stain Remover

Wella Service Color Stain Remover

It is a professional strength hair color stain removing treatment that can be most effectively used for removing any type of hair color stains from the skin efficiently.

The product can remove semi-permanent, demi-permanent as well as permanent hair color stains even after the absorption of the color to the skin has occurred.

This formula has a high strength and hence it is not recommended for direct use on the skin. The product should be applied on the affected area using a cotton wool pad.