How to get rid of muscle cramps & spasms

Do you also experience that muscles twitching in legs and hands slowly are making their way to twist and get stiff?

Muscle cramps are uninvited guests that involuntarily attack a person causing intense pain taking their way at middle of the nights or post workout /sports session targeted more on forearm, calf muscles, hamstrings, quads, arms, flanks and abdominal walls.

Causes for muscle cramps

Foods to increase muscle strength

  • Poor blood circulation
  • Fatigued muscles
  • Dehydration
  • No proper exercise regime
  • constant body position for Prolonged periods
  • Intake of spicy and dry foods
  • Cold temperatures
  • Extreme hot temperature

Muscle cramps are in general very common in athletes, most pregnant women and people who overdo work are also commonly affected. Rubbing it does not alone is the solution – to put an end to the muscle contractions there is a lot you need to know. Here I have put few basic alterations you need to follow,

Best ways to avoid muscle cramps

Regain lost fluids

To keep cramps at bay water is just not enough. To regain and retain electrolytic balance in your body and help all of your systems work with efficacy, then you should definitely consider having sports drink packed with high nutritional content especially sodium, potassium and chloride.

If once the body electrolyte gets disturbed most of the functional systems get to experience load and tend to cause cramps.

Have sips of water or energy drinks all the time when you are extremely sweating it out.

Warm-up everyday

If you don’t want muscle cramps to hit you all of a sudden. Warm up sessions help calm and relax your muscles relieving them from stiffening.

Stretching your neck muscles, hands, legs and other bending exercises tend to stretch all of those minute nerves together to clear up any tension/twists in muscles. Make sure you give yourself a 5 minute warm-up and kick start a day.

Rejuvenate with oils

How to relieve soothe sore muscles

Don’t panic and complicate things!!! All you need to do is RELAX and rub. Oil massages works best to treat the problem.

Warm the oil you desired to use on your body to just above room temperature and gently rub in circular motion the cramp and use a hot water bag to enhance blood circulation in the region.

This is just not enough. You need to give your whole body a massage treatment using sesame, olive, almond or coconut oils very often with medicated oils or any plain oils if you are frequently being attacked by muscle contractions.

Bowel movement does matter

The Imbalances in our body leads to diseases to keep different forces working in our body in balance. The metabolic waste from the gut has to be emptied every-day off the body.

If this process of excretion does not follow a routine then your body will experience air flows to your nerve endings and disturb its balance causing muscles to cramp.

Calcium supplements

Take enough calcium!!!

Stay away from muscular disorders with these above listed ways to avoid muscle cramps.