How to stop overeating

Overeating is one of the most dangerous practices. Those of you who are prone to unplanned and haphazard eating habits should slow down for better health benefits. There are several reasons responsible for overeating among which- passion for food, stress, cravings, sleeplessness etc are responsible. So, if you are into such an unhealthy habit, this is the high-time to stop it immediately.

If you want to live a fabulous and healthy life with a perfectly trimmed body, then we have some effective solutions for you to avoid overeating completely. Try these methods and enjoy the benefits of not overeating.

Never skip breakfast

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Dropping the morning breakfast can make you famished for the rest of the day. It has been experimented for years and has been found that people taking the morning breakfast can manage to control their hunger for the rest of the day.

When you are taking breakfast, make sure you are eating low calorie and organic food with lots of greens and fibers. If you have to rush to work in the early morning then manage to stash some sandwich with leafs and tomatoes in wheat breads in a box along with a bottle of soy milk at the night before. After reaching work in the morning, you can take the food.

Again, you can divide the food into portions and can have some of it later in between two meals. This can be pretty helpful to keep you active and kill unnecessary hunger.

Follow up in a journal

Like a weight loss regime, when you are in the process of stopping the overeating problem of yours, opting for a journal can be effective. You can write down the food you are taking, the breaks you take and of course, how you are feeling or whether you want to mark the daily weight etc can help you to boost up.

You can be your own personal trainer in this case and be self-motivated. This can be great for controlling the metabolism that is actually needed to slow down the overeating.

Control stress

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Overeating can be the reason for the excessive stress you are going through. This may come from your personal worries, work tension, other reasons. If you don’t do something to reduce the stress level, this is going to take a toll on your health. Thus, opting for counseling or yoga, meditation, deep-breathing, exercises etc can help reducing stress. There are various stress relieving tools available- you have to choose one of those mediums and have to de-stress completely.


You must take out some time to workout everyday from your daily packed schedule to burn calories, lose weight, trim your body, and, of course, to reduce the tendency of overeating. As you exercise your metabolism increases for which you may not feel like eating all the time.

In the local gyms, they help to teach you such exercises that will help you to stop overeating. You can also hire a personal trainer for that. Follow good apps that ensure effective solutions in this regard too.

Daily walking of 30 minutes can be a game changing step you can take to burn calories and definitely to stop binge eating habits.

Get sufficient sleep

It is important to get a full night uninterrupted sleep of minimum 8 hours. After a whole day of work and stress, you should relax and sleep tight no matter. This is how the fat-regulating hormones can flow easily. Late night sleep or partial sleep at night tends to obesity and type 2 diabetes. So, follow the old school rule and reduce the overeating habit.

Stay away from all the favorite food you crave for

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If you want to stop overheating, you stay away from the favorite delicacies. Don’t cook such food or visit those restaurants that serve those mouthwatering gourmets for your own benefits.

Include protein and fibers in your diet

It is always suggested to eat in between the gap of 4 hours every time. In the meantime you can munch some nuts, especially- raw almonds. Nuts contain fibers that help to regulate body weight. At the same time add proteins in your daily diets.

Oats, pulses, nuts, etc helps in controlling the weight at the same time will reduce the overeating cravings.

Replace your appetite with water

You can get great result for controlling the appetite by drinking lots of water. Before taking every meal, take minimum 1-2 glasses of water to fill a major section of your stomach for which you will eat less. This is how you can maintain the body weight and don’t feel like eating more.

It is strongly advised to drink a lot of water everyday as it helps to reduce the body toxins. You can feel fresh and stay healthy by drinking minimum 8-12 glasses of water everyday. If you want to lose weight, this habit is also going to help your lean.

Start a habit of chewing your food slowly

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Let your brain know that you are taking sufficient food by chewing the food slowly rather gulping it in a few lumps. Besides, slow chewing helps a lot to digestion. If you are serious about stop overeating, then take small amount of food in your mouth at a time and chew it slowly and munch it by giving the considerable amount of time.

Pay attention when eating

When you are eating, make sure that you are attentive to the eating. Stop reading books or watching TV while eating- this will lead you to overeating. Paying attention to the food helps the saliva to secret from your mouth and when it mixes with the food as you eat helps in digestion as well as satisfies your appetite. According to many researches, paying attention to the food helps in making the gourmet tastier and reduces the overeating tendency.

Take smaller portions

Take smaller portions of food in your platter every time. Fix the amount of food portions you are taking in your platter and don’t exceed it. Despite the weight loss, you can be helped for reducing the chances of overeating.

Initially, this may going to take a toll on you as your brain will think for having a less amount of food unlike your usual habit. But as days goes by, you will develop a habit of consuming small portions of food in your divided meals at a gap of four hours and your body and brain will also get used to it.

Replace the extra eating with helpful snacks or beverages

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Initially, when you still have the cravings for eating something untimely, you can opt for fibers and proteins.  Both these are excellent to reduce the weight and control carbohydrates. Take an apple or a banana instead of gulping a chocolate chunk.

You can have green tea. Green tea gives strength and it is also tested to control weight as well. Along with that you can take two oat biscuits or sugar free cookies.

Avoiding sugary food can be better for your health as excess amount of sweets can reduce your body immunity and lead you towards threatening diseases such as diabetes or insomnia.

Reduce the intake of junk food

Consuming junk food or fried foods is a malicious practice of the fast lifestyle of this ear. If you are also a victim of such practice, put your best efforts in reducing the habit of consuming junk food and especially, street food etc. Intake of excess amount of deep fried delicacies may satisfy your appetite but will cause harm to your overall health.

For example, if you have a habit of taking fried food such as nuggets, crispy chicken, burgers, other pastries etc, stop taking that immediately as you will not only causing harm to your digestive system but also causing dreadful consequences of overeating.

Self help is the best help

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It is your determination and willingness that can contribute best to reduce your overeating habit. You will have to convince yourself for stop overeating. Hypnosis is a viable way to get rid of the habit. If required, you can take professional support to get rid of the habit. Many clinics offer sessions and therapies that help to lower the overeating rate. Talk to any of the popular institutes and get their expert guidance.

Often dieticians play a major role in guiding people looking forward to stop their overeating tendencies. If you want to get leaner and at the same time want to stop the excessive eating habit, a dietician can be a great help.

Stop taking pills without recommendations

Don’t take pills or medicines whether herbal or allopathic without any expert opinion. Ask your doctor before you take any pill that promises to help reducing the appetite. Only the doctors know which medicine is better for you considering your current physical status and other health conditions.

Try these self-motivated solutions to get rid of the overeating practices.  If the natural ways fail to help you, then opting for professional opinion is suggested.