What is carpal tunnel syndrome? Explain it in detail

A peculiar physical problem where an individual suffers from loss of strength, swelling, tingling as well as pain can be termed as carpel tunnel syndrome. Individuals get loss of strength in hands as well as wrist.

Individual’s wrist is composed of quite small variation of bones which typically forms a narrow groove and specifically known as carpal tunnel.

Almighty has created human being in such a way that tendon as well as nerve should pass through the tunnel under the forearms which reaches the hands of the individual directly.

The task of the median nerve is to control the feeling as well as sensation from the sides of hand thumb. People can also get pressure on wrist due to the symptoms of carpal tunnel. Some people suffers from symptoms in single hand whereas others suffers the same in both the hands.

If you research about the history of this disease, it is basically found more among the people residing in US.  An individual suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome would face really an expensive medical treatment.

According to the report published by US department of labor in the year 2003, individual’s worker missed 23 days of work in a month due to carpal tunnel syndrome which has a cost of $ 2 billion in a year.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where the major nerve gets compressed. This gives rise to painful condition. The specific organ in your body is also known as the carpel bone over which nerve passes and gives rise to the pain.

The major cause of Carpal tunnel is continuous movement with the retention of fluid. This gives rise to the tingling sensation over your hands with numbness all over.

The Carpal tunnel syndrome can also make your nerve really weak and hands rest in imbalanced position. It becomes really pathetic when the problem of numbness and lack of strength attacks the hand as this is the major part of our body with which we do our tasks.

Symptoms of CTS

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At the starting stage, people suffer from the symptoms such as:

  • Numbness
  • Burning
  • Tingling

The most affected areas in such a situation include middle fingers, index finger and thumb. There are many patients suffering from this disease but have no symptoms during the day time. Thus, it can be even known as a delayed symptom.

An individual getting severe symptoms of CTS would suffer from tingling even during the daytime when he is engaged with variety of activities.

Weakness in hand is another symptom of CTS. Since human being depends on his two hand to carry on with various activities, if they suffer from the situation when grasping an object becomes difficult, it becomes really a difficult problem for them. Swollen hands and wrist is another major symptom of an individual.

Causes of CTS

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If you go through the research for finding out who are most likely to get carpal tunnel symptoms, you will find women to be more likely than that of men.  Scientist has discovered that, though the wrist bone of ladies is smaller than that of men, women are more likely to suffer from such trouble. The genuine causes of CTS are as follows:

  • Repeated movements

If you are having the habit or circumstance force you to carry on with similar wrist movement again and again, are more likely to develop CTS. People engaged with the jobs such as carpentry, assembling tools, playing violin are quite likely to develop CTS

  • Pregnancy

During the pregnancy period of a lady, hormonal changes takes place which are quite  likely to build up the fluid that gives rise to the risk of getting CTS. Especially the last few months of pregnancy are quite likely for individuals to get CTS.

  • Breast cancer

Today many women are seen to develop mastectomy, typical type of build up fluids that goes inside the lymph of individual to drain it completely. This is an important reason why they get swellings in their arms. They get CTS as it exerts pressure on arms.

Treatment for CTS

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If you really wish to avoid permanent damage to your wrist, it is important to rush to your doctor with an appointment today. Variety of treatment procedure is carried on today. Some of them are:

  • Rest

The best remedy which doctor suggests without any medicine is rest. If you have been doing variety of repetitive activities, this is the time to stop it completely and provide some rest to your hands.

  • Physical therapy

There are some special exercises which can be carried on with guidance from the physical therapist. This is subject to making your hand stronger and effective. You can also go ahead with message and Yoga.

  • Surgery

If nothing works, surgery will be the only solution. Open release surgery is a type where a small incision is made with a cut in ligament to make an enlargement in carpel tunnel and then treat it.

Effect on median nerve

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The median nerve is the portion that affects the most during Carpal tunnel syndrome. According to the body mechanism of various individual, the medium nerve has the capacity of running from the forearm portion of the human body and reaches the hand.

The route that it takes to reach its destination is known as the carpal tunnel which is basically a small space inside your wrist.

Median nerve is the important organ in our hand that controls human feeling such as numbness, tingling etc. Thus, when a pressure is created over this median nerve, carpel tunnel syndrome takes place.

Causes of carpel tunnel syndrome

Variety of reasons can be connected to Carpal tunnel syndrome. The health conditions that are suffered by individuals such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, and rheumatoid arthritis can be a cause behind this carpel tunnel syndrome.

When women go through the pregnancy period, they suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome. Check it out and get positive result.

Some action of individuals can also be the cause of Carpal tunnel syndrome. Some people have the habit of doing the same movement of their hands repeatedly. Especially when the movement gives excessive pressure to your wrist, this can cause Carpal tunnel syndrome.

They think that they are doing exercise by doing the same wrist movement over and over again. But, they don’t know that they are actually making a mess out of this activity.