Home remedies for paronychia

The infection named as paronychia takes place when the area around your toenail or finger nail is damaged while carrying on with manicure or pedicure. When you cut your long nails and hang nails too much, this can give rise to paronychia. People having diabetes suffer from this problem more vigorously.  People suffering from paronychia also suffer from various symptoms.

It includes swelling around nail, pain as well as redness. There are also treatment procedures to stay away from such problem. If you go with medicine and medical procedures of treating such illness, it can take a long time. But, you can also try out some effective home remedies to get fast relief and stay away from side effects. There are some treatment procedures that will take several months to cure this health disorder.

Home remedies for paronychia


One of the effective home remedies of paronychia will be to soak your hand and feet in hot water. You must soak your palms and feet in hot water for 15 minutes for several times in a day so that swelling and pain can be reduced to many folds.  You can also apply hot water bag or hot gel pad over your finger or toe nails so that swelling can be easily reduced.

Prevention and protection

When you realize that your fingers give rise to the problem of paronychia, it is better to keep them dry all the time. Even when you have washed your finger and toe nail fingers you have to either use a dryer to dry them up or dry them by using dry cloth.  You need to check and keep the moisture away from your cuticles and places near the nail. When you are tearing and cutting your cuticles, you need to be really cautious getting the symptoms once again.

Use gloves

You can also use gloves whenever you wish to touch too much water. Some people have a tendency of touching and handling water too much. This can give rise to bacterial or fungal infection. In order to protect your skin near your finger nails from paronychia, it is important to use gloves.


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Getting vinegar in the home kitchen is quite easy as you must be using this in cooking several tasty dishes. Now, you might not have realized that, this particular kitchen ingredient can keep you away from paronychia infection. For this you need to take a bowl where you can dip your hand and leg fingers. Take half cup of vinegar and same quantity of water in the particular bowl. Now, soak your hands and feet in it.  You can do this three times in a day to stay away from bacterial and fungal infection.

Oregano oil

Most of the people keeps Oregano oil at home these days as this is an excellent way to stay away from all types of fungal infection that takes place during the rainy season.  You can now apply 2 – 3 drops of such Oregano oil over the cuticles as well as finger nails. You can do this 2 times everyday to stay away from paronychia.

Olive oil

One of the easily available oil at home is none other than olive oil. There was a time when people used to use mustard oil while cooking. After some years, improved and low fat vegetable oil and soya oil was seen to have been in use by people. Today, people have become much more cautious about their health and have adopted the healthiest option, i.e. olive oil. Whether you cook food or add flavor in sausage, olive oil will be a wonderful consideration. Also this olive oil has various medicinal remedies. People suffering from paronychia can easily treat the fungal and bacterial infection. 

Lemon juice

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You need to take a glass of warm water and squeeze some drops of lemon juice in it. Mix it well with a spoon and dip your swollen hand finger as well as feet. This will easily help you reduce your pain effectively.

Betel leaves

Betel leaves are having many surprising benefits. Using betel leaves for paronychia is one of the ancient home remedy. Grind some required betel leaves (8-10) along with quicklime (10 gm). After making it to smooth paste then apply that to effected nail.  For keeping this long time, just tie some dry, clean & cotton cloth around the nail. Dress the nail with this paste daily for 7 days.