Challenges of being short

Being short is a tale full of struggles and sweetness – struggle because you just don’t look like a supermodel, sweet because you’ll always be cuter than them! None-the-less, being short comes with various challenges and the problems don’t seem to reduce. Some day to day challenges are like:

Unending questions

One of the most irritating parts of interacting with someone is when they ask you how tall you exactly are. They would like to know the exact height and they even ask you the sizes you wear for shoes and clothes! Sometimes we probably share clothes with our younger cousins, and of course that’s supposed to be between the sisters and not to be let out! People should literally stop asking questions like how the weather is in your region, do you shop clothes from the kid’s section, etc. These are pretty annoying and seems like they are intentionally done.

Almost everything is out of reach

Probably everything isn’t out of your reach, but at the first glance you feel that you can’t reach it! It is really awkward to climb up the kitchen and pull the cookies from the top shelves, take a chair to stand on and pick something from the upper berths of the almirah – yes, these are some real struggles which we have to deal with every now-and-then! On the other hand, every con probably comes with a pro. These regular activities of climbing up makes you an expert on going up heights, and you tend to be less scared or have reduced fright of vertigo.


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Well, heavier weight can really not be managed by the shorter people. If you are short and you gain weight, your flab seems to draw more attention than that of the tall people. This is a real advantage for the rest, while the short ones have to maintain a proper weight to make them look presentable!


It is very hard to walk at pace with tall people. Tall people walk faster as they have long legs. Every step that they take, falls with more spaces, than what they short people can take. Sometimes you end up looking absolutely clumsy and sometimes you do annoy the people around too!

Shopping is nightmare-like

Remember those crowded malls, where all you tried to do, was slip through people and grab onto that dress you really wanted to trail?  But somehow, they tall people just didn’t let you in! Buying jeans comes with an added task of alteration, while midi dresses are almost like maxi dresses for you. How can you miss out on the fact that even crop tops could make you look like it’s a normal top and the bittersweet part is you that you always have an option to shop from the kid’s section!

Going to concerts

Events where you have to stand and see people perform are quite disappointing for you, especially if you cannot make your way to the front. Probably it’s a music concert and you want to listen to how they play, but buying a ticket to see the celebrities means you want them to be visible enough for you!

Role of the pairs of heels

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Heels are your best friend when it comes to a party. That’s somewhere you gain and the tall people lose! But hey, you got to admit that they really hurt! Maybe your friends aren’t very tall, but they are tall enough to manage a pair of heels or manage without them. So, all of you planning to wear heels at party would end you up looking short again!

You’re like the Elf

You’re like the pixie or the elf of a group! Not just the group, you might even get a theatrical role to play which is similar to this sort!

Lift cushions for driving

Though this depends on how short you are, you might have to use a lift cushion if you cannot see over the dashboard of your car. This is a serious matter and this shouldn’t be compromised for anything, not even the people who you’re probably giving a lift to!

The cute one

After talking about all the struggles, let’s face a simple fact – short people are cute! Well, sometimes we liked to be called beautiful, pretty and a lot of other things, but cute is what we are. Again, that doesn’t have to mean that we aren’t beautiful, but everyone is not mandatory cute are they?

Everybody has something in them which makes them beautiful, and something which leaves them with an inferiority complex. Sometimes being dark skinned is looked down on, sometimes being obese comes in with remarks and health problems, sometimes being tall means dresses look like long tops to you and sometimes being short means you have to take a chair to reach up to something. But, this particular ‘something’, is what makes us unique from ten other people in the crowd. It’s about how we deal with those complexes and bring out the best in us, through our personality and goodness.

Reasons to rejoice for being short

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After we have gone through all the challenges, it is good to look on to the positive aspects as well. Every thing has a good side and a bad side, and to acknowledge that makes you realistic instead of pessimistic. Let us go through some good things about having short height:

  • You can easily wear high highs and carry it off well. Imagine being taller than your partner after wearing heal, that might just have stopped you from wearing those anyway!
  • You don’t need to follow the cautions which mention that the ceiling is low and you don’t need to bend down like the tall people do.
  • You don’t have long legs which makes it easier to carry of shorts!
  • Short people with great personality are quite an epic combination.
  • Tall guys like short girls and short guys like short girls, thus tall girls need taller guys and that’s sometimes difficult!
  • You do have long legs which keep kicking people sitting in front in a public transports, rows, etc.
  • You try to climb almost everything which adds upper body strength!
  • You are never the selfie-stick like the tall ones, which is why you can pose well for every selfie you squad clicks!
  • You can be easily lifted.
  • You are more adored and that is sometimes because of your height!
  • There is no blanket too short for you. You can even fit in into a sofa well.
  • Nobody asks you to fetch something from the top!
  • Washing your hair is easy even at low showers heads.
  • Your feet are short too which gives you more varieties to choose from.
  • You have the perfect size to cuddle which makes you adorable!