Rangoli Designs for Onam

Onam is the biggest festival for Keralites. It is the harvest festival which is massively celebrated in South Indian state of Kerala. The festivals takes place during the Malayali month of Chingam, which is between August to September. This marks the time of homecoming of a legendary King, Mahabali. The celebrations go on for 10 days and it brings out the best of their culture and tradition. The rangoli designs for Onam is known as Pookalam. They are intricately decorated in every house. These designs mostly include petals and flowers, which are set according to the perfect background pattern. They are supposed to be very colorful and bright. In this article, we will look through some of the best Onam rangolis, which you can take tips from.

Colorful rangoli with vermilion base

vemillion base

Easy rangoli designs with flowers & petals

This rangoli has been set on an unevenly spread vermilion base. The design has been chalked out from one point and it has been surrounded with circles  one after another. Start off with the orange circle pattern, and follow it with colors like green, yellow, brown, white, etc. After significant rings one around another, you can start off with the external designs. Surround like design with flame-like patterns, which are neatly done up. They are one circular dot in the middle and one oval-shaped design surrounding it. This designs needs some real neat work to turn out to be that beautiful!

Neatly patterned rangoli with panoramic patterns


This is pretty pookalam design which shines due to the brightness of yellow, orange and brown tones. It is a big design and it includes a scenic view on the interior circle. There are mountain-like shaped colored in green and a palm tree on the left side. The water-like zone just below the mountain has been between in white and blue. The external pattern has triangular and rhombus shapes in colors yellow, orange, light brown, dark brown and black. They are joined by green layers as well. Chalk out the pattern and use neat rangoli cones for keeping it neat.

Pookalam design with flowers


Easy rangoli designs with Happy New Year

Many people opt to do Onam rangolis with flowers. Here we see the used of yellow and orange marigold petals, rose and lotus petals, and two more flowers in purple and whitish tones. They have need neatly placed, layer after layer. They have their definite shapes which remain the same all around the design. The design has brightened up due to the blend of orange and yellow petals. The bigger the size of the rangoli, the easier it is to do!

Flower like pattern, neat designed in colorful shades

neat design

Orange and yellow are definitely bright colors to be used in all festivals. You can add them further which shades like red, white and green, to balance or contrast the look. This is a pretty rangoli design which overlaps colors and is shaped like a flower. The orange and yellow petal-like shapes overlap and look like a 3D design! They have been nicely bordered and shaped with the other colors. All the shapes are very neatly done and they need some really nice equipment for perfection.

Big and bright rangoli design with purplish base

purple base

Rangoli designs for festivals

This is a very big rangoli which has been wittily chalked out. The big rangoli has radius-es all over, which separates the shapes of every zone. When you start coloring from the middle and they are circularly shaped, you get checkered areas where you can add the colors. The patterns you choose can definitely be how you want them to be, but when you have their checkered area chalked out, make sure you add simply circular colors to give them a proper shape.

Easy rangoli with patent color of pookalam

easy rang

Just like you use a lot of yellow and orange colors for Diwali, you use a blend of these two, along with green, brown and white for Onam. This is another example for one such blend. These have easy shapes which will make your rangoli tidy. Start off from the rhombus shape which is white. Add brown touches for every corner. Make triangular shapes in green and outline it in orange. There further blends of colors include red and yellow and the final outline is in green. You can make this with flowers or colors, whichever is better for you.

Kathakali floral rangoli


Rangoli designs for marriage/wedding

One of the most striking features about this festival, is the carnival, where people perform Kathakali dance and drama. Cheruthuruthy, Shoranur and Kovalam are some major places where it is grandly organized.

In this rangoli design, we see that yellow, red, orange and white flowers have been designed in green (grass) base. It is a big rangoli which look like the face of a kathakali dancer. Since their faces are painted green, that portion has been kept barren, while the rest of the makeup has been aligned with flowers.

Floral patterned rangoli


This is a beautiful rangoli which starts with bright colors and ends in a dark tone. It seems like one color is blending into another. The sunflower-like shape has layers of colors at every level. For doing this design neatly, you need to chalk out the petal shapes and then fill in colors accordingly. It starts with white, yellow, orange, red and ends with brown. You can use different shades of these colors, but they should be properly aligned.

Kathakali face with petals


Easy rangoli designs for pongal/sankranthi

This is another Kathakali pookalam design, which has been with petals. This is smaller in size and needs colorful petals of marigold, roses, white flowers and black cumin. Cumin has been added to make the eyes, while the rest of the design is done with flowers. Chalk out the quick and easy base, and simply fill in with these petals! The rose petals gives the borders, while orange and white color the face. These are also used for making the mukut (crown) of the dancer.

Om rangoli


‘Om’ is a holy word and icon which have been found in ancient manuscripts from temples and monasteries of Hinduisn, Janism and Buddhism. It is very commonly used for meditation and is known to purify one’s mind while recitation. This holy symbol is widely used all over the world, and here, we see a rangoli pattern with this sign.

The rangoli has been done with petals. The base is a yellow-petaled flower and Om has been drawn on it with purple petals. There is a pink circumference which is then added with three more layers. It is blended in colors of orange, pink and yellow. The combination turns out to be bright and lovely.

Colorful rangoli with patterns


Easy rangoli designs for Bhogi

This is another big rangoli design which has a palm tree designed in a middle, along with a sun just beside. These reflect some important elements of the festival. Onam is their time for harvest and they look into the natural gifts and count their blessings. The base color is in yellow and it has been covered and bordered with shades of orange, white, green and yellow. The circular border in the outermost region chalks out triangular patterns on the inside. You can fill this up with pink shade or some other bright tone. Don’t miss out on the ‘Happy Onam’ text!

Easy and bright rangoli for Onam


This is an easy and big rangoli design which can be done with petals or colors. Just make sure you have these shades, and you’re sorted! The circular pattern in the middle includes two colors of red and white. There is a flower right at the center as well. There are four triangular shapes in a violet tone and they are then bordered with yellow and orange colors. The green color make the shape look like a circle, but then the white base makes the design set on a square! Go as you like and just try to be as neat as possible!

Big rangoli with different shapes and colors

Big rangoli with different shapes and colors

Dot rangoli designs for New Year 2016

Unlike most other big rangoli where you get to see similar patterns in different sections, this rangoli design has been created layer by layer. That alternatively includes different colors and shapes added at each level. To follow this design you have to start from the core and gradually move up. From the heart shaped petal designs from the middle to the colorful patterns in the following layers, this design has a lot to do!

Huge onam rangoli designed with real petal

Huge onam rangoli designed with real petal

The concept of onam rangoli might have already had some clear visions in front of your eyes. They have a lot of yellow and orange, added with brown, green, etc. Making big rangoli is easy with real petals as they can be altered and managed if a little here and there. Whichever pattern you want to focus on, just make sure that they are uniform.

White dotted rangoli with designs

White dotted rangoli with designs

Easy rangoli designs with dots

Designs which you can enhance with dots all over, make your design look stylish and interesting. Add colorful base to your design and then make them look a little more interesting with white! From dots to lines to spiral designs, these can have a lot to do to enhance a particular rangoli. Make use of your skills to bring out the best with a neat base and then a light color for designing.

Petaled rangoli with floral shapes

Petaled rangoli with floral shapes

Sometimes it is perfect to go with real petals to make a design come out beautifully. These make rangoli designs very ethnic and pretty. Select colorful flowers and tear the petals to make the design easier. Add the petals in proper floral shapes and border it with the other shades. These are perfect to beautify the floors during auspicious occasions!