What is photo aging? How to treat it?

Photo aging is the name given to the characteristic changes to skin which is affected by chronic UVB and UVA exposure. One of the major causes of such aging process is decreased ability of managing metabolic stress as well as the deterioration of the biological functions. Photo aging is a particular type of aging process that leads to various aesthetic and functional changes to the skin. The photo aging being a natural process can cause due to internal as well as extrinsic process. Due to the long term exposure to the ultraviolet radiation, people can suffer from the process of photo aging.
You must have come across various types of symptoms that make the person know that he/ she is aging. Photo aging is also one of the skin conditions that make an individual look really aged. It is the result of human skin exposed to UVA or UVA rays of sun. Due to this photo aging, an individual will look really old with wrinkles skin all over their face and body. Women with 30 years of age will look 50 years. It becomes really pathetic for the individuals who suffer from the problem of photo aging. The aging process can also take place due to reduced ability of managing metabolism stress. Let us find out some ways of treating it.

Treatment procedure for photo aging

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Treatment is not only confined to medicines. There can be step by step prevention methodologies which also include some healthy habits. The steps are:

Primary prevention

It is a method of reducing the risk factor before the occurrence of a physical condition or disease. The main emphasis lies on sun protection. You need to protect your skin from the sun rays with the use of sunscreens, avoiding going out during the hot and scorching weather conditions, wearing protective clothing etc. As a matter of fact, exposure of UV becomes very effective between 10am to 4pm. You need to avoid the sun rays during this range of weather condition.

You can use the sunglasses, wear hat, full sleeve dress etc to protect yourself from harmful sun rays in the middle of the day. It will be idea to put the sunscreens with the SPF of 30.

Protection from photo aging

Once you have developed the disease at an early stage, secondary protection will work really well. The protection factors will get inside the skin with positive interference to attenuate, prevent and delay the clinical condition that is symptomatic. This can be done with the help of estrogens, cytokines, retinoid, estrogens and other growth factors.

Tertiary prevention

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Prevention is nothing but the delay in the process with the use of chemical peels to restrict the skin condition. These techniques would use the resurfacing technique, soft tissue augmentation, radio frequency technology etc. This technique also uses the non ablative laser system. Every individual is aware of the fact that, their skin is composed of two types of waves namely the outermost layer (epidermis), the subcutis (basement layer) and the dermis (the middle layer). Dermis is such a layer of the skin that contains the fiber as well as collagen elastin. The dermis layer of the skin scrambles to produce the melanin which is responsible for the tanning of skin.

As a matter of fact the UVB rays are shorter than that of UVA rays but this type of radiation is known as the main culprit behind the sunburn. But, UVA rays have the negative effects associated with the major effect of photo aging. Since it penetrates into the dermis of the skin, there will be damage of the collagen fibers. The abnormal elastin is produced in an increased level through these rays. There is an unusual amount of elastin that results in production of enzymes specifically known as metalloproteinasis. These enzymes rebuild and damage the collagen give rise to the malfunctioning as well as degradation of collagen. This will give rise to incorrect skin with rebuilding methodology. This will specifically give rise to wrinkles in skin and also the leathery skin will be resulting with the effect of depleted collagen.

You can also find age spots in your skin which is another name for the photo aging. Experts also name it as a liver spot but it has nothing to do with the liver at all. This is also the cause and effect of sun’s harmful rays. Pigmentation in your skin can be viewed easily due to the skin condition known as photo aging.

Other treatments

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You can also go ahead with the tropical treatment in order to prevent the photo aging process. You must visit the dermatologists to get the prevention of this skin condition. You can also get the sunscreen and get out of house in order to protect yourself from the sunburn and aging process. The DNA damage repair is another important procedure of restricting the sun rays to penetrate your skin especially when it is harmful.

Ways to treat photo aging

Tretinoin for photo aging

The researchers have an opinion that the photo aging can be treated through Tretinoin. It is known as the best retinoid for the treatment of photo aging process. One of the reasons why people come across this photo aging process is the metabolic stress level. The pressure in work field is continuously increasing. Both mental and physical strength is involved. You can try out tretinoin treatment.

Laser treatment

These days’ people are mostly having belief in laser treatment procedure. Even to treat the problem of photo aging, people are concentrating on laser therapy. Many people have received positive results with this laser treatment process. Even the doctors prescribe treating discoloration or redness of skin due to photo aging on individuals who are between 20 to 30 years of age.

Antioxidants for treatment

Sometimes our food can make us look aged. The adulterated food is filled with oxidants that brings wrinkles and fines lines on your skin. You must drive away the oxidants in your skin layer to avoid the aging. You can use the ionic treatment where your feet need to be dipped in saltwater. The technology extracts all toxins from your body and throws it in water. This process is not very expensive but can give you great benefit. There are also some anti oxidant rich foods which can help you have control on photo aging.