How to celebrate diwali

If you are looking for ideas to celebrate Diwali this article is a must read for you. Diwali can be celebrated in different ways according to your preferences and options. First we will start with how Diwali is celebrated traditionally and then we will also look into some new ideas for celebrating Diwali that might be suitable for people who prefer to try out new things in life. So, let’s check out,

Celebrating diwali in the traditional way

Do’s & don’ts during diwali

If you are planning to celebrate Diwali in the Indian traditional way your preparations for the occasion should start at least a few weeks earlier. Here is how you can celebrate Diwali in traditional way,

Clean and decorate your home

Cleaning and decorating your home is the first step to celebrate a traditional Diwali. It is believed that during Diwali there should not be dirt or things scattered around your home. A tidy, clean and well decorated home is what that brings positive vibes and also the blessings of the goddess Laxmi, who is worshipped during Diwali for prosperity. So, if you are planning to celebrate Diwali in traditional way you should start with cleaning your home early enough, depending on how much cleaning you have to do.

Many opt for a new paint in home before Diwali, particularly because giving a new paint to the walls of the rooms can transform the total look of the home easily, giving it a fresh, clean and new appearance. So, if the rooms look shabby and it has been long that you have done a new painting job, giving the walls a new coat of paint can really do the trick. Instead of paint, you can also try out with new wallpapers to give your home a new and clean look.

After cleaning, decorating your home makes the next part for celebrating Diwali. You can decorate your home with some new and interesting Diwali special show pieces for the occasion or you can add some new furniture and other items in your home to revamp the overall look of the home. However, these preparations should be done before the Diwali, so that your home is all-ready before the occasion.

You can also decorate your home and give it a new look with a DIY wall painting or by adding some new and interesting lights in your home. Adding more cushions and bean bags to your drawing room can be an easy option to complete the decoration.

Do not miss out on shopping

To celebrate Diwali cleaning and decorating your home is not all, wearing new clothes and accessories is considered as a custom for Diwali celebration. So, if you are planning to celebrate Diwali in the traditional way, start with your shopping before Diwali. New dresses, accessories, and gifts for your close ones can actually make your Diwali celebration complete. Jewelry shopping is considered auspicious during Diwali, so do not miss to include jewelries in your Diwali shopping list.

Prepare special sweets and snacks at home

No Indian traditional celebration can be complete without special sweets and snacks. According to customs, the Diwali special sweets and snacks are prepared at home but if you are running out of time, you can always opt for special Diwali sweets and snacks bought from the shops.

Dress up

You really need to be all dressed up for celebrating Diwali in the traditional way. You should put on the new clothes, new jewelries and other accessories that you have purchased for the occasion to look your best. Also do not miss to get the right hairstyle and the right makeup for the festive. However, while selecting the clothes to wear during Diwali, it is only wise to opt for less frilly cotton ones. If you are wearing a frilly and lose cloth on the day of Diwali, at least make sure to change into a tight fit cotton cloth while arranging the diyas or lighting the fireworks to ensure safety from fire.

Rangoli and diyas are vital for diwali celebration

Rangolis and Diyas make a vital part of Diwali decoration in every home. Decorate the entrance of your home with a colorful rangoli. You can pick any design of rangoli according to your expertise, the space available and the time you can spend on it. Check out some interesting and new Rangoli designs on the web to pick the best ones. After you are done with the Rangoli, light up every corner of your home with Diyas. You can also use electric bulbs and LEDs for decorating and lighting up your home, but always make sure to include some diyas to the decoration to create the ideal mood for Diwali.

Keep laxmi puja at home on the day

The day of Diwali is considered ideal for Laxmi puja at home. For celebrating your Diwali in a special way having a Laxmi puja in your home on the day can be a great option. You should invite your friends and neighbors to your home for the puja and ensure that it is completed by the evening.

Light some fireworks

Lighting fireworks is another indispensable part of Diwali celebration. Make sure to shop for good quality fireworks in advance and then light the fireworks together with your family and friends. Make sure that you light the fireworks in an open area and maintain the precautions suggested on the packs of the fireworks while lighting them.

Play cards

It is a custom in many Indian families to play cards on the evening of Diwali. If you enjoy playing cards, it can be a great way to celebrate the night after lighting the fireworks with your family and friends.

Have a grand feast

Safety precautions during diwali

After the puja and lighting the fireworks is over having a grand feast with your family and friends can actually make your Diwali special. Most of the Indians are foodies and without the right foods, no Indian occasions can actually be complete. So, either prepare special foods for the feast at night or go to a restaurant to enjoy a special dinner with family and friends.

So, having elaborated how to celebrate Diwali in traditional Indian way, now let us get to some other options of Diwali celebration that you can always try out if you are looking for a change,

Go out on a trip with family and friends

For celebrating Diwali you can always go out on a trip that you have always dreamt of. You can also make a trip to some village to check out on how Diwali is celebrated there, which can be a great experience in itself. It is best to go out on the trip in a big group so that the trip also turns out to be a get-together, but if all cannot make it at the same time you can go out with your family. Even going out on a dream trip alone can be great to celebrate your Diwali in a special way.

Share your happiness with the needy

Happiness is something that is increased with sharing. Sharing your happiness and making the Diwali of the needy people in your society brighter, can actually be the best Diwali celebration for you. So, if you think that you do not want to spend your hard earned money on doing things that might not have any real impact on anyone’s life, it is best to spend your Diwali budget to lighten up the Diwali of the poor and needy. You can donate the money for charity, you can gift the needy people and help them to lead a better life or you can simply arrange a feast for the poor in your locality on the special day of Diwali to make it special not only for you but for all.

Watching movies and eating out

Rangoli designs for diwali

If you have a gang of friends you can always celebrate Diwali together by watching the best movie releases during Diwali followed by eating out. You can also go out to a disc to get your legs moving and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Attending special diwali celebrations and functions

There must be special Diwali celebrations and functions going on in your city during the time. You can always attend these special functions and celebrations to enjoy the day.

There are actually many things that you can do to celebrate Diwali and the options are plenty. All you need to do is to pick what actually interests you and fits with your preferences.