Top 10 healthy fats that you should be eating

Most of the people have already heard about fat being a bad element for body as well as health. Along with making you bulky and obese, it also affects heart of individual. Today, people are really cautious about their health and wish to stay fit all times. But, all fat are not bad for your health rather some of them are really essential for your health. The saturated fats are not desirable for your health. But, the good fats are very essential for your body and mind. Fat burns and brings out energy for several activities in which individuals are associated. One group of dietician says that fat less of food with light fat are healthier. But, most of us decide our diets based on the weaker science which was found few years back. But, today science and technology has become more advanced with correctness in previous discoveries.

Today, the manufacturers of the saturated fat has also provided with an increase in HDL which is also known as good cholesterol. This is so effective that it helps in removing the plaque from the artery which in fact decreases the risk of heart disease.

10 Healthy fats to be eaten


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People like spreading butter over the bread or with finger chips. But, most of the health cautious people tend to avoid it completely. It is important to note that more than 50 percent of malignated staple is saturated. But, they do not have much capacity to oxidize when associated with higher heat. It is exactly the way vegetable oil does. Since butter is a rich source of vitamin A, it is a wonderful way of how your body absorbs soluble vitamin A in other variety of foods. You can consume two spoon of butter or use few spoon to sauté the vegetables. Even if you add a little butter, it will go a long way. If you compare butter with Ghee, this has better capacity of melting over low temperature. Today, manufacturers are manufacturing butter with very light fat and are really healthy for individuals.

Duck fat

The ingredients are quite high in monosaturated fat it is in a position to makeup around 50 percent of the total fat content. The amount of saturated fat over here is only 14 percent. Duct fat also contains healthy linoleic acid as well as essential fatty acid which keeps the cell really healthy. It is also an important ingredient for effective kidney function. Since duct fat is really expensive, it is used in high end restaurants. You may not get it with all retailers, rather only the high end retainers will be having this option. This fat can also tolerate high cooking temperature with a very long self life. Since it has a great flavor, it may not be used for all purposes. You may even not wish to use it everyday.


This fat is generally light green in color with piquant flavor. You can easily use this as a finishing dip or drizzle. It is very good for eye since it contains Lutein and also contains chlorophyll which acts as an effective antioxidant.

You can consume it as it is natural in chili, guacamole as well as salsas. This is also great in vinaigrette.

Olive oil

This is one of the lightest oils available in the market which is good for health after consumption and even very good for skin when applied it over. Since it is quite high in healthy monosaturated fat, this can be really good for heart. It is even very good in taste. You can get olive oils in different varieties. If you are using the extra virgin olive oils, this might not be able to handle heat really well. But, it works effectively in different types of salad dressings. It is better to use good quality of olive oil as the lower priced olive oils have less content of antioxidants.


Some people might not know what exactly Lard is. Some things it to be one of the most harmful fats available in the market. But this rendered pork fat has been demonized wrongly for years. But this fat has the capacity to decrease depressive element from the mind of individual. It is also responsible for lowering LDL level by leaving only the good cholesterol.

Coconut oil

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You can easily get coconut oil in the market today which also has multipurpose variance. Even if it has gained the title of being bad fat for long years in the market, research has proved it wrong. It is such oil that is rich in lauric acid which is also a nutrient which helps in developing out immune system.

Shea butter

Today, the cosmetic companies are using the extracts of Shea butter many body moisturizers and creams which provides smooth skins to individuals. This butter is mostly used in skin treatment and making it soft and smooth when dryness is felt. This butter has been melted and used as oil in traditional kitchen. But today it is more used in chocolate making. It also contains good amount of Vitamin E and antioxidants.


This seed is native to South America and Mexico. The other name for this is salvia. Apart from using it as food, it is also used for home décor. Since it is really rich in Omega 3 fatty acid, it will be really good for health.

Grape seeds

This has been used for staple of Europe for generations. The oil of grape seed is not been made shores, rather there are real grape seed growers that will press the pristine stuff locally.  This is good for health as it will help lowering the bad cholesterol with the rise in good HDL. It has also been found in repairing arterial walls.


This is probably one of the members of the Brasica family. Other variations include cabbage, broccoli and mustard. Golden oil is extracted from camalia which has probably very high level of Omega 3 fatty acid which is once again good for health.