How to fight face wrinkles with facial tapping

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There are number of changes in the human body as age advances. The most apparent change is the formation of wrinkles on the face as one advance in age.

These wrinkles can also be caused by free radicals, poor diet, and wrong exercises. Most women are concerned over these wrinkles.

There are several, creams, lotions and methods to reduce the wrinkles. One of the latest trend known as facial tapping helps in reducing wrinkles and double chin.

Wrinkles generally appear over of skin due to old age. With age we lose natural oil layer in our skin and become dry. The dry skin tone gives rise to wrinkles.

But, in order to stay away from wrinkles people are trying out many ways. The creams and cosmetics are one of the ways to remove wrinkles over the face.

Sometimes people also prefer the natural remedy. But, did you know that there is another way through which you can stay away from wrinkles on your face? Yes, the process is known as facial tapping.

Benefits of facial tapping

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Facial taping is a new beauty trend to fight the signs of age. As people grow older the natural elasticity of the skin decreases, the skin becomes susceptible to gravity and begins to sag and wrinkle.

Taping helps in pulling back the loose skin in the opposition direction and giving a face lift. It awakens, integrates and relaxes the nerves of the forehead.

This process in turn can give relief from headaches, facial tics and paralysis integrates tactile and facial sensation, and gives rise to a sense of calmness. It also supports vision and hearing and supports energy channels.

Procedures of facial tapping

This method is carried out by luxury spas. In the process the jaw line is pushed upwards towards the cheek, the nose is pulled backward towards the ears.

They are taped in the desired position and left for some time. The process can be repeated several times for more effective results.

Another common method is normally done at home. It is conducted by placing an anchor on the back of the head.

The loose skin of the face is gathered and fastened with a tape that has elastic which is fastened to the head anchor. This method is done daily for some long or short period.

Facial taping is an n alternative choice for women who do not wish to follow the surgical method for face lift. It is safer, more economical and easy to control.

Tapping is done with the two fingers of each hand in a rapid movement. The tapping movement has always to be the same. The tapping sequence is as follows —

How to treat wrinkles on forehead

  1. Tapping from the temple along the eyebrows, to the midpoint up to the hairline and return back the same way.
  2. Tapping from the temple down to the cheek bone and then to the bridge of the nose and back to the temple.
  3. Tapping from the temple to the bottom part of the cheekbone and then to the moustache area and back to the temple.
  4. Tapping from the temple to the back corner of the jaw to the forward jaw and then meeting lower lip and chin.
  5. Tapping from temple and around the ears and back to the temple.

Types of facial exercise

More and more people around the world are realising the importance of physical exercise for remaining healthy.

Facial exercise helps in toning the muscles of the face and increasing the blood circulation. It makes the skin radiant and beautiful and improves the elasticity of the skin.

One of the common forms of facial exercise is facial tapping. Tapping conducted on certain areas of the face with the help of the middle finger.

The main areas of tapping are under eye area, the bone between the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose and the laugh lines besides the lips.

Ear massage

This is another type of facial exercise that makes the skin glow. It involves in massaging the ear with the index finger and the thumb. The action moves from tip of ears to the ear lobes and down to the rim of the ears.

Pressure on the temples prevents wrinkles, increases elasticity and helps in lifting the eye area. The temple must be pushed upwards with the palm of the hands.

Tapping for weight loss

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This is a revolutionary solution for weight loss at the fingertips. It involves no fasting, no forbidden foods. It is just a promise to the mind to kill the cravings for eating.

Tapping simply needs to tap certain acupressure points on the face and body which will help the cravings of hunger disappear. This helps in lowering the weight.

Tapping bridges the gap between the mind and body by sending calming senses to the brain which stops the cravings.

Fight wrinkles through facial tapping

The bollywood film industry must have used variety of temporary solution to lift the face of individuals and reduce wrinkles. But that is not a permanent solution. Once you are off screen without makeup you can watch yourself and find out how ugly you are.

Thus, it is important to go ahead with a permanent solution. Most of the dermatologists say that applying patches over skin can help reduce wrinkles over the time.

Youthful glow with facial tapping

You must have tried many ways to remove wrinkles from your face. The creams that lift wrinkles or exercise are quite common.

But have you ever try facial tapping? This is the latest way of removing wrinkles from your face. This is the technique of pulling back the skin on your face that has become loose.

You must have become unattractive due to this condition on your face. This is the time for you to cheer up as you are going to get back your youthful skin. Yes, facial tapping is the method through which people can get the best solution for wrinkles.

Where to get tapping treatment?

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By now you must have come to know about what is tapping. But, did you know the place where tapping can be done. The spa and wellness treatment centers are the places where you can get tapping treatment.

You can now search those centers online and avail benefit. You can also visit the well known hotels especially the 5 star hotels to get such spa and tapping treatment over there.