The first European keyhole Kidney Transplant by an Indian Surgeon

The function of the healthy kidneys in the human body is to clean the blood by removing the extra fluids, minerals and waste products. When kidneys fail the waste product accumulates in the body, the blood pressure rises, the body may retain too much fluid and the production of red blood cells decrease. Kidney transplantation is the only solution in this condition. A surgeon places a new healthy kidney from another person in place of the failed kidneys in the lower abdomen and connects the veins and arteries of the new kidney to the veins and kidneys of the body. The blood flows through the new transplanted kidney and the function of the kidney starts.

So far, the transplantation of kidney was a major operation with a big incision. The surgery was sometimes followed by complications and side effects. The recovery time was long enough to make the patient tired.

Keyhole kidney transplant

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In the recent times the kidney transplant has been first time performed through a small whole surgery in Royal Liverpool Hospital. The operation offers chances of faster recovery to the patient. We Indians are proud to say that this technique was developed by an Indian surgeon. It is found to be very beneficial to the patient.

The technique developed by Prof. Pranjal Modi in Ahmedabad involves a small incision of about 6cm which can heal up very fast without any surgical complications. The patients were found to be very happy and satisfied after this keyhole surgery for kidney transplant.

BBC report continues to say that Brian Blanch field, 51 was the first patient at Royal Liverpool Hospital who was given his sister’s kidney. The procedure was carried out by Professor Pranjal Modi from India. There have been common cases of removal of kidneys through laparoscopy or key whole surgery, but this is the first key whole surgery done for transplanting the kidney.  Prof. Modi was invited to the Liverpool Hospital by a transplant surgeon Dr. Sanjay Mehra who feels that Prof. Modi is the most experienced surgeon in this field. He was observed while performing the operation by visiting surgeons from across Europe to learn about the procedure and ask questions.


The most beneficial part of this key whole surgery is that it is a small scar that can heal up faster. In earlier days the scar for kidney transplant was around 20-25 cm. It also has a cosmetic benefit. The big scar involved cutting of the muscles which could lead to complications in the long term.It also improves recovery time. It is most suitable for obese patients, where major abdominal surgery involves greater risk.

It is not a technique that can be used for all kidney transplants. But the keyhole surgery is now providing better options in the most complicated operations. Though it is expensive, but is found to be more beneficial for the patient. It takes less time in recovery and the risk of side effects and complications are much less than the open abdomen surgery performed earlier for kidney transplant.