Top reasons to quit drinking alcohol

There are numerous reasons that might interest you on leaving alcohol completely, irrespective of the fact that you are a regular drinker or not. Everyday there are more people leaving alcohol than starting to consume, and this is because people have started thinking more about their health than what it was before. With the increase in life challenges and competitions, people are more keen on doing better than lagging behind. Giving up alcohol is a good decision even for people you don’t really need to. People who are very addicted will be more benefitted than the ones who know how to control.

Top reasons to give up on alcohol

Physical reasons

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We all know that health is the most important thing, and our body is the only thing which lets our souls survive. Keeping ourselves fit and fine is the most important aspect, and our health is the most important thing that we have to consider in our lives. The media has stated that controlled alcohol consumption is tolerable and sometimes comes with benefits. Occasional drinking is known to reduce heart diseases in elderly men. Moderate alcohol consumption reduces risks like dementia. Although, these benefits are attractive but they can be attained by healthier eating and lifestyle! This is why it doesn’t give someone an easy way out to stick to drinking. This is because the risks of drinking outweigh the benefit, and when someone starts to drink, they seldom know how to control.

  • People who drink less are known to have better sleep. In a recent study, it was found that drinking before going to bed increases the alpha waves in brain. This is a cerebral activity which keeps you awake for a long time. This disrupts your regular sleep regime and that is unhealthy for anyone.
  • When you drink less, you eat less. Alcohol is one of the biggest drivers for consuming food. You start feeling very hungry as you senses are heightened. If you maintain a proper diet and eat well, you cannot hamper your body by eating heavy, especially for dinners.
  • Small amounts of drinking benefits the heart, while excess drinking does the reverse. 2% of coronary heart issues are due to alcohol consumption. It also increases pressure and leads to alcohol cardiomyopathy.
  • The body organ which is affected by alcohol the most is the liver. The first stage of liver problem is increase in liver fat. 90% of heavy drinkers have a tendency to add on liver fat. People who are not a very heavy drinker can have cirrhosis.
  • Heavy drinkers also have more chances of facing type 2 diabetes.
  • There are more lung disorders than can happen due to drinking.
  • Alcohol dulls down your complexion. People who usually consume alcohol, is a very regular basis, tend to become very pale with time. If you don’t want to spend some more on skin enhancers, reduce alcohol content.

Psychological reasons

Best tips to stop drinking alcohol

Mental health is also another factor that comes into consideration when you’re drinking or even when you are planning to withdraw. What goes through our mind always matters to us, and the decisions we make are what we think of sticking to. Alcohol is a drug which makes us feel very depressed when consumed heavily. This even levies for that one day occasional drinking which you went overboard on! This happens because you dampen down the nervous system which works centrally and that makes a difference in your mood. People, who drink more than they should, usually suffer from depression and other mental illnesses. Consuming alcohol is also related to suicides because when we tend to lose our minds, we take rigid steps which we might regret later. The impulsive and wrong decisions from drinking alcohol are pretty dangerous.

  • Keeping it in control is the best way to avoid mental pressure.
  • Drinking to de-stress often leads to depress! It is better to look for better alternatives to reduce stress than excessive drinking.
  • It is important to keep your mind sane and that is possible when you are not drugged with alcohol or any other sort of drug.
  • When you think healthy you feel healthy, so the best thing is to control the alcohol consumption till it takes a toll on your mind.
  • Regular consumption of alcohol clogs the brain and reduce concentration.\

Lifestyle reasons

Following a proper lifestyle which goes past a proper regime needs discipline and determination. When you start consuming alcohol, you tend to deviate from the regular disciplined life. When you drink heavily one night, you are hungover for the next day and it definitely kills a lot of time.

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  • Drinking alcohol is going less in fashion as people are realizing that the whole process of drinking and getting over it, takes a lot of time. The dangers associated with this are now being understood.
  • When you feel out if control for one night and the next morning you are upset about how you’ve behaved, that is pretty harmful for your personality and image in front of the society.
  • People who follow spiritual guiding should take up meditation to de-stress their minds and reduce the need of alcoholic beverages.

Social reasons

People drink alcohol as they think that it makes them more sociable. You cannot drink a glass of soft drink, when you are at an office party. What do you simply do if your boss offers you drink? There are times you cannot avoid a few things due to the circumstances around, but it is important to keep yourself in control. There are many reasons to quit drinking due to the social factors, and those would include:

  • When people a lot then tend to get more talkative and argumentative. They tend to speak things that they later regret. You either get hurtful, silly or simply stupid, and none of the things are good for your personality. If you have already experienced a situation where you tend to behave like this, it is good to drink with the closest people, if at all.
  • Going to a bar is pretty okay at times, but there can be people who tend to get bored too. If you are not around someone who can enjoy that way you do, this can surely be a problem. A lot of people stop drinking as they find the environment in a bar pretty boring.
  • You cannot avoid the fact that cutting down on alcohol keeps your wallet heavy. When you buy a good quality scotch, you pay thousands of money for it. When you buy a low quality one, you hamper your health a little more. You are at loss of both the sides this way! When you save money on alcohol, you can have it saved for better things ahead.
  • Sometimes, the conversations fuelled with alcohol are very meaningful. But when you sober up, you tend to forget. Maybe you shared a very weak moment, but when you get sane you don’t behave the way you did when you were emotional. These situations can harm a relationship, which is why people should go for deep conversations when they know what they’re saying.