Health benefits involed in eating Apples

Apples are one of the most glorified fruits in the world. Since ancient times we know that Apples are good for health, but why they are so good to keep the doctor away was not very clear until recently.  Latest researches have found that Apple, a member of the rose family, contains a mixture of polyphenols and antioxidants that can boost the immunity, fight cancer and do a lot of good for the overall wellbeing of the human body. Read on to know the health benefits involved in eating apples,

Apple boosts immunity

Immunity is something that helps us to fight the disease causing germs present in the environment. A better immunity directly leads to a better health. Apples are rich in a number of antioxidants, including quercetin which can boost and nourish the immunity system. As Apples are able to boost the immunity system hence they promote general wellbeing.

Apple can control blood sugar

Apples are rich in phytonutrients which can be very helpful for regulating blood sugar levels. The polyphenols present in the apple can prevent sudden increase in the level of blood sugar. The flavonoid, quercetin inhibits enzymes responsible for breakdown of complex sugar into simple sugar, so when this flavonoid is present in your body, less amount of simple sugar is available in the blood. Moreover, the apple polyphenols can reduce absorption of glucose in the digestive tract and increase the uptake of glucose from the bloodstream by stimulating the insulin receptors.

Apple keeps you healthy at heart

Intake of high soluble fibers has been linked with reduced plaque formation in the arteries. However, apple is not very rich in dietary fibers but the fiber of Apple combined with the other nutrients present in the apple can provide the same benefits of high dietary fiber rich fruits. These fibers can ensure a proper regulation of fat in the blood. Apart from that studies have shown that it is not only the soluble fibers that provide the maximum effect to reduce fat in the blood, but it is only when these soluble fibers are added with the other nutrients of Apple, they play the most effective role to control the level of fat in blood.

Apples for a better digestive health

Studies performed on laboratory animals have shown that apples affect the bacteria present in the digestive tract and the benefits of apple might be streaming from these alterations of the bacterial colony. The bacterial changes in the large intestine caused by the consumption of apple seem to make available more butyric acid to the cells of the intestine. However, more studies are needed in this arena to confirm similar impact of apple in human digestive system as well.

Fight cancer with apples

Apples have been found to be beneficial for fighting different types of cancer including colon cancer and breast cancer. The benefits of apple in cases of lung cancer are also remarkable. Apples reduces the risk of lung cancer but still more researches are needed to point out the exact reasons that makes apple so effective in giving protection against lung cancer. The rich antioxidant constituents and the anti-inflammatory properties of apples surely contribute to the reduction of the risk of lung cancer, but scientists expect some more reasons behind the ability of apples to prevent lung cancer.

Apple can help in preventing asthma

Intake of apple has been directly related to prevention of asthma through several scientific studies. The antioxidant and the anti-inflammatory properties of apples are certainly responsible for the benefits it offers in asthma, but it is most likely that there are some more reasons behind that make apples so much beneficial for preventing this condition which is showing a high rate of increase particularly amongst the children.

Apples ensures better health of the nervous system

Studies performed in mice have shown that drinking apple juice can be effective to prevent the effects of aging on brain cells, which can be very useful for preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Degeneration of the dopamine producing nerve cells of the brain causes Parkinson’s and apple consumption on regular basis can also be helpful to prevent that. However, more researches in this arena are needed before anything can be said with certainty.

Apple helps in weight management

Apples are low in calorie and sugar content and yet are highly filling for the stomach. So, eating apples when you are feeling hungry, instead of some junk foods can actually be very helpful to manage weight.

Other health benefits of apples

Apples have also been found to provide benefits in different types of age related health issues, like macular degeneration of the eye, bone loss; but more researches in these arenas are needed to arrive at any conclusion.