Health benefits of Indian black salt / kala namak

Indian black  salt, also known as kala namak or sanchal, is a kind of Indian volcanic stone salt popular in Of india, Pakistan as well as other Asian nations around the world. The “black” salt is in fact pinkish-grey due to the presence regarding iron as well as other minerals. Indian black salt includes a very special sulfurous style, often compared to hard-boiled egg cell yolks.

Its health improvements are numerous in accordance with ayurvedic drugs, but the particular claims are generally largely anecdotal as no medical research may be conducted in Indian black  salt as of yet. Consult the naturopath or ayurvedic practitioner around the potential health improvements of Native indian black salt.

Indian black salt

Indian black  salt may be used like a condiment for most generations in Parts of asia surrounding the particular Himalayan mountain tops. It was originally obtained from either healthy volcanic mines in Northern Of india and Pakistan or the encompassing saltwaters of Sambhar or Didwana. Ordinarily, the salt was refined with heat, charcoal along with plant materials, which gave a dim crystal abundant in sulfide chemical substances. The typically made salt is also high in iron and lots of other vitamins. Modern manufacturing processes could make the salt synthetically, which looks just like the traditional form, but it offers less nutrient content.


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Indian black  salt comprises primarily regarding sodium chloride, that is the main element of table salt, and know impurities that include sulfates, sulfides, straightener and magnesium. The salt chloride supplies the salty style, the straightener sulfide gives its pinkish-grey color and also the hydrogen sulfide gives its special smell. Hydrogen sulfide is also one of several causes regarding rotten egg cell odor, although Native indian black salt is often said in order to resemble the particular smell regarding boiled egg cell yolks.

Indian blacksalt is regarded as a cooling down spice in ayurvedic medicine and it is recommended for most health issues like constipation, upset stomach, heartburn, bloating, flatulence, goiter, very poor eyesight along with hysteria, in line with the book “Herbs of which Heal. ” Within India, black salt might be recommended in order to people in low-salt diets caused by hypertension due to the fact it’s believed to be lower in sodium content compared to regular kitchen table salt. Needless to say, the arrangement of Native indian black salt varies a lot and would depend mainly in whether it’s produced using conventional or modern-day techniques. Synthetically made black salt includes a sodium information very very near to regular kitchen table salt. Discuss your current salt options with your entire doctor in case you have high blood vessels pressure.

Food preparation benefits

Indian black salt is needed extensively in Indian foods, including chutneys, yogurts, pickles, salads and many fruits. It’s typically appreciated by means of strict vegans because doing so mimics the particular taste regarding eggs in tofu as well as other vegetarian food. During the particular hot Indian warm weather, it’s additionally sometimes employed to flavor neat drinks, the practical way to replace salt lost by means of excessive perspiration.

Black salt helps in treating arthritis pain

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Arthritis can be highly painful and it can actually reduce the quality of life for the elderly. Black salt or kala namak can be effectively used for compressing the joints and to reduce the pain. To use Kala Namak for treating arthritis or any other kind of joint pain all you need to do is to pack some black salt in a cotton cloth and warm it by placing it directly on a heated pan. Now you can use the black salt filled pouch to compress the joints. Use this treatment 3-4 times everyday for longer relief.

For promoting cardiovascular health

Black salt is believed to have some effects in reducing the bad cholesterol in the blood. A reduced amount of bad cholesterol boosts the percentage of good cholesterol in the body and can be highly effective to prevent the thickening of the blood vessels.  Lower cholesterol directly aids in the cardiovascular health. Moreover, this salt has lesser amount of sodium than the common table salt, which makes it a better alternative for heart and overall cardiovascular health. So, if you have high blood pressure or a condition of heart, substituting the table salt in your cooked food for black salt can give some great results.

For treating respiratory disorders

Salt therapy is quickly gaining popularity for treating a number of respiratory disorders including common cold and cough, asthma and allergies of the upper bronchial passage. Black salt or Himalayan salt is used as one of the main ingredients in these therapies. Black salt is believed to have natural anti-bacterial properties which can be helpful to cure the infections of the respiratory tract as well. Adding sufficient black salt in warm water and inhaling the vapor can be very effective to get rid of the cough and mucous.

Promotes digestion

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Black salt, when consumed along with water can be helpful to promote the secretion of different digestive juices in the intestine, which ensures better digestion and helps in getting rid of digestive problems like gas and acidity. This salt is also known for its natural mild laxative effects that cure problems like constipation without any side effects.

Promotes weight loss

For long consumption of back salt in any form has been related with weight loss. A glass of water added with black salt might be effective to boost the metabolism rate of the body and it can also suppress hunger effectively. For people trying to lose weight, using black salt in their salads and regular diet is common. While table salt is responsible for water retention in the body, black salt works as a mild diuretic and helps in removing excess water from the body, which might give a natural and quick slimming effect.

For glowing skin and hairs

Black salt can also be used effectively in skin and hair care regimen to get rid of any type of infections naturally and also to add a load of minerals to your skin and hairs. Black salt, mixed with other ingredients can give you glowing skin and problem free hairs.