How omega 3 fatty acids and weight loss are related?

People are trying many ways to lose weight. Recently, omega 3 fatty acids have proved to be one of the best ingredients to loss excess body weight. Researchers working in the University of South Australia have proved the fact by diagnosing 75 people. All these people suffered from high level of cholesterol, overweight, cardio vascular disease and high blood pressure. The researchers have divided all of them in 4 groups with each category. One group was provided with tuna fish oil whereas other were asked to consume sunflower oil in their diet. It means that one group consumes good amount of Omega 3 fatty acids whereas other does not. Both the group was asked to keep their other diet un altered with 45 minutes run.

Each of us wishes to stay fit with no flab around your body. People are constantly working on various weight loss program and diets to get a well shaped body. But, did you know about Omega 3 fatty acids? A lay man willing to reduce their weight might have a misconception about it. With the name fatty acid they would think it to be the one with a source of weight gain. Thus, they try to avoid it. But, very few people know the true fact. You can now come across variety of health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids.

Result of omega 3 fatty acid

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After three weeks, the group which consumed fish oil which is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid has reduced around 4-5 pound of body weight. But the other group did not show much change. According to a well known dietician, there are two types of fat available in the market. One category of fat is known as good fat and other is bad fat. Good fat is really essential for making an individual healthy and fit. Omega 3 is one among the good fat which is essential for reducing body weight with proper nutrition.

A perfect combination of exercise with the calorie count diet can prove substantial weight loss. According to the renowned scientist, Omega 3 oil is really effective in improving the blood flow when an individual starts exercising. Proper blood flow to the muscle will help in stimulating enzyme which transports the fat in such a place where it can be store and get converted into energy.

Benefits of omega 3 fatty acid

 It is now possible to get Omega 3 fatty acids in almost every food stores or retail market. Some of the other benefits of Omega 3 include:

  • It increase efficiency of brain
  • It helps to increase memory function
  • Reduces the risk of stroke
  • Greater eye sight development
  • Helps patients suffering from Alzheimer’s

Essential fat for weight loss

Most of the people thinks that fat is really harmful for people gaining excess weight. But, not all type of fats are responsible in gaining weight. Rather, some fats are really essential to reduce excess weight.

You must have see the athletes who runs throughout the day and remains fit. But, are you aware of their food habit? Even the athletes consume Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids regularly in their diet as those are nutritious and healthy. These fatty acids are also known as essential fatty acids as these are really important for the growth and development for each individual. Omega 3 fatty acid helps in keeping proper body functioning and improves metabolism of a body. With fewer diseases you will remain fit and reduce your excess body weight. People willing to be slim and healthy must consume omega 3 fatty acid.

Why fat is needed for losing weight?

Research says that, there are basically two types of fat: good fat and bad fat. The saturated fats that is absorbed in our body in the form of unhealthy snacks item gives rise to fat accumulation in body. But, the good fat that includes healthy nutrition is very essential to give you energy and drive out the saturated fat layer. Omega 3 fatty acid is one among such fats that helps in losing weight in a natural way. Good fat are also really needed for functioning central nervous system. The skeletal muscles and other organs also gets health boost with Omega 3 fatty acid.

Omega 3 fatty acid in fat burning process

Individuals willing to lose weight must focus on burning excess fat layer from the body. As you consume a food that is nutritious but have little fat, the Omega 3 fatty acid will get inside the bloodstream. The food will be burned and transform into energy. Thus, more of your body fat will be burned with fatty acid. The fatty acid is really essential to be consumed along with your diet as this will keep you fit all the time. It go through the process of beta oxidation which makes usable component of food in your body. Even if you are fasting, Omega 3 fatty acid will be an important consideration as it helps in pushing out excess fat from your body in a natural way. Also this will help you stay away from variety of heath conditions. The cholesterol will be controlled which in turn helps in staying away from variety of heart problems. The insulin level in your body will be controlled. Thus with Omega 3 fatty acid consumption you can stay away from diabetic problems.