How to take care the babies in the womb of overweight mothers?

Every mother is tensed before giving birth to a baby. They wish to give birth to a healthy baby without many complications in the birth process. Even they wish to get the delivery process to be very smooth. But, this might not be possible if you are overweight.  The gynecologist will measure your weight as well as that of your baby at every trimester when you are going for a checkup. He/she will also calculate the BMI of the mother and keep a proper note of it. This is done to make sure that the baby gets proper antenatal care.
Indian families have a tendency of feeding the pregnant lady with variety of protein and tasty food. They have an opinion that, they are not feeding their daughter in-laws, wives or the mother, rather the food also reaches indirectly to the baby to be born. But while doing this they unknowingly harm the mother going to give birth to a baby. Due to excessive protein and fat getting deposition into the mother’s body, the baby inside the womb gets trouble. There are cases when baby gets reduced as he does not get proper food inside the overweight mothers. But, even there are cases where overweight mothers give birth to healthy baby.

Ways of caring baby in the womb

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You can also check your BMI at home with the help of a BMI calculator. Whether your pregnancy period is going well or not is defined by viewing your weight at every stage of pregnancy. If the BMI of a lady is 30 before getting pregnant, it means that the lady has a slight risk of giving birth to a baby with neural tube defects.  This is also affected towards the spinal cord as well as brain of the baby. But, there is also a cure to this problem. Your baby can be saved from getting affected of NTD by taking supplement of follicle acid for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. There may also be situations when your BMI is more than 30. In such a situation it will be highly necessary to provide the dosage of 5 milligrams of folic acid to the lady.

Women with BMI above 30 have less vitamin D. This also affects the baby as he has weaker teeth as well as bones. It becomes really necessary to have the daily supplement of vitamin D to take proper care of your baby who is growing inside your womb.  It is also quite important to take vitamin D even after giving birth to the baby. Once you feed your baby with the breast milk, he will get the vitamin D from you through the breast milk fed.

The risk of having large baby

There will be a good chance that your baby will be larger in size as compared to the normal babies if your weight is not controlled. Again there is also a chance that the baby can grow excessively smaller in size. This will be due to lack of nutrient that hardly can pass through the canal due to excess flesh near the canal. If the BMI of the more is more than 30, baby is likely to develop pre-eclampsia . It becomes difficult for both the baby as well as mother if the size of the baby becomes bigger.  Shoulder of your baby can also be quite likely to struck behind the pubic bone of the lady giving birth to a baby.

Healthy food for baby care

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If you want to make your baby stay healthy even if you are having excess weight during pregnancy, following diet will be effective.

  • Consume adequate amount of eggs, fresh fish, pulses, fresh meat etc
  • Consuming plenty of vegetables and fruits will be effective
  • You can also have some dairy products
  • Some healthy carbohydrates such as whole grain wheat flour, pasta, rise bread etc will be effective

Practice some activities

Some people have a mis-conception about carrying on with activities during the pregnancy period. They think that pregnancy period is the total time when ladies need to go through rest. Not a single activity will be good for the baby growing inside the womb. But, this is totally a wrong concept. You will be asked not to carry or pull heavy substances or climb up high during the pregnancy period. But, little activities such as brisk walk, mild exercises will be good for your health during the pregnancy period. You will never become flabby if you do some simple and light weight activities. Even your baby will attain a smooth and effective movement inside your womb. Even at the time of delivery, baby will be likely to come out in a very smooth way without any complication. Thus, carrying on with some light activities will be really very effective for healthy mother and baby.

Taking care of babies inside overweight mothers

Balanced diet during pregnancy

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Overweight mothers must have a control over their diet during the pregnancy period if not for the sake of her, definitely for the good health of the baby. The balanced diet that is composed of good amount of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals will be a good step to proceed for the overweight mothers. The diet includes good amount of vegetables, fruits, whole grains etc.

Regular household work

Some people have an impression that pregnant women should take complete rest. Rather they should not comply with any physical work which they have been carrying on before pregnancy. But this is totally a wring concept. Pregnant women must always do some light work as they have been doing previously along with walk and Yoga. This will help them stay active and get the baby good health.

Light exercise

Every pregnant lady must have regular blood circulation. Thus, doctors always suggests for the light exercise. Brisk walk, free hand exercise, simply walking is the very good technique to stay fit during the pregnancy period. If you don’t have knowledge of such exercise, visit various online sites that include total videos of light exercise which a pregnant lady must carry on throughout her pregnancy period. But remember do not go for very hard and hectic exercise schedule during pregnancy period as this can lead to complication of your baby during delivery.