How to smoothen armpits? Best ways to smooth and soft underarm pits

Getting a fair and attractive underarm is a dream of every individual especially when you are willing to wear such a dress that is exposing the underarm portion. You will be quite ashamed to show your underarm if it is rough and unattractive.

Whenever you are facing the crowd outside of the nation, it will be quite odd to raise your hand with a sleeve less dress. But there are many ways to overcome the problem of dark and rough underarms.

You might get variety of creams and cosmetics in the market from various cosmetic manufacturing companies that will claim to give you the best result. But, using a natural way will be much easier and safe without any side effects.

This might take little more time to show action but if you can give some time to get the underarm smoother, natural and homemade remedies would be ideal.

Ways to smooth and soft underarm pits


How to lighten underarm skin

You need to peel potato and cut them into slices and rub it against your skin where you have rough uneven as well as darkness prone skin tone.

Generally underarm is such a portion in our skin where we have problem of darkness. But the juice extracted from potato is really effective. The natural bleaching property of potato works really well in making your underarm smooth and effective.

You can now visit your friends with the attractive and smooth underarm portion with a boost on your self confidence level.

Aloe Vera

You can now make a good treatment with the Aloe Vera gel which is extracted from the Aloe Vera plant. All you have to do is pick some Aloe Vera leaves and cut them from middle to get the gel like substance.

Now apply this Aloe Vera gel over the underarm portion where you have roughness and dark skin layer over the underarm portion. You can get a light and beautiful skin tone just under the arm portion.

Milk and gram flour

A treatment of rough and dry underarm can now be eradicated with a homemade pack like milk and gram flour. For this, you would require some raw milk and besan. Take two spoons of besan and pour milk over it slowly and mix it with a spoon.

Make it pulp like consistency and then apply it over the underarm portion. You may also add a pinch of turmeric and mix it well. You can use a brush to apply it underarms. Keep your hand raised and let it dry for some time.

Keep this pack 10 minutes over your underarm portion. There after you can wash it with warm water. You will develop softness over your skin automatically.

Orange peel and yogurt

How to whiten dark armpits

When you decide to eat an orange peel its skin and keep it aside. Now dry it for 5-6 days under strong sunlight. Once it is completely dry use a grinder to grind it to powder form.

Now take a medium bowl with two spoons of yogurt placed in it. Add a spoon of orange peel powder in it and mix it. Mix it and apply it under the armpit portion. Keep this pack as it is over your underarm portion for 15 minutes without keeping your hands down.

After making it dry, wash it away completely with cold water. If you can do this on a regular basis you can easily observe soft and smoothness in your underarm portion.

Lemon and sugar

Sometimes dryness and dead skin layer can make your skin rough and unattractive. This can be taken away with a great scrubber that include natural ingredient.

Since lemon and sugar are two natural ingredients that are readily available at home, making a scrub with it will be really easy. Take a spoon of sugar and a slice of lemon juice squeezed in it. Now add a spoon of honey over it.

Now apply this scrub over your underarm portion and use your finger tips to rub it slowly so that the dead skin layer is washed away. Then you can use a simple moisturizer over your skin to protect it from dryness.