How to lose arm fat without weights?

We are pretty sure that every girl wants to have sculpted and toned arms. Having loose and flabby arms can make you feel self-conscious and also at the same time make you look bulky than your original weight. But we are having some amazing exercises to share with you which will help you lose those arm fats at home easily. We are sharing 6 easy moves which can be practiced without can weight but will surely give you toned and slim arm within just a few days.

Arm circle

Arm circle

How to get rid of cellulite on arms

This is one of the very common arm exercises which when practiced perfectly will give you perfect arms. Practicing this exercise on a regular basis will improve your shoulder flexibility along with toning arms and underarms. Also, we would like to mention that this exercise can be practiced anytime, even while watching TV. You can practice this exercise according to your convenience, standing or even while sitting.

Comfortably sit on the ground or a mat and extend your arms sideways and make sure that they are straight and perfectly aligned to the ground. Start rotating your arms in small circles. Do this in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Repeat for around 20 minutes in each direction.

Arm flapping

Arm flappingThis is a very fun exercise for losing arm fat very fast. For this exercise all you have to do is flap your arms similar to birds. It helps in sculpting your arms, releasing stress and tension from your body, shoulder and arms.

Sit comfortably on a mat or ground and extent your arms sideways. Next, slightly bend your elbows and start flapping your arms similar to a bird. Make sure that you continue flapping your arms for 20 minutes straight.

Arm pull down exercise

Arm pull down exerciseThis exercise is beneficial when it comes to toning arm muscles and eliminating upper back fat. This can be done with or without any weight.

Start by raising your arms up straight over your head. Close your hands tightly. Next, pull down your arms keeping them close to the sides of your chest. When you pull down your hands, count till 5 and release. Continue the exercise for around 15 minutes for better results.

Wall push-ups

Wall push-ups

How to lose fat at arms and shoulders

No doubt that push-ups are great for toning our arms, however, not all of us can master push-ups. If you are not comfortable with push-ups you can always go for wall push-ups. Wall push-ups are easy for great for toning arm muscles. They help in toning lats, triceps, shoulders and biceps.

First, as the name goes, stand in front of a wall. Remember that you need to be about 1-2 feets away from the wall. With your fingertips pointing up, place your palms on the wall in front of you. Keep the distance between your palms slightly wider than your shoulder. This is the initial position. Start by taking a deep breath and exhale. Next, start pushing the wall until your elbows start bending. Your chest and chin must stay away from the wall. Lastly, inhale and return to the initial position. Practice 3 sets having 10 reps.

Chair dips

Chair dipsChair dips are the much improved version of floor dips yet are very effective. However, if you do not have a sturdy chair, go for a bench, a sofa or a box. This exercise will help in toning shoulders and triceps.

Start by sitting on a chair or a bench keeping your spine perfectly straight. Keep your palms facing down and grab the edge of the bench or chair. Next, support your body with your palms and feet and place your feet few steps further. Lift your hips from the seat. Flex your elbow and lower hip area at the same time. Make sure that your hips don’t touch the ground beneath. Lastly, lift your hips and return to the initial position.

Half cobra push-ups

Half cobra push-upsThis exercise works wonderfully when it comes to removing the flabby arms within limited time period

Lie down facing the floor keeping your elbows arched back but they must be close to your body. Try pushing yourself up to form a half cobra position. While doing this, lift your chest off of the ground, however, your belly buttons must be touching the ground. While pushing yourself up, use your arms and not your torso or hips. Before returning to your initial position, hold the position for at least 2 seconds.