When and how should I plan for hospital stay?

It is never a pleasant feeling in knowing about hospital stay of any one in the family or friends. There are different reasons for people to stay in the hospital. Some may be admitted in the hospital for immediate medical treatment required in emergency. Others may come in for a scheduled surgery, special treatment or for some special tests for diagnosis of a complicated problem.

Hospital stay is a very rare event in one’s life but if is required for some reason or the other one must be well prepared for the confusing and uncertain process. Before one plans for the stay all the relevant information must be taken. Planning a long stay in hospital is like planning a vacation or a business trip. The difference is that in hospital life the choice is limited and one is dependent on others.

Some helpful hints for a lengthy hospital stay

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In case of long term treatment it is essential to get the life in order like having joint accounts in bank, updating the will and giving proper instructions and required information to close family members. On the emotional certain things that are to be done in the family should be done as early as possible.

  • Financial should be evaluated and seen as to what all is covered under insurance and how money can be generated in case of need. It is wise to have the hospital stay under minimum finance worries.
  • Ensure connectivity—a laptop or I Pad is the most convenient way for staying connected with friends and relatives. Hospital policies for food and visitors must be followed by the attendants.
  • All visitors must be infection free and sometimes there can be negotiations in visiting timings. Food from home is permitted in some hospitals as the hospital food is bland and difficult to be taken during long stays. All depends on the condition and requirement of the patient. One homemade food keeps the morale of the patient.
  • It is better to keep an exercise routine in the hospital stay. If health permits one must roam around the wards of the hospital making friends and exchanging greetings.
  • In case of long hospital stay it is better to know the hospital staff.
  • One must remain patient and follow the rules of the hospital to avoid frustration.
  • The objective of staying in the hospital is to get all right and move out of the hospital as soon as possible.
  • Most hospitals have room with all necessary enmities to keep the patient comfortable. It is equipped with TV, table,and chair Wi-Fi connections in the room.
  • A shared room provides good company to talk and share experiences.

People in the hospital

In most hospitals there are several people to take care of the patient. These include doctors, specialists, nurses, nurse aids and administrative staff.

Medical tests


There are several tests conducted in the hospital which include blood tests, urine and stool tests, X-rays, MRI and CT scans

The long stay

Sometimes teens with serious illness or injuries may be required hospitalization for weeks, months or even years. This put a stop to their school life, extracurricular activities and relationship with friends. This does not mean that there life is at hold. There are several hospitals that conduct classes and continue the teaching of the patients in a regular manner. The hospital education plan will be helpful for the child to join the mainstream easily.

Long stay in hospitals sometimes makes the teens lonely, frustrated and upset in spite of continuous support from family members and doctors. They can have certain social activities by staying in touch with friends by e-mail, phone or some social media.

Social life can be increased in long hospital stay by

  • One can have a party with friends and relatives in the hospital room. Friends can be invited on some days to play cards, watch movies or just for a chit chat.
  • New friends can be made online through bulletin boards, chat rooms and other networking sites.
  • There is a Teen Room in some hospitals which have a good collection of books, video games and music