How to quit drugs forever on your own?

Drug addiction is something which can happen with growing age. One doesn’t get addicted in a day, but consuming the drug for long period of time leads to drug addiction. It is easy to get addicted to drugs but pretty tough to get rid of it. Drug addiction can be of different types, varying from different medicines to various other drugs. People do experience multiple problems due to drug addiction. Along with legal issues caused by societies around, there are various other problems to face in their daily life. These issues range from financial crisis to quarrel at home, disrupted mental peace, no connection with friends and family, etc.

Set recovery goals

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Setting goals to beat drug addiction is very important. It not only keeps you motivated but also helps you to fight against addiction. Recovery goals also inspire to lead a healthy and addiction free life.

Jot down the ill effects of your addiction

Writing down all the negative impact of drug addiction on your life and on the people close to you, actually helps you to become a better person for the sake of your close ones. When you list down all the negative impacts of drug addiction, you just figure out how bad things your life has turned out to be. It also makes you think about your current status and triggers the fear of losing yourself completely.

A detailed analysis of your physical condition

A drug addict seldom notices his or her physical condition. They are so much into drugs that don’t even care about the surrounding. Once a person tries to quit drugs, they start feeling mentally and physical unstable. If getting high makes you happy and keeps everything normal then when you try to quit it, the results are not the same. An uneasy feeling, irritation, abnormal mannerism, etc are experienced when you have withdrawn yourself from consumption. Keep a detailed record of how you have changed or evolved physically, whether you are experiencing any hair loss, weight loss, skin problem, organ disorder, abnormal mannerism, etc. All of these symptoms may vary due to the drug you consume.

Evaluation of responsibilities

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A drug addict has no terms with the outer world when he is into drugs. All that he knows, feels, understands and loves is his or her addiction to that drug which provides temporary peace and happiness to that person. He or she should take a note of everything they have to do. This includes their responsibility towards their family, friends, colleagues, office and themselves. Evaluate the things you usually do, your daily routine, your work, etc. Evaluate the work not yet done, responsibilities not taken care of, time not spend with family and friends.

Visit your friends and family if you haven’t

If you haven’t been with your close ones lately then do give a visit. Meet them, spend time with them, express whatever you wanted to say, inform them about what’s happening in your life, seek support and help from them.  Explain the whole scenario of yours with drug addiction, the problems you are facing, your physical and mental condition, and everything that is happening with you.

Admit your wrong deeds

Whatever you have done to wrong other people, admit them to your close ones. Don’t lie to them. Don’t steal anything from your closed ones or from anyone. Open up all the darkest secrets you have to the people you trust. Ask for help, support and suggestions. Don’t hide anything from your family and friends.

Engage yourself into your old hobbies

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To avoid getting back into drugs, try to engage yourself in things you were good at. Get back to the previous you. Recall all your best memories, all your hobbies and the fun you had doing them. Engaging into old hobbies won’t give you the opportunity to sit ideal and crave for drugs. Enjoy yourself doing what you loved doing once.

Note down all the positive activities you’ll experience once you quit

Now when you have decided to quit then note down how life would be without drugs, all the positive things that you will experience with your friends, family and colleagues having around you. The goals you will achieve at work. The fun time you will spend with your family, the vacations with your friends, etc.

Plan your day in a positive and healthy manner

Plan how will you spend your day. Make a schedule for yourself. Keep a tight schedule so that you don’t get time to think about drugs. Make holiday plans, work hard, and keep some quality time to spend with family. Apply this schedule daily so that you don’t get that craving for drugs.