Iron overdose – Adverse effects, remedies

Excess of anything is hazardous and is applicable to one nutrient too, i.e. iron. It posses dual effects, lack of iron in the body induces anaemia, and on the other hand, more absorption of the same in the body leads to infections, heart diseases, risk of colorectal cancer, neurodegenerative disorders and inflammatory conditions. In more worsen situations, which means more intake of iron results into severe disease like Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s , diabetes and arthritis.

The intake of iron if reaches to high level can be lowered down only if the absorption of it is proper in the body, regulating the mechanism. Ideally, there is no mechanism to get relieved from the excess iron generated in the body. Iron consumed from the green leafy plants has much to offer to the body, as when consumed in the form of supplements might led to the reversal effect. The low iron stores matches with the boosting iron absorption by the intestines, and if excess iron exists in the body the intestines end up blocking the absorption, driving to the hazardous end. This intake meets up with the iron found in plant foods. Iron supplied from animal foods directly make its way to the intestinal art, no matter if it already pertains with the overdose of the same. The Digestive system too is incapable in regulating the iron in ingested blood.

Iron is one of the important minerals that need to be present within human body in appropriate quantity. Especially women require iron as they lose blood from their body through menstrual cycle. Also during pregnancy, they seem to lose blood. Thus, getting iron rich food as well as iron supplements will be very important.  Iron is also very beneficial in transporting carbon dioxide and oxygen. Low level of blood pressure is also treated with the help of iron supplements within your blood.  In order to improve athletic performance also, iron will be really essential. Some of the depression patients are unable to stay energetic within the vivid lifestyle. Iron can help them gain their energy back in place.

Effect of Iron overdose

Overload of iron in one’s body has varied harmful effects. Studies have shown the risk of breast cancer due to overdose of iron as is consumed directly in the form of meat. Studies and cases have all generated overdose of iron affecting postmenopausal women(who are not facing every month menstruation cycle) exhibiting a physiologic state affecting their biological changes. Iron is one pro-oxidant and releases oxidative agents which might result into DNA damage. Since iron releases free radicals, oxidative agents, damages DNA and inhibits a greater risk of possessing “breast cancer” in the body.

Breast cancer is today’s worry, the carcinogens effect is triggered in this leading to breast cricinfo genesis.

Overdose of Iron can be equally worse as this can give rise to variety of health problems and visible side effects in individuals.  If individual intakes more iron doses than what has been prescribed, this can give rise to the effect of iron overdose.  This becomes really dangerous for children who are prescribed to take multi vitamins. If they unknowingly take more capsules than what has been prescribed, this can even lead to serious physical conditions.

Adverse effect in gastrointestinal system

  • Nausea
  • Damage of liver
  • Black color stool or blood with stool
  • Blood vomiting
  • Metallic taste in mouth
  • Diarrhea

Adverse effect in nervous system

  • Dizziness
  • Fever
  • No energy to do anything
  • Headaches
  • Coma

Heart and blood

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  • Abnormal pulse rate
  • Dehydration
  • Shock
  • Low blood pressure

Remedies for iron overdose

Intake of iron supplements should only be taken by one who is being diagnosed for the anaemic ailment demanding only the physician prescribed supplements and medicines. The recent studies have also explored that the sole consumption of iron substituents in the body produces more amount of oxidative agents. The oxidative secretion is no good on women’s health. On the other hand, it comes up with uninvited diseases.

Therefore, the iron consumption need to be accompanied by other nutrients in order to control the imbalance. The vitamin c rich foods like broccoli, citrus fruits, bell peppers, tropical fruits should be consumed with iron rich foods like green leafy vegetables, cheapest, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Tea and coffee should be avoided as they prevent the body from absorbing excess iron if so generated.

Eating garlic and onion, acts as mineral absorption enhancers, providing the bioavailability of iron and zinc altogether.

The whole grains phytonutrients helps in promoting properties such as anti-cancer activity.

Consumption in proper amount and in accordance with the system’s requirement holds no harm.

Excess iron dose can even lead to toxicity.  Even if you keep it untreated, this can give rise to iron toxicity.

First step

First of all, you need to recognize the symptoms of iron toxicity and proceed to the emergency room where you will be provided with the treatment for iron toxicity.

Second step

You need to go ahead with the step of full bowel irrigation. According to the experts, even after you vomit after taking iron overdose, you can retain iron. This will be really dangerous to your health. You can remove iron remains with the help of device known as polyethylene glycol.  Either you need to drink it or the doctor will insert it to your stomach through a tube.

Third step

You can also treat iron toxicity with the help of medication known as deferoxamine.  This is a particular type of drug which can be injected inside your body to bring out iron overdose from your body. As soon as you urinate, toxin present in your body will be washed away. But, this dose can vary with regards to the weight of an individual.

Fourth step

You can also give your blood samples as well as urine for examination. This will bring out a conclusion about whether and to what extent you have been posed with toxicity. Levels of iron in your body will be found out through the test and it also ensures the medications are doing right job.