Breakfast is the most important meal of the Day

The modern lifestyle of men and women with late working hours, late parties, and interesting programs on TV has worked havoc on the eating habits of teenagers and kids all over the world. Most kids and teenagers tend to skip breakfast as they are late risers and have no time to make or even eat breakfast. There are some people who skip breakfast purposely with the wrong notion of losing weight. They forget that skipping breakfast with an idea to lose weight can backfire and make weight control more difficult. Those who skip breakfast tend to eat more in lunch or keep eating high calorie snacks throughout the day.

So, as you already know that having a proper and nutritious breakfast is important not only for the children and young adults but also for the grownups and even elderly, make it a point to take the time to have the right breakfast every morning if you are serious about your health and well being. With age the need of food in the body is reduced, as no more energy is spent on growth works of the body, however, it is important to keep in mind that even though there is no new growth after a certain age, there is always the repairing work, which is vital and directly related with the overall wellbeing of a person.

Taking the right diet certainly plays the most important role in giving a healthy body, but at the same time, taking the right diet at the right time is also vital as food has a direct impact on the working of your brain and body.  Proper breakfast kick starts your day. The purpose of breakfast is to provide your body with the bunch of nourishments that it needs for completing all its vital tasks smoothly. So, skipping breakfast is never a good idea.

Importance of breakfast

Best breakfast around the world

Breakfast is important for adult to perform their activities during the day. Kids on the other hand need breakfast to develop their growing bodies and to develop their brains. Even if one is short of time a sumptuous breakfast will be beneficial in the long run.  School going children who skip breakfast are lazy and tires and miss school more often than those who take regular breakfast. A healthy quick breakfast for children can be just milk cereals and a fruit smoothie or a fruit.  Studies have revealed that people who skip breakfast have a lower dopamine levels which results in overeating and ultimately in weight gain. Adolescents struggling with overweight are at a risk to many chronic health problems.

High lights of the report published in the Nutrition Journal on 15th october 2014

Researchers in the recent find in Columbia have found that eating breakfast increases the levels of brain chemical which are associated with the feeling of rewards which may reduce the craving of overeating later during the day. The research proceeds to state that people get a dramatic decline in the desire to eat sweets if they eat proper breakfast. High protein breakfast also reduce the craving for high fat foods. In people who skip breakfast this craving continues in the person for the whole day.

The effects of different breakfasts were also studied by experts. Dopamine level increases by eating and in turn this stimulates the feeling of food reward. The reward is an important part of eating because it guides the food intake.
The participants were more young ladies but the findings could be generalised amongst adults. It was found that dopamine levels are more in people who are overweight, which proved that similar response to feelings of reward is also there in individuals who skip breakfast. It was also noted that the eating a high protein breakfast reduced the cravings for fatty foods and sweets.

The report of the study further states that in the last 50 years there has been a decrease in the adults, kids and teens of US who are skipping breakfast and there has been increase in obesity.

This researcher   also includes two associate professors who conducted the study as a part of their master’s thesis. The researchers emphasises the issue that eating breakfast increases the chemical in the brain that is involved in regulating the intake and cravings of food. On the other hand breakfast skippers have low dopamine which stimulates the craving to eat fatty foods and stimulates overeating.

The benefits that a healthy breakfast can offer include,

  • Breakfast provides a bunch of nutrients to the body and also to the brain, which breaks the overnight fast and gives your body the energy it needs for working through the day. While having only a proper breakfast is not all that you need, it is certainly the most important meal of the day as it gives your body the right start.
  • Breakfast is also believed to be the key to maintain a lower body weight. Studies have shown that people who take a healthy breakfast routinely tend to have a slimmer waist than the ones who do not. The weight management benefits of breakfast are primarily achieved through its ability to promote satiation, which keeps your cravings for high calorie foods low the whole day.
  • The first meal of the day also has a direct impact on the cognitive functions and hence it is considered to be most important for children and young adults who are still in the growing stage. Glucose is vital for proper functioning of the brain, and after the fast for the night, there is maximum chance of a lower glucose level in the blood, which can be quickly compensated with a healthy breakfast.
  • Having a healthy breakfast has also been linked with reduced blood cholesterol which is directly related to a better cardiovascular health. A regular and proper breakfast might also be helpful to keep diabetes at bay.

Some rules about breakfast

How to choose right food for health

In order to make your breakfast truly nourishing and filling it is important that you take the right foods during your breakfast. Breakfast is the high time to provide your body with calories but at the same time you have to be cautious about not to eat more than your body needs. So, while having the breakfast is important, choosing the right foods for breakfast in the right amount is also vital.  A healthy breakfast should have a variety of foods, including whole grains, vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy products as well as lean protein. So plan your breakfast diet cautiously and you are sure to observe the changes in a few weeks. Also make it a point to have your breakfast before 11am and it should be taken within 2 hours of waking up from the bed.