Discuss the healthcare facts on lesbian and bisexual individuals

Our earth has individuals with different taste and preferences. People belonging to a different sexual preference also reside in our Earth. Medical science has treatment options for people belonging to different sexual preferences. People are quite aware of the fact that Lesbians are such women who are attracted towards woman with regards to their sexual preferences. Even when they wish to have sex, they would prefer a female partner than a male. A lesbian would never prefer a woman who had sex with a male partner before.

A typical group of people exits on earths who are attracted towards both male as well as female partners. They are equally active towards sexual relationship for both men and women partners.

Health issues for both lesbians and bisexual women

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Health risk for every woman irrespective of their sexual preference will be equal. Even women having both preference for only women and both male and female partners may have several health issues. They can consult with the medical professionals if they actually face such critical problem. The risk of having ovarian cancer of the bisexual as well as lesbian woman is more than those with normal sexual preference, i.e. toward the male partners.

Health issues related to pregnancy

Our nature has made male and female in such a way that reproduction can take place only when sexual intercourse takes place between two opposite sex. Being pregnant is also an important stage for every woman at a certain age. During pregnancy every woman releases certain hormones that are good for protection against breast cancer, ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. But, since a lesbian woman cannot carry baby inside her womb, the hormone that is generally released during the normal pregnancy will not be available to them. Thus, they have good chance of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer.

Issues related to breast cancer

It is quite important for the lesbian as well as lesbian women to have routine mammogram test in order to avoid the risk of breast cancer. Some unethical doctors also discriminate between the lesbian as well as bisexual patients. But, not all doctors are identical. If you have some bad experience with the health care professionals, you must approach other people with the same professions. Law has asked every doctor to treat human being with same professionalism and under equal eye.

Health issues related to smoking

Recent research has found that lesbians are more likely to smoke as compared to the heterosexual women. Even the bisexual women has good tendency to smoke. The risk of lung cancer is not just only restricted to an individual with same sex and dual sex preference; rather their partners are also quite susceptible to lung cancer.

Risk of cervical cancer

Like heterosexual woman, even the lesbians as well as bisexual women have the risk of cervical cancer. Thus, it is important for both of these women to have routine screening or Pap test. You can easily avail this test in many hospitals and even the diagnostic centers. The virus that is responsible for cervical cancer can also transmit between women who have her female partner suffering from such harmful cancerous element.

Depression and anxiety

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There are many factors which are responsible for anxiety as well as depression in women. The reporters publish reports for the women with bisexual as well as lesbian preference. Among the lesbian and bisexual women, bisexual women are quite likely to have anxiety disorder and mood swings. The causes for anxiety as well as depression are abuse and violence, lack of health insurance, social stigma, and unfair treatment in legal system, rejection by the family members. Since, all women with the preference of sexual partner as women might not be accepted by the society or even the family members, it becomes really a tough job for them to be a part of this society.

Yet there are many NGOs that have great variation and acceptance towards these people. Even the medication and insurance related to health will be duly optimized by them. They have full right to live like normal human being and enjoy all right like a normal citizen of the nation. Health care is one of the important part for their well being.