Amazing medicinal benefits of tulsi / basil leaves

Tulsi or Basil is a very common herb in every Indian home. It is so common in occurrence in India that we often fail to notice the great medicinal benefits this bushy herb can offer.

Tulsi have been in use in Ayurveda for treating a number of physical ailments and infections for centuries. It has some potent medicinal properties and can also be used with ease.

Tulsi leaves can be taken internally; you can simply munch on a few leaves if you like to, or you can also add it with any of your favorite drinks for a special flavor.

Tulsi or basil leaves can also be used topically to fight any skin infections or even allergies or insect bite. This article will give you a clear idea about the amazing medicinal benefits the Indian holy basil can offer.

Helps in curing common fever

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Tulsi is known for its natural anti-bacterial and germicidal properties which makes it effective to be used as a natural antibiotic in case of mild infections in the body. Tulsi can be highly effective to control common fever and can even have some great effects in reducing the body temperature in case of malarial fever.

To use tulsi for relieving fever you can prepare a concoction from the tulsi leaves and consume it raw or along with pure honey 2-3 times a day.

Controls proper blood sugar levels

Another amazing medicinal benefit of holy basil is its ability to increase the insulin sensitivity of the body.

The leaves of this plant comes with a bunch of antioxidants and essential oils that produces a number of active substances which work on the beta cells of the pancreas that are responsible for storage and release of insulin into the blood.

Hence by taking basil leaves daily the diabetic patients can keep their blood sugar levels in control, and the pre-diabetics can safely ward off the risk of higher blood sugar.

Helps in fighting stress

Stress is quickly becoming a problem of the modern life. Stress can easily bring hormonal imbalance to the body which can work as the cause for a number of health conditions.

According to the latest researches, tulsi extract can be highly effective in controlling the level of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone and hence a proper level of cortisol is the key to fight stress.

Basil leaves also have adaptogen properties which help in relaxing the nerves and calming the senses, helping in relieving stress and promoting better sleep at night.

Gives protection to your heart

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Tulsi leaves are packed with Eugenol, which is a powerful antioxidant and has a bunch of health benefits. One of the most notable actions of Eugenol is that it gives protection to your heart.

This active ingredient has also been found to lower the bad cholesterol level in the body, which naturally promotes a better cardiovascular health and well being.

Can be helpful to fight cancer

Tulsi leaves are known for their strong anti-carcinogenic properties. They do not only stop the growth of the cancerous cells but also prevents oxidative damages to the cells through its antioxidant properties.

Chewing a few tulsi leaves daily can give you effective protection against breast and oral cancer. The active components present in these leaves stops the supply of blood to the tumor cells and thus promotes death of the tumor.

Tulsi keeps respiratory disorders at bay

Tulsi is known for its ability to suppress the formation of cough and also to expel the phlegm from the chest. Tulsi leaves can be highly effective to fight any type of cough and cold.

It helps in removing the phlegm and also heals the upper respiratory tract through its soothing properties. The calming effect of tulsi leaves on the respiratory system makes it effective even for treating chronic bronchitis.

The anti-inflammatory properties of tulsi also help in relieving allergic conditions of the respiratory system including asthma. To get all the benefits of these leaves to keep your respiratory system healthy all you need to do is to munch on a few leaves or drink a concoction prepared from these leaves.

Can be effective to get rid of kidney stones

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Tulsi has diuretic as well as detoxifying properties. It helps in removing any toxic elements from the blood easily and promotes a better health of the kidneys. Tulsi has also been found to be effective in lowering the uric acid in blood, which often works as one of the main reasons for kidney stone formation.

It can even be effective for people suffering from kidney stone, as the acetic acid present in these leaves can effectively breakdown the kidney stones with regular consumption.

Relieves headache

Headache caused due to cold, infection, allergies or even migraine can be relieved by tulsi leaf concoction. The leaf has decongestant as well as pain-relieving properties which are believed to relax the nerves and to cure the headache quickly.

To get relief from headache with tulsi leaves you should use it topically. Boiling some water in a pan with a handful of tulsi leaves and then soaking a towel in the water and placing it on the forehead can be an effective cure for headaches.

Treats skin infection and allergies

Tulsi leaves can be highly effective in treating a wide range of skin infections including acne and pimples. Tulsi pack or tulsi leaf extract can work miraculously in giving you a beautiful skin.

Tulsi extract can also be effective to treat any type of skin allergies as well as insect bites due to its anti-bacterial and soothing effect on the skin. According to ayurveda, Tulsi leaves can also effectively cure a number of critical skin infections like leukoderma.

Promotes healthy scalp

Due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties, tulsi leaf extract works pretty well in giving you a problem free scalp. It can cure scalp irritations like scalp itching and also scalp infections like dandruff or any fungal buildup.

A pack made from tulsi leaves can also be effective to control the excess sebum secretion from the oil glands of the scalp.