What is an ovarian cyst? Treatment procedure

When an accumulation of fluid takes place within the ovary of a lady which is further surrounded by a very thin wall. A cyst is form in the ovary when there is an appearance of ovarian follicle that is larger than 2cm. The size of ovarian cyst is not the same in all cases. Rather, it will range from the size of a small pea to that of an orange. In some cases but exceptional, the ovarian cyst can appear to be so big that the lady can be misunderstood as a pregnant lady. A pregnant lady or a lady who has not yet conceived has a great risk of having the ovarian cysts. It is good to remove the cysts before you conceive.

The cyst can affect a female individual irrespective of her age. You may be any female personality ranging from 15 years till 50 years of age. Some ladies suffers from excessive bleeding and pain due to the presence of cysts in her ovary. It is quite easy to operate a cysts that is having more than 5cm of diameter.

Types of ovarian cysts

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Researchers have found out mainly two types of ovarian cysts. Those are:

  • Functional ovarian cysts– This cyst is quite common in many female individuals present on this earth. This type of cysts found in females is normally harmless with its life span really very short.
  • Pathological cysts– These are also one variety of cyst that is found in the reproductive organ of a female individual. In some cases these cysts are harmless, but some ladies are really unlucky to have quite harmful ovarian cysts. In some cases the cysts also becomes malignant or cancerous. In order to avoid the stage, you need to start treatment immediately.

Treatment procedure of ovarian cyst

There are varieties of treatment procedure associated with eradicating the ovarian cyst in a lady. But, the treatment procedure also depends on variety of factors. The factors include:

  • Lady within the stage of menopause have a slightly high risk of suffering from ovarian cancer
  • The size as well as appearance of the cyst is another important factor considered for the treatment
  • You need to check whether you have any symptoms of the ovarian cysts


If you have large ovarian cysts, it becomes really mandatory to get it removed through the surgery. You may also find cases when doctors ask for the removal of ovarian cysts which does not have any symptoms. I will be really difficult to state about the type of cysts before examining the cyst or going ahead with the biopsy. It is important to examine the cysts under the microscope and find out the type of cysts. It is good to remove the cysts as soon as it is slightly larger as this will definitely eradicate the risk of becoming cancerous at some point in future.

Types of surgery

  • Laparotomy
  • Laparoscopy

Both the surgeries are quite effective are putting the patient under the general anesthesia. This helps the patient to get relief from pain during the surgical procedure.


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When the doctor gets a report that the cyst is cancerous, Laparotomy surgery will be quite effective. The patient has to bear larger cut in order to provide proper access to the surgeon to remove the cyst along with the cancer affected particle inside your body. The cut will be made along your bikini line. Sometime the place is reflected as the midline of your tummy. In this type of surgery biopsy report is really important. The entire cysts will be sent to the laboratory to check whether the cyst is malignant.


This surgery is for those ladies who have a formation of smaller cysts. This is a minor surgery as compared to the surgery named as Laparotomy as the cysts form is harmless. But, people have a fear of getting it converted into cancerous at some point of time in future. Here, the cut is also made really small along your lower abdomen. A tube shape microscope is used to fall light over the particular place where the cysts have been formed. The whole operation is completed within an hour.