Causes of premature ejaculation

With the improved technology medical world has got deep into multiple health issues, one of them is male sexual dysfunction and the problems men experience when engaged in sexual intercourse. A man’s sex life is adversely affected by sexual dysfunction. Premature ejaculation is the most noted problem. Premature ejaculation which was once known as ‘ejaculatio praecox’, a Latin term which means precocious ejaculation. Attaining climax and ejaculating semen while having penetrative sex is the traditional method by which babies are conceived. But premature ejaculation doesn’t only make reproduction difficult, it also badly affects sexual satisfaction for both male and females.When two people are having penetrative sexual intercourse and the man experiences rapid ejaculation right at the time of penetration or after 1 to 2 minutes of penetration. This type of ejaculation is known as premature ejaculation. From a man’s point of view and the person he is having sex with, premature ejaculation is climaxing or having an orgasm before wanted or untimely orgasm.

How to stop premature ejaculation

There are a number of reasons which may lead to premature ejaculations. In most of the cases recorded about premature ejaculation, it is caused due to different conditions. It depends on how a man defines the cause of premature ejaculation. It is also observed that most cases don’t need medical treatments but few easy steps can help a man get rid of premature ejaculations. Information gathered from a survey states that occurrence of premature ejaculation in men is somewhere in-between 15% to 30% and it is self reported by the men experiencing premature ejaculation, but the percentage of medically diagnosable premature ejaculation is very low. In an analysis across 9 Asia-Pacific countries, around 5000 men reported for premature ejaculation. Out of it 16% met the criteria for medical diagnosis. On completion of the analysis, through PEDT or Premature Ejaculation Diagnosis Tool, it was recorded that PE or premature ejaculation was found in 15% respondent while 13% was self reported. Around 65 of men were graded negative on the basis of the analysis done. Few men were affected by the primary or lifelong premature ejaculation. Primary PE is a condition where a man hasn’t experienced sex or rarely has experienced sex without premature ejaculation. It is the rarest form of premature ejaculation and only about 2% of men experience it if considered on a global analysis. However premature ejaculation is more commonly found and reported than erectile dysfunction, both being male sexual dysfunction. At first, before opting for the cure to this, we would like to throw some light on the causes which leads to premature ejaculation.

Under medical theories, the most constant type of premature ejaculation (lifelong premature ejaculation) is defined by the following 3 problems from the point at which a man becomes sexually active:

  • Ejaculation happening always or most of the times, within few minutes of penetration or right at the time of penetration, even before penetration.
  • Facing problems in delaying the ejaculation while penetration, few minutes after penetration and most of the time or always.
  • Avoidance of sexual intimacy, frustration, distress may also lead to premature ejaculation.

Causes of premature ejaculation

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There are three factors related to premature ejaculation. These factors are psychological factors, medical factors and erectile dysfunctional factors.

Psychological factors

Premature ejaculation is not related to any disease and it isn’t a disease but can be caused due to psychological factors. Here are some of the psychological factors listed below.

  • Depression
  • Sexual inexperience
  • Guilty feelings
  • Issues related to control and intimacy.
  • Stress related to relationship
  • Anxiety
  • Novelty of a relationship
  • Overexcitement or too much stimulation

These are the common factors which affect psychologically and lead to premature ejaculation. While there are few more psychological factors which lead to primary or life-long premature ejaculation. The factors are stated below.

  • Stern sexual education and background affects youthful men who have been brought up under strict ideas that sex should be forbidden until marriage as they were taught that making love or having sex is more complicated and that it is wrong or a sin.
  • A traumatic experience of sex is the result of some bad experience like getting caught while masturbating or a brutal sexual experience. These things lead to premature ejaculation and anxiety.
  • Conditioning is the thought, which refers to early sexual behaviors that can feed into later experiences of sex. A teenager learning to ejaculate speedily to avoid being caught masturbating.

Medical causes of premature ejaculation

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Biological factors or causes are rarely encountered as most cases are recorded under the psychological factors. Under biological causes, premature ejaculation may be experienced because of any nervous system breakdown or due to some physical damage caused in the private parts of a man. Doctors diagnose the problem causing premature ejaculation and take necessary steps to cure it. Here are the factors which fall under medical causes of premature ejaculation.

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Prostate disease
  • Illicit drug use
  • High blood pressure(hypertension)
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid problems (overactive or underactive thyroid gland)

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is another condition related to male sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation. Doctors cannot cure premature ejaculation if a man suffers from erectile dysfunction. It is the first thing the doctors would like to get rid of for curing premature ejaculation. Some men get confused about premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction as both are male sexual dysfunction. The reason behind this confusion is that when a man ejaculates, the penis loses its firmness and most men don’t understand the condition they are actually suffering through. It is important to learn the difference between both the conditions. It is seen that in some cases of erectile dysfunction, delicate sensitivity is caused by changes in the normal pattern of nerve signals, which means that much less stimulation is needed for having an ejaculation. With the help of some studies, it has been established that the levels of serotonin plays an important role in ejaculation. It is a natural neurotransmitter chemical which is involved in depression, mood changes and ejaculation problems. Men who have low brain levels of serotonin suffer from the premature ejaculation problem. Though the above mentioned factor is still a matter under research and remains largely theoretical, given that scientists don’t prefer the psychological thesis done on ejaculation. They have a poor understanding of normal psychological processes which are involved in the ejaculation procedure.