Top reasons to quit caffeine

Caffeine, which falls under the methylxanthine class, is a CNS (Central Nervous System) stimulant. It is one of the widely consumed psychoactive drugs which can be harmful for your health than being helpful. It might not seem to be that much harmful to your health but it is. The daily dose of caffeine may actually damage you without notifying you about it. You may get onto a debate regarding the pros and cons of caffeine but before landing into a debate, let’s understand what caffeine actually does when consumed. It is a stimulant that stimulates the central nervous system, heart, muscles, etc. It is actually used to boost up the energy in an individual. Caffeine can be found in coffee, tea, cocoa, cola and various other health drinks. It maybe not your thing of interest that how caffeine works or which part of your body it affects but it is very important to know as it may cause damage. Coffee isn’t the only substance through which we consume caffeine as there are various other substances too. So even if you avoid a cup of coffee you cannot simply avoid a cup of tea or a glass of coke or any health drink. You are not asked to quit consuming coffee, tea, cocoa, coke, etc but you can minimize the consumption. Here we are now going to bring out some of the adverse effects of caffeine consumption.

Increases stress levels

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Well, caffeine is not always a stress buster. It can add on to the stress level which almost spoils your day. A stressful day at work can be very tough to survive as people often tend to feel drowsy. A couple of cup of coffee at work may seem to be a great relief but it actually hampers your health. It increases more stress which further makes a person to consume few more cups of coffee. It reduces the level of drowsiness and gives a temporary rush of alertness to the senses. On excess consumption of caffeine, it may disrupt your sleep, increase your heart beat, etc.

Hampers nervous system

Caffeine directly affects the CNS that is the Central Nervous System. Being a psychoactive drug, consumption of caffeine hampers the natural systematic flow of the body. It simply blocks the receptors in the brain which monitors adenosine. Adenosine is a neuro-chemical which triggers the sleep in our brain and we feel sleepy. What caffeine does is that it blocks the receptors from monitoring the buildup of adenosine in our central nervous system which further does not let us sleep or stops the brain from receiving signal of sleepiness. Being a temporary stimulant, it blocks the flow of adenosine and along with it, the dopamine and glutamine productivity is increased which helps to be more active at work. This isn’t a permanent solution to evade sleep thus consumption of caffeine increases. With the increase of consumption of caffeine, the adenosine buildup also increases and after some time, you will actually feel very sleepy. Evading the natural process of sleeping hampers the system and with the passage of time you’ll experience various sleeping related issues and other health issues.

Painful tolerance

It is when you actually are in that zone to be functional for the day and you keep on loading ounces of caffeine in your body. You may start your day at work with a cup of coffee, later on add up some coke after lunch and by the end of the day you get some chilled health drink or another cup of coffee. Summarizing the whole day intake of caffeine, you may end up consuming around 24 to 30 ounce of caffeine to keep yourself completely functional. Else, you’ll start to deal with the withdrawal effects of general lousiness, headaches, tiredness, and frustration that caffeine addicts will do anything to avoid, as once you get addicted it’s tough to free yourself from the possession of caffeine.

Heavy expenses

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Well according to our best knowledge we know that buying a great quantity of caffeine isn’t so cheap. It does cost us a good amount of cash, whether you are buying coffee or soft drinks for every now-and-then. As people do get addicted to it, so it’s pretty much obvious that they can spend any amount of money to get some caffeine. It doesn’t only damage your nervous system but also turns out to be an added expenditure. A sudden craving for caffeine may urge at anytime of the day. While it’s tough to avoid, one will simply buy some caffeine to satisfy that craving. It can be a latte, black coffee, regular coffee, a cup of cocoa, to fulfill the urge and avoid certain issues which arise due to not consuming caffeine.

Weight management

Caffeine is the fastest gateway towards a bigger gut, unless you are consuming black coffee regularly. A regular sized health drink or latte, soda, cup of coffee may add up around 250 calories to your body which, when further consumed may end up to around 500 to 750 calories. The sugar content present in various beverages and drinks is another matter to be concerned about. When you consume caffeine along with sugar present in your drink, you just help yourself to gain more and more calories resulting to increases in body weight.

Worsening of depression

It’s good if you don’t suffer from depression but if you do suffer then consumption of caffeine is not at all a good idea because it can worsen your condition by disrupting your sleep and you will be more into depression than that of working actively. As caffeine does not let you fall asleep, it will automatically push you towards depression as you do suffer from it. So if you don’t want to worsen your depression conditions, avoiding caffeine would be a wise idea.

Increase in health issues

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If you want a happy life then you need to have a healthy you. Consuming caffeine not only damages your central nervous system but also increases stress and depression. It also increases the chances of suffering from various health issues like obesity, diabetes, severe headaches and sometimes insomnia. The caffeine and the sugary content present in your coffee or health drink or latte can lead to diabetes. It does increase the blood pressure and heart beat rate in your body to keep you functioning completely but also hampers the balance of your health.