Latest Side Braid Hairstyles & Haircuts in 2019 for Sarees

Braids have played a major role in amping up a woman’s look into a true Diva within seconds. The grace and elegance side braids add to the effervescence of Indian saree is beyond measure. Pretty curls gently woven into fishtail braids or messy double braids, it’s all in the detail.

Having said that, braids have evolved over time and setting the trend these days. All our gorgeous B-Town sensations donning a stylish side braid with sarees these days, women at large are trying and flaunting these styles to stand out and carve their niche.

Messy Twin Braid

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Style it like our vivacious Bengal beauty Kajol who adds her signature charm to this side braid hairstyle.  This style suits women with curly hair and perfectly blends in to give a messy knotted look. Start weaving plaits from the top till you double it up when reaching the roots of your hair. This look will be a bomb with traditional attires especially saree.

Messy Fishtail Braid

Say it with your style without having to speak anything. This side braid hairstyle is one of the most popular amongst college girls and working women alike. The simplicity and elegance of messy hair is beyond words and to top it off with a fishtail style is perhaps the most attractive trends. Add ornaments or hair accessories to blend the best of both worlds. Steal hearts as you play with your hair all along.

Signature Double Fishtail Braid

Unleash the authentic essence of an Indian woman in you with this head-turning double twisted fishtail braid. Elegant, sophisticated and extremely adorable, Konkana Sen is here to show you how to channel your delicate traits in this immaculately crafted hairstyle. Slick hair with a touch of poise, center parted to assure the hair stays in place and what’s not to miss- the ethereal elegance this side braid exudes. We’re in love!

Glam-Up Side Braid

Looking for options to glam up your basic side braid with a saree? Look no further than this beautiful Deepika Padukone inspired ponytail braid. All you need to do is make a ponytail with a cute bouffant puff in the front for that added drama and height. Weave your pony into a messy braid and unfold the magic that awaits you!

Pony Cum Braid

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Dia Mirza is here to teach us the old-school glam side braid hairstyle. The simple 2-step side braid hairstyle she donned for an event is truly a delight and reminds us of the back-to-school days when mommies used to braid our hair in a rush. This avoid the hassle of rat tail and gives a neat and clean look. Also, you can try to start this pony braid from mid-hair length. This leverages the look.

Boho Chic Side Braid

Learn the art of mastering double side braid style. Twist your hair to one side and weave them into an intricate and detailed side braid messy look. Double it up as you are beginning to reach the roots for a slighter quirky look. Centre parts works best for this type and to put on some drama, complete the look with fancy flowers in your braid and call it a day!

Curly Wonder Side Braid

Nayanthara is a veteran South Indian actress and her talented acting skills have won her many accolades and praises from all over. She chose to dress her hair into a messy twirling effect side braid during one of the award functions. As she gleams with joy and happiness, her side braid woven into dreamy layers give us all the good reasons to pin this look and try it at work or party.

Sweep off floor Side Braid

Shruti Hassan is a vision in this intricately crafted messy side braid look with a twist. Side parted hair to add exuberance and streak of creativity with twin plaited side braid perfection. In awe with this hairstyle that gleams nothing but class and true elegance. She personifies both with her own stamp of charm.

Urban Charm Side Braid

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Take a road to nirvana and step the airway to heave in this rich look crafted by a popular stylist on Rani Mukherjee’s hair. Long thick and voluminous side braids with a center parting. Braids initiated from the hemline to beautifully nestle in the long trail. What’s not to love! It’s an absolute treasure to keep.