How to avoid vomiting while drinking alcohol

There are a lot of ways to have a perfect night out. From looking good, to having fun with friends, and dancing to your favourite tunes, you don’t want to miss out on any. Most times, we do include alcoholic consumption as it simply sets the mood. Limiting your drinks to an adequate level to not get you feel unhealthy in one of the biggest preventions you must take.

In this article, we will list down some preventive measures which will help you avoid drinking while you consume alcohol. These basic tips can be kept in mind at all times, so that you are carefree while having fun.

Tips to avoid vomiting while drinking alcohol

Eat well before going out

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Assuming that you have a party outside, it is better to partly fill your stomach. You can have second round of snacks while you drink, but drinking at an empty stomach is the easiest way to feel puckish.

If you know you will drink heavily, focus on consuming some proteins and carbohydrates. You can also get to venue and eat something nice. A meaty pizza or a bowl of pasta followed by the regular drinking routine would be just fine.

Line your stomach with dairy products if you think a meal is not good for you, before drinking. If you drink milk, it prevents your stomach walls from the deluge. Science doesn’t really support of this method, because alcohol gets absorbed from the small intestine which isn’t same for the milk protein. However, the poison of alcohol doesn’t get included due to the layer of milk that was consumed before.

Keep a tab on the clock as you drink

You don’t need to order a glass of gin every 5 minutes. It is best to have one drink in one hour, while you keep a tab of the effect it has on you. People who have a greater capacity can consume two drinks in an hour, but that shouldn’t exceed.

Your liver takes one hour for processing one glass of alcohol. When you drink once an hour, you are still in the party mood and you have more chances to end the party merrily.


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You might not know this, but drinking a glass of water after each glass of drink is the best way to dilute your system. This is pretty beneficial and doesn’t let you get drunk to soon.

Alcohol dehydrates your body and when you sweat while dancing at a club, you dehydrate yourself a little more. When you dilute your body from these alcoholic drinks, you feel better and don’t get the tendency to vomit. This also reduces hangover nausea in the following morning.

Don’t have your drink overly mixed

Mixing drinks is fine as it need to be diluted to an extent anyway. But mixing drinks shouldn’t make you feel sick. When you have a tendency to dilute your drinks a lot, you will want to drink more of it.

A strong glass of whiskey can be followed by another, but when you want to add a soft drink to it, you tend to drink more than 2 glasses. This doesn’t reduce the alcohol content but simply adds more of it to your body.

Avoid partying when you’re fatigued

Friday nights are all good but Saturdays nights are better. When you get to a club after having a long day at work, you tend to lose yourself faster. You could always add soft drinks to your drink to make you a little energetic, but you’d still have more chances of getting drunk. When you’re tired, you might also skip out on the preventive measures we have jotted down here!

Set limits

There is a limit up to which your body can take the alcohol content, and it is better to stick to the amount you’d be able to consume. Don’t push yourself to a stage where you know that it’ll be a problem for you to get to your senses or keep a tab on what you’re eating and what not!

Get a good mixing alternative

People usually suggest the reduction of soft drinks when you have to mix something with alcohol. Having fruit juices or sodas are preferred over half a glass of Coke with the whiskey. It is much better to reduce the energy drinks when you really aren’t fatigued. The energy drinks can be used like the last resort!

Keep nibbling

Although you have eaten beforehand, you still need to nibble on good when you are drinking. This is one of the easiest hacks to keep your stomach in balance and to avoid vomiting. Keep chips and nuts handy so that you can accompany it with the drinks. This not only lets your stomach retain some food but makes the drink enjoyable too.

Don’t eat to oily

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After having your drinks, don’t head on for a heavy meal. This is one of the major reasons why people tend to puke later. Heavy meals which include too much of oil are driving forces of the ill effects of drinking.

Your body starts feeling uncomfortable and you can vomit any moment. From deep fried to excessively oiled food, try to reduce the content as much as you can. Try to look for better alternative which are light, yet filling. Since you have been eating all through the drinking period and you have eaten before the party, you are less likely to feel hungry. Even if you do, try to eat anything that has less oil content.

Taking care the following morning

If you want to take precautions of vomiting the next morning, in bad circumstances when you drank a little too much, you need to keep a survival kit handy. A big bottle of water along with vitamin tablets should be by your bed. You must also keep a dry bagel and keep the entire situation under control.