Fascinating facts on stem cell research

Stem cells are known as undifferentiated biological cells which can be categorized into the specialized cells. These stem cells are generally seen in multi-cellular organisms.  These stem cells can be divided into two categories namely embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. The embryonic cells are having isolated image with those of blasto-cysts whereas adult cells can be available in various tissues. As compared to adult stem cells, the cells that have been taken from the umbilical cord blood are much more effective in curing variety of diseases.

Stem cell research in India

Stem cell therapy for autism

Researchers have acclaimed stem cell as the next panacea for all types of illness. Today, the stem cell therapy had shown great potential by treating the diseases that are traditionally considered. You can now treat the diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, spinal cord injuries etc. Consideration of embryonic stem cells as well as adult stem cells is really wonderful in treating variety of diseases. Indian scientists can also experimenting to find out more diseases that can be cured with the help of stem cell therapy. The research fellows are also facing the challenges of the stem cell globalization.

Today, a tremendous flux is considered by the clinical research environment in India under the criticism of press and public. The new regulation and guidelines of ICMR-DBT has been considered for the compensation towards the activities carried on in clinical research of the stem cell therapy.

Ethical issues associated with stem cells

Researchers have faced the complexities with regards to the supply of embryos for Hesc research and political as well as cultural context.  The Indian government has announced crack down in a particular statement that helps countering international views in biological science in the year 2001.There are certain area of research where India as a nation is sparsely monitored with very high lucrative view.  The step cell therapy has always been a very controversial issue but

A research organization named as stempeutics research is now known as one of the leading stem cell companies that are based on variety of medical products. The company has researched and found out allogeneic stem cell research which is derived from the bone marrow of adult as well as healthy voluntary donor. The research organization also studies about the safety and efficacy of the stem cell therapy that covers treating the diseases like gastroenterology, cardiovascular disorder, endocrinology, orthopedics etc. Also the clinical outcomes of diseases can be treated with the techniques.

In India, three Phase 2 clinical trials are in progress which is also been approved by DCGI. The diseases such as liver cirrhoses, critical limb Ischemia and Osteoarthritis can be treated. There is also a good chance that the clinical trial is in progress and the researchers are planning to complete it very soon.

Stem cell facility

All india institute for medical science has created research in the field of stem cell technology. The organization is also supported by the government of India as well as the department of biotechnology. The facility is well versed in treating the cell based diseases. The diseases such as degenerative disorders, ocular surface reconstruction, Peripheral vascular disease, myocardial infarct can be treated with the stem cell therapy.

Safety measures with the stem cells

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Researchers dealing with the stem cell research dealt with purified and isolated stem cells for viral and bacterial pathogens. The bacterial endo-toxins testing is also conducted to test the natural toxin. The researchers found negative bacteria which can also cause high fever for human beings. If it is present in miniscule amount, there will be induction of acute febrile shock.  Various tests have been conducted by the researchers where microbial sterility test is also one of the important factors. There is always a risk of microbiological contamination. Today, the food and drug administration has the requirement of parenteral biological product which also undergo sterility testing with the help of compendial sterility method which states that tissues being extracted are safe all the way till it reaches the recipient. The researchers have observed the result in the liquid culture media due to the growth of bacteria. Variety of infected pathogens is detected with the passage time of the micro bacterial sterility.