Stem cell therapy for autism

Autism is the name of the disorder which is characterized by abnormalities in the process of social interaction and communication. Children with such disorder suffer from two types of conditions. One type of kids suffers from a mediated inflammatory condition in the gut and other type has a problem of diminished oxygenation in guts.

Facts about using stem cell for autism

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The abnormalities of autism are reversed through the stem cell therapy. Other ways of curing autism are through hyperbaric oxygen, administering antibiotics as well as anti-inflammatory agents. Also, none of the causes of autism are associated with the intestinal inflammation or oxygen deprivation.

Also the stem cell is responsible for regulating the immune system.  The stem cell therapy is really effective in reversing the inflammatory condition. Today, researchers are working on stem cell therapy in such a way that they are almost at the final stage of the clinical trials. According to a research conducted by a team of experts in the US, with regards to the treatment of autistic children, improvement was noticed in the patient.

Types of stem cells normally used and its way of obtaining

The adult stem cell is used in the process of investigations stem cell treatment at a renowned institute where experiments are conducted with regards to the treatment of autism of various patients. The collection of stem cells takes place from the umbilical cord tissue that has been donated.  Screening is conducted to see whether any bacteria or virus is present in the collection and get a match that suites the standard of international banks. If any infection is found, the stem cell is not used at all, rather the stem cell is extracted from the won bone marrow of the patient.

The best way of treating autism is through the bone marrow extracted from the umbilical cord. This will also allow the physician to get uniform doses where the stem cell collection is also not required at all. Collection of the stem cell from umbilical cord of a new born sometimes becomes an ethical issue. Thus, getting it for autistic patient and their family members becomes really difficult.

Advantages of using umbilical cord which is derived from stem cells

  • You can now get an abundant supply of mesenchymal stem cell through the umbilical cord tissues
  • Researchers have got the evidence that the umbilical cord that has been derived from mesenchymal stem cells are really very robust
  • Since the matching HLA is not at all necessary, it will be easy for anyone to receive it
  • These stem cells are not needed for anyone collecting from the hip bone of the subject or the portion that lies under fat that is extracted after providing anesthesia.  This will be otherwise a very critical activity for the small children and their parents.

The treatment protocol for autism

An investigational survey has been conducted for the treatment of autism is now approved by the national institutional review board for clinical protocols. Today, the stem cell treatment is reserved for the stem cell products, which are well approved by the Ministry of health in Panama. This type of treatment is known as an investigational treatment under clinical protocol. In some places they are not yet proven. The clinical research is being conducted at present and administering a variety of investigational treatments.

A wonderful therapy to treat autistic patients

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Today, it has been proved that stem cell therapy is really effective in treating patients suffering from autism. It is also having the unique capacity to affect the immune system as well as metabolism that helps in restoring the damaged cells in the patient.

The fetal stem cell which is effectively used in the treatment of autism affects the body organ of the patient in a positive way. The therapy targets the brain at first and carries on treating the concentration level, speech, attention and regulation of memory. It also helps in improving the flow of oxygen to the brain. It will also replace neurons that have been damaged and make a stimulation of of forming brand new arteries. The treatment of autism is done through ectodermic and mouse stem cells. This helps in improving intellectual capacity of a human being for a long time.