Ideas for child development – Children between 1 and 2 years of age

Your baby has different stages in life among which the period between 1-2 years of his age is regarded as the stage when he undergoes rapid changes. At this stage, he will be on the verge of discovering the world. This is the stage when he requires parenting with adequate care and safety address. You can now get reports, articles and books related to baby care where all information about their food habits and ways to bring them up safety is written.

Though the developmental milestones and the various stages involved in child development are the same and also fall in the same order, the pace of growth varies from one child to another.  Both learning and growth in children is a continuous process, however, it does not happen in a smooth pattern flow.  While children learn a few skills very quick, there might be instances when they take a long time in learning a few skills and it might even look like they may never master that particular skill.  Recent research indicates that the early years are of vital importance in every child’s life in laying the proper foundation for a sound health and good development for their entire life.  This article is akin to a fact sheet which serves as a general guide for child development.  However, advice regarding any concerns about the development of the child might be sought from a pediatrician.

Parents have a strong desire to see their children growing at every stage of life.  It is off course a pleasure for every parent to see the same. In this article we will discuss about the child development in your child who is among the age limit 1-2 years. The first voice of your baby, the first crawl and even the first step of baby’s step is an important consideration. There are several factors to know about the child development which we can decide and speak in this article.

Consumption practices

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After completing one year of age, all children normally are developed to a stage where they can consume healthy food and enjoy meal time with other family members.  Getting children used to family mealtime is extremely important and hence this should be offered to kids frequently.  A majority of children get used to eating normal food while there may be few cases that might necessitate special food.  In such cases, modifying the texture of the food item is a good idea.  For instance, offering individual pasta pieces, cutting up meat into smaller pieces and offering to the child etc.

It is a common frustration among many parents that their children are not eating adequately and eventually the food prepared is getting wasted.  It is important to note that development in the second year of growth is a little slower in pace when compared to the pace of development during the first year of child growth.  This translates to the fact that the appetite in the second year of a child might not be big as in the first year.

Meal planning from the 12th month of the child

The quantity of food that is consumed varies from one child to another and also it varies on a daily basis.  This variation is influenced by predominantly two factors namely the levels of growth as well as activity.  A few best food ideas for kids between the age range of 1 and 2 might include a couple of servings of milk, yogurt, and cheese; or a few servings of legumes and veggies; or 3 to 5 servings of rice, pasta, bread, noodles, and cereals among others.  However, it is to be noted that these servings sizes and quantities might be varied from one child to another and also when compared to that of adults.

A few important points that are to be noted are:

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  • Always select foods with low amounts of salt.
  • Get the child used to consuming nominal amounts of sugar and foods that contain added sugar in them
  • Extreme care is important while preparing food for your child, preparation and storage needs to be done properly

A few points to remember with respect to what should be given to drink:

  • Water is the best option that is to be given to a child for drinking.
  • DO NOT offer any sort of cordials, or fruit juices, or soft drinks as an alternative for them to drink
  • Breast milk is the best thing that could provide the child the maximum benefits.

Child development between 1-2 years of age

At every stage of life your baby is learning something or the other related to emotional development, language development, physical skills, development of understanding etc. Some working parents miss the view and feeling of their child development within the period of 1-2 years of age.

Emotional/social development

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There comes a stage when your baby understands him to be a different person from that of yourself. Before that period he was only having a feeling that his mother and he are same. But, with this development of understanding, your toddler has a fear of your leaving him. Thus, he becomes too much possessive about his mother and emphasize on ‘mine’ in the baby language. Your baby also enjoys challenges while he is totally taking you in her/her grasp. Even the baby mind plays a lot of tricks which you sometime fail to understand. Sometime you can see your toddler is going totally against you for whatever you say he does exactly different. It is just due to the fact that he wishes to draw your attention and keep your stay close to him. This emotional development takes place when he realizes the fear of losing you and is very possessive about you.

Language development

When the child starts his 2nd year of journey in this world, language development plays a major role as it depicts as a mirror of the child development stages.  Initially they observe and hear what elders say to the objects, place and human being. Since they are not so much capable of speaking and pronouncing exactly the same way how the elders speaks, they manages to speak similar which might not be meaningful to elders. Some children can grasp the language quite easily whereas others take more time in the process of language development. They might have something in their mind but due their inadequate language proficiency, they can end up with something gibberish.

With time they also manage to increase the stock of words in their mind but it also takes time to construct it into sentence. Thus, when the elders does not understand what they are saying, they really feel highly frustrated and even hit themselves of the person sitting in front of them.

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Even if you don’t understand what your toddler is saying, just speak to them continuously and watch when they are saying a particular sentence. This will help you to understand their language and create an ease in communicating with them. You can also show them pictures and videos with proper pronunciation so that they can learn the language easily.

Development of understanding

Even when your baby has stepped in the year number 2, his ability to view the world might not develop much. This is the time when he would be learning about the individual’s objects from the ground level. They are still unaware of the concept of distance and time. If  being parents, you are tensed about their understanding level, then just relax and give your baby more time as completing 2 years of stay in the world is just nothing as compared to individuals who have completed 30 years. Thus, you should not compare your understanding level with that of your tiny baby.

You also need to understand that even your baby is trying hard in his way by sorting one object from another and differentiating them while speaking. The stage when he is within 18 months to 3 years, he acquires the ability to recognize differences as well as similarities. He can also recognize and differentiate one animal to another, things as well as long and small blocks. This will be much more effective if he is in a group.

Ideas for child development- children between 1-2 years of age

1st year in child’s development

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The 1st year of the baby will be totally go in understanding his behavior. It is the time when the baby gets introduced to the rest of the world rather than his mom. Yes, mom introduces the baby to the world. This is the time when baby can hear everything but cannot speak. There are some words which he can utter by listening around his surroundings. Parents must speak to the child so that he learns some words. The development in this stage includes teething, consumption of first solid food and crawling.

 2nd year in child development

The child development in 2nd year is another important consideration. It is a better phase for your baby as compared to the first year. This is the time when he will know about the surroundings. Also the people around him will be quite familiar.  He gets greater independence at this stage. Some of the toddlers learns a lot of speaking at this stage. This is a real crucial stage for both the parents and children as baby can catch up anything and everything from parents or people speaking around him. Be careful about the words you speak or speeches. Your child can imitate it. Also try to speak something positive and good. Never utter incorrect or socially unacceptable words.

Parents should always teach good habits and good activities to the toddler at each stage of his development. Remember whatever you do or teach your child during this 1-2 years will be crucial.