Kiwi fruit and its health benefits for you

The bright green colored kiwi fruit captivates people eye very easily but if know about the health benefits that are contributing by kiwi you welcome it more than usually you do. Know more about kiwi- its health benefits, the facts unknown about kiwi and how to make use of it.

Kiwi is one of the tasty fruits with number of health benefits. The place to find this fruit for the first time is northern china. But soon, the root was extracted and started its cultivation in New Zealand. This way, today in many countries you will be able to get kiwi. But some countries still does not have the climatic condition to get the growth of kiwi. But, the online market and importing techniques have solved this problem too. Kiwis are a wonderful fruit that are loaded with nutrients. It is very good for staying fit as it contains low calories. There are varieties of health benefits you can know about kiwi.

Helps for the digestion

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Raw kiwi have an enzyme named actinidain, which is a protein dissolving enzyme. It digests the food like papain present in the papaya and bromelain present in apple fruit.

Manages blood pressure

Kiwi is the rich source of potassium, which helps to poise the electrolytes in the body by counteracting with the sodium.

Protects the DNA from damaging

Kiwi is made up of unique antioxidants, these antioxidants shields our DNA from the oxidative damage, there by combat with the cancer.

Immunity boosting kiwi

With the presence of vitamin C that acts as antioxidants it has been proved that it stimulates the immune system.

Add diet with kiwi to lose weight

As like other fruits with heavy sugar amounts, kiwi don’t store the fat. Indeed with it’s low glycemic index and rich fiber content kiwi don’t build strong insulin.

Prevents constipation

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With the presence of good fiber amount, kiwi ward off the constipation. It reduces the other intestinal problems by flushing out the toxins present in the intestinal tract.

Combat with heart diseases

Most of the people choose aspirin inorder to reduce the blood clotting, but there are proven results that kiwi has the magnificent affects in lowering the blood clotting. Eat two or three kiwi’s a day to make a note about 18% reduction in the blood clotting along with the lowering of triglycerides by 15%. Kiwi fruit is having anti-clotting benefits like aspirin but is not open to side affects like intestinal bleeding and inflammation that are common with aspirin. Kiwi adds up only health benefits but not the chain of side affects.

Good for diabetics patients

Kiwi have low glycemic index, through which it don’t increase the blood sugar levels quickly. The glycemic load of 4 of kiwi represents that it is a safe food for diabetics patients.

Prevents macular degeneration and other eye problems

The loss of vision in senior adults is due to the reason ‘Macular degeneration’. A study has showed that there is 36 percent decrease in the macular degeneration among the people who had three or more kiwi serving per day. This is due to the kiwi’s rich amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, these are the natural chemicals found in human eye.

Naturally organic

Kiwi fruits is one of the fruit having under the list of top 10 safest foods because it is away from lot of pesticide residues.

Exotic taste

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Most of us go with a routine chain of same food due to which we are not getting additional proteins and vitamins. Try to eat other foods and fruits when you know are nutrition based. Kiwi is one of the different fruit from other fruits and tastes exotic.

Health benefits of kiwi fruit

Better sleep

These days’ people are not getting proper sleep after a day of hard work and brainwork. One of the reasons behind it is due to stress and tension. This however has created unhealthy considerations for human being. But, you can now get a remedy of it. Yes, consumption of kiwi can easily help you get proper sleep throughout the night. Even the scope of sleep disturbances gets reduced.

Removes oxidants

Kiwi fruit is loaded with antioxidants that will remove the oxidants within your skin layer. This will not only keep you away from diseases but even help you get beautiful skin. Your skin glow will be easily projected with the removal of oxidants from your skin layer. It is also loaded with vitamin C that will keep you stays away from skin damage that has been caused by sun.

Prevention of macular degeneration

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Some problems related to vision can be quite common among people. But, if you consume kiwi fruit on a regular basis, this will easily help you stay away from such problem. Your vision will be improved with the regular consumption of such effective fruit. But you need to have 3 or more serving of such fruit on a daily basis to stay away from such trouble.

Alkaline balance

Alkaline balance in your body can be retained with the consumption of kiwi fruit. Since this has a rich supply of effective minerals in your body, you can stay healthy. Everyday we consume variety of food and we never know which food has the remains of acid. Kiwi having the benefit of keeping alkaline balance will be suitable for providing a perfect balance.

Fiber content

Fiber content in food has become vital phenomenon today as most of us have problem with the bowel movement. The roughage present in food will be really effective to help boosting your bowel movement. Thus, you can stay healthy and fit for the rest of your life.

Precaution from stroke

You must have heard people suffering from the problem of stroke suddenly. This can be easily restricted with proper supply of potassium. This particular mineral is very well available in the fruit named as kiwi. People suffering from blood pressure will get relief after consumption of kiwi fruit on regular basis.