How to quit coffee? – Best ways to quit caffeine

One of the most researched substances in the world is caffeine. It is beneficial and harmful for your health at the same time depending on the amount of consumption.

Well, excessive consumption of caffeine may give you a jittery kind of feeling or a headache or just put you down for the day. It’s all about control, the more we consume the more tolerance is built in our body.

If we do not control the consumption level of caffeine then we may obviously end up messing with the quantity and quality of sleep our body deserves. It can also bring fatigue, obesity and diabetes into our body.

Two method to quit caffeine

The cold turkey method

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It is the fastest way to detox and completely avoid the consumption of caffeine but this process too has some pros and cons.


  • The easiest and fastest way to quit consumption from caffeine.
  • A consciousness of the ill effects of caffeine which hampers our body performance.


  • Can generate severe caffeine withdrawal symptoms.
  • A normal functioning body may be out of order for 1 to 3 days.
  • Can lead to failure in efficiency.
  • A tendency to give up is built.

Preparing for the method

If you are opting for the cold turkey method it’s important that you should know what to expect and how to prepare in advance for the weakening withdrawal symptoms that can follow.

Green coffee for weight loss

  • Start this procedure in a way so that the first few days are weekends.
  • Keep adequate number of pain relievers and avoid driving or travelling long distances.
  • Keep plenty of food around yourself so that while you are hungry you can satisfy your hunger easily.
  • Prepare some light meals in advance in case you experience any health issue.
  • Keep your family members updated about what’s happening and what you are about to do.
  • Inform your boss and colleagues about your detox as you may have to take leave from work for few days.

The method of detox is pretty similar to that of consuming caffeine, so if you are a heavy consumer of caffeine then be prepared for a intense detox process.

The weaning method

This method is quite different than the above one. Here you will not directly quit consuming caffeine but you will reduce the amount of caffeine consumption gradually until it’s zero.

This process is based on reducing the amount of caffeine consumed daily by consumption of caffeine alternative or by minimizing the caffeine quantity consumed by a person each day. Here also we come across some pros and cons discussed below.


Healthy reasons to drink coffee daily

  • Removal symptoms are much less harsh.
  • Here you can continue your daily life along with this process.
  • The headache issue will move from severe to mild to zero effect.
  • This process does not put excessive pressure on your system.


  • It can be a lengthy procedure to go through for quitting caffeine.
  • It requires keeping a note on what’s being consumed and how much is being consumed.

Among the above two methods, a person can choose which method to apply for quitting caffeine but it is necessary to note that both the methods have their own pros and cons.

Practical examples

  • The amount of coffee should be reduced to 1 cup per day or reduce from a 16 fl. oz. to a 12 fl. oz. cup, then from 12 fl. Oz. to 8 fl. oz. and finally zero for getting a healthy body.
  • Reduce the energy drink from one can each day to one can every two or three days..
  • Consumption of soda can be reduced by consuming once every 2 to 3 days.
  • Tea can be avoided but if you cannot then reduce the consumption by cutting back 1 cup every 2 days.

Healthy coffee alternatives

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Coffee is highly addictive and diuretic which means the caffeine present in it makes it addictive while it purges out water from the body making the body dehydrate. Here are some natural and healthy alternatives of coffee.

Teeccino caffeine-free herbal coffee

This coffee alternatively is popular among those who have removed regular coffee from their diets because it tastes close to regular coffee but is caffeine free.

It is a mix of barley, chicory nuts, carob, and other flavors. It is very tasty and can be brewed like coffee, it mixes well with milk, plain honey or soya milk.

Yerba mate

If you don’t want to consume any kind of coffee as you had to suffer a lot due to it so yerba mate is a great option for you and it is completely natural and herbal. The antioxidant nature helps you stay fit and increases the metabolism rate in your body.

Green tea

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Green tea is full with catechins, a powerful antioxidant and potent disease fighter. It is a perfect replacement for coffee. It does contain caffeine but very little and will not give you and side effects as coffee does.

Licorice tea

Licorice tea is actually an adrenal tonic and increases energy. It adds great taste to the tea and helps overcome the ill effects of caffeine as licorice tea itself is caffeine free.

Wheatgrass juice

This is a mixture of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is a protein packed juice which is not always preferred by everyone due to the taste but it is actually very much helpful and nourishes your body.

Reishi mushroom tea

Reishi mushroom tea is a Chinese traditional medicine which is also an alternative for coffee.

Compose a soluble mixture of 1/3 ounce of powdered reishi mushroom with 3 cups of water, boil the mixture for around 30 minutes and then consume it after straining it.

Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea is an immune booster which contains various flavors that will soothe your taste buds and you will like having it replaced with the regular coffee.