Top reasons to quit smoking

Now that you have actually opened the article, it shows that you’re interested to be reminded of the reasons to stop smoking. Of course, you know most of them or probably all of them, but every smoker needs to have these points triggered in their brains, every now-and- then. If you have already decided and you are looking for reasons to back-up the decision you’ve taken, you are already a step towards freedom and healthier living. Let us go through the top reasons which should be enough to convince you to stop smoking:

You save money

Fastest ways to quit smoking

If you smoke regular you might need one pack, which means 20 cigarettes a day. It ranges anything from 150 to 300 rupees for the regular smokes, which lands you up to spend about 4500 to 9000 rupees a month, or probably more than that. That is a quite a long of money which could have had better use or could be saved! An average smoker doesn’t live more than 70 years of age, and we cannot make it sound better for you. Thus, if you smoke for about 50 years you would be spending more than 50,00,000 on cigarettes, keeping aside the price hike they’d have later on. If you could save this much every month, you could have lump sum money for retirement and add some more years to your life too! on the other hand, the life insurance premium that you pay is much lesser than that of a regular smoker, you save some more money there too!

Earning respect

You are probably one of those who don’t care about what people think or what people say, but subconsciously it always matters! If people didn’t matter, we’d all have been living alone, and living alone means out of absolute human encounter. That’s not really possible, is it? When you quit smoking, you do make other happy and make yourself more respectable. It also makes you more responsible to the people who depend on you, be if emotionally or financially.

Improves looks

Don’t be one of those people who spend thousands on anti-aging treatments, when you could have quit smoking and maintained a healthier diet. An average smoker gets 10 times more of wrinkles compared to those who don’t. Smokers have pale skin which tends to get grayish with time. When you smoke, the microscopic muscle fibers in the wall of your blood vessels contracts and makes the skin color change. One cigarette tends to reduce blood supply for more than an hour, and this affects the skin. If you stop smoking, you will defy premature aging without artificial treatments.

Getting breath back

Tips to stop smoking quickly

People who smoke experience shorter breaths. This is due to the sticky tar which inhibits the lungs. This extracts oxygen when you breathe. You might get sick to see the picture of your lungs right now! With every smoke, there is little added about on tar and that is the worst probable way you harm yourself.

Reduce probabilities of heart disease and cancer

Smokers have 2-4 times more chances to have cardiac attack than non-smokers. If you already have been diagnosed with any condition that can put your heart at risk, it is due to the smoking habit and can aggravate if you don’t quit. Tobacco is toxic that you add to your body and the nicotine content makes you release adrenaline. This constricts the heart from beating fast and improves bad cholesterol.

Reduces chances of COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a disease in your respiratory tract which happens to about 1 out of 5 people smokers. This is a continuous obstruction to the respiratory tract and it leads to situations like inflamed lungs, chronic bronchitis, etc. This makes you feel like you’re not inhaling enough and feel breathless at times.

No more passive smoking

How to quit smoking with meditation

Passive smoking is supposed to be worse than smoking. First of all, you don’t get the whatsoever satisfaction or smoking, but the effects inhaling the smoke is even worse than having the smoke. When you stop smoking, you stop passive smoking for the people around you. Think about your children if not anybody else. Think about your spouse and encourage him to quit too. The instant side effects of inhaling second-hand smoke include increase in heart rate and blood pressure. It improves the level of carbon monoxide in blood and you literally harm your loved ones!

A gift for yourself

When you decide to stop smoking, you give yourself a new life. Doing it for yourself, is the most important reason to quit. We all have one life and we have to do all that we can with the limited time we have. When you give yourself this gift, you give yourself the due care and love that your body deserves. Our body is the only thing which lets our soul live, which lets us live, which lets us function how we should. It is better to let yourself age normally than indulging into habits that will harm you. Quitting smoking is one of the most vital decisions that you would ever take, and the results will last you longer than ever!