Fastest ways to quit smoking

Once you have realized that you need to look out for the fastest ways to quit smoking, know for sure that half of the job is already done. According to the past chainsmokers, who have quitted the habit all together, the most important thing to quit smoking is the will. If you really want to quit it, you can do that with or without help, but if you are not actually very enthusiastic about quitting the habit, it is most expected that you will continue to stay in the grip of the addiction. This article will provide you information about some of the fastest ways of quitting smoking.

Nicotine replacement therapy

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Nicotine replacement therapy or NRT can be an effective way to stop smoking completely and quickly. In this therapy, your body gets a regular and measured dose of nicotine from time to time without the other harmful chemicals present in the cigarette. So, if you are opting for Nicotine Treatment Therapy, you can easily quit smoking in a day. The nicotine therapy will automatically control the craving for a smoke and will also help in managing the withdrawal symptoms. There are different types of Nicotine Replacement therapies and it is important that you consult with your doctor to opt for the therapy that suits you best. Some of the most commonly used nicotine replacement therapies include,

Nicotine gum

These gums need to be chewed and then parked between your gum and the inner wall of the mouth to ensure that you get a slow but steady supply of the nicotine from the gum. Nicotine gums can be very effective to quit smoking quickly as it controls the cravings efficiently and also fights the withdrawal symptoms. You can also take more or less of these gums depending on your needs; however, it is important that you do not become addicted to the gum itself after quitting smoking.

Nicotine patch

Nicotine patches are applied onto the skin from where a steady supply of nicotine is sent to the brain. Nicotine patches can be effective to give your body a measured amount of nicotine, without overdoing it in anyway. However, in this case the flexibility of the person to adjust the dosage is much lesser compared to the nicotine gums.

Nicotine lozenges

How to quit smoking with nicotine gum

These lozenges are quite similar to the nicotine gums but instead of chewing, you need to keep these lozenges in your mouth for a prolonged period of time while nicotine will be slowly absorbed by your body from the lozenge. In this case also you will have maximum flexibility to control the dosage, but it is important to ensure that you do not get hooked on the lozenge.

Nicotine inhalers

The nicotine inhalers work in the same way as the inhalers used in treating asthma. In this case the inhaler provides a puff of nicotine to the body, which helps in diminishing the craving for nicotine and also the withdrawal symptoms. This therapy is also highly flexible and can be controlled by the person according to the requirements.

Nicotine sprays

Nicotine sprays come in a small bottle just like the nasal drops. When you are feeling the urge of having a smoke, all you need to do is to insert the nozzle of the bottle into your nose and squeeze it so that the solution in it is sprayed into your nostrils, from where the nicotine will be quickly absorbed into your body.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is considered as one of the fastest ways of quitting smoking because in this case your body shows no withdrawal symptoms and enables you to control the urge. However, it is important to keep in mind that the nicotine replacement therapies might give you freedom from smoking, but they do not make you free from nicotine and hence you have to leave the nicotine therapies slowly over a span of time to be completely nicotine free.

Pills for quitting smoking quickly

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Currently two types of pills are used for treating smoking quickly. These pills kill the taste for a smoke and also make it much easier to bear the withdrawal symptoms. However, it is really important that you take these pills only under full supervision of a registered medical practitioner. The two pills that are currently in use for this purpose include,

Bupropion SR pills

These pills help in controlling your urge for smoking and eases out some of the serious nicotine withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, lack of energy, fatigue and weakness. However, the medicine might have its own side effects and hence should be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

Varenicline pills

This pill at one hand helps in fighting the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine and on the other hand, it blocks the receptors of the brain that promotes the pleasantness in the mind and body after nicotine has reached the brain. In this way it takes out the reward of smoking, and makes it much simpler for you to control the urge.

Herbal treatments for quitting smoking

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Apart from the Nicotine Replacement Therapies and the pills for quitting smoking there are also a bunch of herbal treatments that can work efficiently to help you quit smoke. However, the problem is that, the herbal remedies are not very quick acting and in most of the cases they take time to show actions. So, they are not certainly one of the fastest ways to quit smoking.

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy can be one of the fastest and effective ways to quit smoking. Hypnosis can be defined as an altered state of awareness of your mind that might seem like being in a trance. Clinical hypnosis is believed to be effective in treating a number of psychological disorders that are often related to physical problems. Hypnotherapy can be effective to treat issues like overeating, sleeplessness or addiction.  It is also believed to offer calming effects on the mind that can be helpful to gain better overall control. The working process of hypnosis as well as its effectiveness is still debatable but according to many therapists it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to quit smoking.

Normally the hypnotherapy for quitting smoking is performed in the chamber of the therapist, where the person is asked to imagine the bad effects of smoking on his/her body and life as a whole. There are also different hypnosis methods that can be used to reach the desired outcomes. Spiegel’s method is one of the popular ways of hypnosis that is often used for treating patients with smoking problems. In this method the ideas like smoking harms the body and you should take the best care for your body as you are responsible for it, are ingrained into the mind of the person with the help of hypnotherapy. Usually the process of hypnosis is taught to the person, and he/she is suggested to repeat the process every time he/she feels like having a smoke.

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In many cases, patients might also be given an audio DVD for listening regularly on their own in order to make the whole process work better. While this process might not work for all, for many it might work as the best and fastest way to quit smoking completely. This therapy is expected to give you results right from the first week and you will feel the difference within 1-3 weeks of starting with the therapy.

Meditation for quitting smoking fast

Meditation can be another effective way to quit smoking on your own. Meditation works on both your mind and body and ensures that you are able to quit the habit for least trouble. Meditation first helps in calming your mind and relaxing your senses. Once your senses are relaxed it becomes much easier for you to deal with anxiety even without a smoke. People tend to light a cigarette to kill their anxiety, restlessness and also to focus better. Once you start meditating, you will be able to control your anxiety as well as to focus better at work even without a smoke, which will naturally make you less enthusiastic about a smoke.

As meditation relaxes the mind it also helps in controlling the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Problems like insomnia, irritability, lack of focus, depression which are very common amongst people quitting smoking, can be controlled efficiently through proper meditation. Meditation enables you to work at your maximum efficiency without any artificial stimulant and once you are able to do your best even without a smoke, automatically, you will feel less urge about it.

In addition to the above, meditation also makes the person more aware about himself which can effectively increase one’s self control to defeat the urge of smoking and to fight with the withdrawal symptoms. As you will continue practicing meditation, you will automatically start to take more care for your body and anything that harms you at the end, will be naturally deducted from your life. However, in order to get the best results of meditation it is really important that you learn it from a proper guru.