Reasons to stop eating red meat

There are many amongst us who enjoy the red meat in their platter, but if you are someone who is conscious about health, staying away from it is the only wise option you have at hand. Red meat can be a great source of high quality amino acids, vitamins, minerals and along with that a lot of bad fat, cholesterol, preservatives, antibiotics, infections and hormones. So, it is up to you to realize what is at stake and to take the vital decision of discarding red meat from your diet or spending on a food that is actually harming your body. Pleasing our taste buds is no doubt important, but if it becomes harmful for the body, then you need to be cautious about it and that is the reason why you need to stop eating red meat even if you really like it. If you are still not decided about leaving red meat out of your platter, here are some of the vital reasons to propel your decision. Read on,

Red mead is a primary cause of cardiovascular diseases

Reasons to stop eating meat

Cardio vascular diseases are becoming prominent in every society. It is not anymore only the aged who suffers from high blood pressure and heart attacks, but it is becoming common even amongst the younger generation still in their 20s. Quitting red meat will not ensure that you will not have a cardiovascular problem, but it can reduce your chance of having it more than 50%.

Red meat is a store house of fat and cholesterol that clogs and thickens the arteries stealing them of their flexibility, which results into high blood pressure and subsequent deterioration of cardiovascular health that surely leads to heart attack and other heart ailments. Apart from that, red meat also contains a compound, named carnitine which is converted into trimethylamine-N-oxide in the body and is a direct reason of cardiovascular ailments. So, by discarding red meat from your diet, you can considerably reduce the risk of having a cardiovascular problem that can ruin the quality of your life.

Red meat consumption adds to the risk of developing type-2-diabetes

Studies have shown that a diet rich in red meat and processed meat increases the chance of developing type-2-diabetes to a high extent. If you are including red meat in your daily diet, you are more at risk of developing this condition that can ruin your health.

Red meat increases the risk of cancer

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Consumption of red meat and processed meat can increase your chance of developing cancer as much as 40% compared to the vegetarians. Red meat is believed to provide the best nourishment needed for the growth of the cancer cells and might work as one of the reasons to develop cancer over the years. Eating red meat has been directly linked with colorectal cancer as well.

Red meat can be a cause of alzheimer’s

Consumption of red meat frequently is not good not only your body but also for your brain. Studies have shown that red meat being high in iron content often works as the major reason for storage of iron in the brain which can be a primary cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Staying away from red meat directly helps in cutting down your risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Eating red meat can lead to osteoporosis

Consuming high amount of red meat is related to generation of more urea in the body which can be really harmful for the tissues and particularly for the bones. Excess urea can eat up the calcium of bones causing density loss and osteoporosis. People who consume more red meat are more prone to developing bone problems during their middle age compared to their vegetarian counterpart.

Red meat is not good for your digestive system or kidneys

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Digesting red meat, which is high in protein and fat content is not a simple task for your digestive system, which can result into not only improper functioning of the system but also digestive problems like acidity and constipation. Consumption of red meat has also been linked with kidney stone formation as it increases the task of the kidneys to filter out the toxins from the body.

Red meat can reduce your lifespan

Red meat consumption has been linked with a higher rate of mortality in human. It has been observed through studies that people taking a balanced and nutritional vegetarian diet easily outlives their meat-eater counterparts. So, if you have vegetarian friends there are maximum chances that they will outlive you if you do not stop eating red meat at the earliest.

Red meat can make you antibiotic resistant

This is one of the dangers of red meat that we often miss to consider but is extremely vital. In order to ward off the effects of the unhygienic condition in which the livestock’s are reared in the farm, they are given high dosage of antibiotics. When humans consume this meat invariably this antibiotics enter their body too. When in low concentration it might not actually affect your body but as you continue eating meat over the years, the concentration builds up in your body which can give rise to antibiotic resistance. Resistance from antibiotic can be highly dangerous for humans as it makes antibiotics completely ineffective to treat any condition.

Red meat can even disrupt your body’s hormonal balance

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In order to boost the growth and muscles in the body of the cattle beef and pork they are given with hormone rich diet. Cows are also injected with different hormones in order to maximize the milk production. When you eat these meat naturally the hormones gets into your body, which can have a direct negative impact on the normal hormonal levels of your body, causing a number of health ailments and problems.

Red meat comes with a bunch of additives

Many of us do not even have the idea that the high quality, packed red meat that we buy from the market actually comes with a bunch of additives that work as a reason of many serious health conditions due to continuous consumption. The lean finely textured beef which is commonly known as pink slime is processed in a way that hardly leaves much food value and in addition to that, it is treated with ammonia to kill any bacteria. Finally this pink slime is added to grounded beef before placing it on the shelf for sale. According to studies, the grounded beef available in supermarket comes with 70% additives. The filets are usually made by gluing together small pieces of beef with transglutaminase commonly known as meat glue. So, the bigger the fillet of beef the more of this additive will go into your body.

Red meat can work as a source of serious infection

Be it pork or beef or anything else, every type of red meat comes with a high risk of infection. E-coli infection is common in beef and the chance of it is even increased through use of the additives which is common. Pork can also be a source of a range of infections including tape worm, H1N1, Hepatitis E, Trichinella worm, Menangle and Nipah virus. These virus and parasites are difficult to kill even through cooking and hence consuming pork runs high risk of contaminating these infections that can be dangerous for your health but can even lead to sudden death.

Red meat is related to weight gain

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Weight gain and obesity is quickly becoming one of the major health concerns in every society. Regular red meat consumption can be a primary reason of gaining more kilos quickly. Red meat comes with high amount of fat that stores up in the body easily. Indulging frequently in red meat is sure to add more fat to your lower body making you heavier. So, if you are cautious about your figure, keeping red meat away from your plate is only a wise decision.

Production of livestock is harming the environment

Beef cattle or pork farming is not friendly for the environment. The beef cattle farms produce more methane than many other industries, which is seriously harming the environment. Beef rearing is highly space and water intensive and the grazing of beef cattle can lead to vegetation loss, which again harms the environment negatively. Dealing with the wastes of pork farming is a major challenge and it pollutes the air of the surrounding areas of the farms in the worst possible way. Discarding meat from your diet, can result into a drop in demand of animal rearing for commercial purpose, which can be actually good for the environment.

It is against animal rights

The livestock’s are dealt and reared in the worst imaginable ways in the farms. The animals are not provided with sufficient space or proper food to grow and graze rather they are crammed into a small space, in a very unhygienic condition. In the slaughtering houses these animals are treated in the worst possible ways to collect the meat, fat and the skin, which is really sickening. The meat industry violates the animal rights in the worst ways, staying away from red meat can be the best way to pen your protest against it.

Animals are not ours to eat

Both cows and pigs have feelings. Cows have been found to remember as many as 100 other cows they also mourn the loss of their near ones. The brain of a pig might be compared to the brain of a 3 year old human child and hence killing them only to make your platter more tasty is not certainly a choice that you can declare with proud.