How to quit khaini – Get rid of chewing khaini

Khaini or smokeless tobacco addiction is highly harmful for the body and can be a real challenge to quit. In fact, according to many khaini addicts, it is even more difficult to quit khaini than quitting cigarette. Though in case of khaini there is no smoke, but it supplies more nicotine to the body than a cigarette and hence the nicotine addiction of khaini users is even higher.

Getting rid of the khaini and the nicotine addiction can be really hard, but if you are serious enough and you actually want to quit this bad habit that is killing you silently from inside, then nothing can stop you. There is short term as well as long term side effects on your health for using any tobacco products.

Some of the immediate side effects of chewing khaini that you can observe are staining of the teeth, wearing of the teeth and receding of the gums. These symptoms might look like least bothering at the beginning, but with time they can highly impact your overall oral health. Chewing khaini is also related to formation of mouth sores and dry mouth.

Bad breath is another common problem of khaini users. The effects of the khaini on your mouth increases the risk of getting mouth cancer many folds and many khaini users also suffer from symptoms like irregular growth or cyst in the mouth as a side effect of the khaini chewing.

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Apart from ruining your oral health and working as a trigger to cause oral cancer and other oral ailments khaini can also work as a stimulant to raise your blood pressure as well as blood cholesterol levels, making you prone to have a heart attack. The nicotine supplied to the blood through chewing khaini works for thickening the blood vessels and also takes away the flexibility of the arteries, which naturally results into higher blood pressure hampering your overall cardiovascular health.

So, if you are habituated with chewing khaini, make it a point to quit it at the earliest to stay away from all the health hazards it can inflict on you. Quitting the addiction might seem hard, but once you leave it you will be able to see the improvements pretty quickly. This article will provide you with a guide to quit khaini. Follow the next measures to quit the habit,

Write down the reasons to quit khaini

Writing down the reasons to quit khaini can be highly helpful to stick to the pledge. If you are already addicted to Khaini, it is most expected that you are using it for some good time now and in that case it is sure to have already caused some or other health problems. Apart from that, also make note of the points like how it is hampering your impression in the public and in your peer group. Also keep in mind that by chewing khaini in front of the little ones of your family you are setting a really wrong example. Writing down these reasons will not only help you to take the pledge to quit khaini but will also help you to stick to the pledge. Make sure to refer to it whenever you feel an urge to get back to the addiction.

Decide the quitting date and a quitting plan

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Deciding a quitting date is important in order to stop the habit. You can set the quitting date within a week or in the next week but postponing it for too long is not going to help. Set a logical date to quit it fully. Once you have taken the decision make every effort to stick to it. If you are a long time addict then reducing the amount of khaini you use daily can be an effective way to go, in that case come up with a quitting plan. Mixing other non-tobacco based herbs like tea or mint with khaini and slowly increasing the amount of the herb in the khaini while reducing the amount of tobacco in it can be an effective plan to reduce the amount of nicotine you get daily from khaini.

Announce your decision

Declaring your decision to quit khaini publicly to your family and friends can be actually helpful as once you are on the path of quitting khaini the people close to you will be ready to offer you with all the help and assistance it might need from their part. Announcing your pledge publicly also increases your chance of sticking to it. So, instead of trying to quit the habit without letting anyone know, declare it publicly.

Stay away from the triggers

There are many things that can work as a trigger to get back to the addiction. As a first measure to avoid triggers get rid of anything related to khaini chewing that you might have already stocked in your home. Making it difficult to get khaini for chewing can give you enough time to think before having it, which can be really helpful to control the urge. Avoid going out and hanging around with friends who use khaini, because it often works as a major trigger. For many, booze can work as a trigger for initiating the urge of having khaini, hence stay away from alcohol as well when you are trying to quit khaini. Anxiety and stress can also work as triggers for getting back to the habit, hence when you are trying to quit it, try to stay away from anything that can make you anxious or worried.

Get the right diet

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After quitting khaini, coping up with the withdrawal symptoms often become difficult for people. The right diet can play a major role in helping you curb the urge of getting back to the addiction and also the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Include vegetables like broccoli and spinach in your diet which are rich in magnesium. Magnesium helps in relaxing the nerves which can be actually helpful to fight a number of nicotine withdrawal symptoms like restlessness and lack of focus. Eggs and dairy products are also linked to secretion of serotonin in the body, which can be helpful to control mood swings, another common symptom of quitting nicotine. Taking fruits that are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A can also be helpful to control your mood and to fight problems like insomnia.

Get physical exercise

Physical exercise can be really helpful to fight the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and also to fight the craving. It will not only give you something productive to do, but will also give you a bunch of health benefits. Exercising helps in secretion of serotonin in the body which works as the feel good hormone and can be very helpful to control the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Exercising regularly or taking up an active sport will also cure the problem of sleeplessness making it much easier to quit khaini.

Home remedies for curbing khaini cravings

There are also some home remedies that you can use to curb the cravings for khaini. Some of the best known home remedies for this purpose include,


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Cayenne is believed to be effective in desensitizing your body from the feelings of chewing khaini, which will not only reduce the harmful effects of khaini on your body but will also reduce your cravings for it. The taste of cayenne can also emulate the feel of khaini to some extent, which can be effective to quit the habit.

Holy basil and brahmi

The leaves of holy basil and brahmi have a number of medicinal properties and chewing these leaves every morning can slowly desensitize your senses for khaini. It helps in reducing the cravings and also works to heal the harms that the khaini has already done to your mouth.

Carom seeds and mulethi

Chewing carom seeds and mulethi whenever you are feeling like chewing tobacco is believed to be highly effective in quitting the habit. It mimics the feel of tobacco and slowly desensitizes your taste for khaini, thus helping you to reduce the cravings.

Help is always just a hand away

If you are finding it difficult to quit khaini even after following the above measures there is nothing to lose hope. You can always opt to join a support group where you can meet and discuss your problems with others just like you. You can also talk to an addiction counselor to get the right help for quitting khaini.

Get medical help

If you are not able to quit khaini even after following the above measures, you can directly get medical help to quit the addiction. There are some particular pills that can block the receptors of the brain which produces the pleasantness after nicotine is supplied. As, the reward of having khaini is felt no more, hence automatically the urge for khaini will reduce. Apart from the pills, there are also Nicotine Replacement Therapies that can be highly helpful to quit the khaini. In order to get the right treatment suitable for you it is important to discuss the problem with your doctor and follow his/her instructions accurately.