How to quit drugs forever without rehab

Drug addiction is a worldwide issue which is very tough to overcome. We come across innumerable people in our daily life who were or still are addicted to drugs. There is a wide range of variety of drugs to which people are addicted. It can be any banned med, weed, cocaine, heroin, etc.

To help people get rid of drug addiction rehabs are being constructed, where they are treated in such a manner that they do get rid of drug addiction. But many people don’t want to go for a rehab rather most doesn’t want to get rid of the addiction.

If you are willing to get rid of the drug you have been consuming, but don’t want to go in a rehab, then here are few steps which can help you get rid of drug addiction. To lead a healthy and happy life you can follow these steps:

Plan a drug free life

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Here you need to chalk out a plan that how will you control yourself. Getting control over oneself is very important. Manage yourself in such a way that when you get that craving for drugs, you don’t fall weak.

  • Consider about how you will tackle each of the important aspects of life in order to eliminate drugs from them.
  • Note down ideas of how will you handle situations, such as nerve racking conversations, public gatherings, etc.

Be honest with yourself

Being honest to oneself is very important. To quit drug addiction you have to be honest to yourself.

Honesty in terms of avoiding the company of people who are also drug addicts, not attending those gatherings where consumption of drugs is highly encouraged, not visiting those places where once you spent some leisure time with the drug addicts.

  • Excellent planning and brutal honesty is necessary to keep yourself on the path to success.
  • Just for to test yourself don’t go to those places where you used to hang out.
  • Convince yourself that you can overcome from this situation. Don’t get back in touch with your drug addict mates.
  • Avoid being the fall victim to the fake and temporary satisfaction served by consuming drugs.

Have patience

Be patient enough to get over the whole environment once you cherished. Apart from physical craving you may also have emotional and psychological bonding.

These bonding will always irritate you and increase the physical craving. Avoid being controlled by your craving and give sufficient time to yourself to get rid of drugs completely.

List all your goals

Jot down all goals you are willing to achieve in your life. Work on them. Any and every goal is important, it can be a day with your family, a lunch or dinner at your favorite cuisine, a small gathering with your old friends, a date with your girl, a promotion, a nice presentation at work, etc.

  • Keep a record or make a progress sheet of your goals.
  • Every small to big achievement is important, so keep on recording all and whenever you feel low or get that craving, just remind yourself of what you need to achieve.

Urge surfing

If you get a feeling of taking drugs again then try urge surfing. It is considered as a mindfulness relapse prevention method.

When you get those urges and try to suppress them, you actually make them worse resulting into more complicated situations. Try to surf those urges by using this procedure.

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  • Feel the urge when you get it and recognize, what kind of urge it is, how you will tackle it, don’t suppress it.
  • Make a note of the urges when you get them, rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. Keep on noting them until you get it gone forever.

Avoid surroundings associated with drugs

Keep a distance from all the places and people where you have a high probability of getting into drinks and drugs.

  • Develop new hobbies and interest so that you don’t get that much time to visit those places.
  • Meet new people and make friends, choose your company wisely.


It is a form of exercise which helps to relax and get control on your body. It helps in gaining core strength and craves your body in a healthier way.


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It is an excellent process to gain control over your feelings, mind and body. It helps in relaxing the mind, body and attains peace. It gives a fresh feeling whenever you meditate. Increases the concentration power and help focus on you.

  • Meditate of 15 to 20 minutes a day.
  • Sit in a silent and peaceful place where you get fresh air and nobody disturbs you.
  • Pay attention to one thing and get deep into it until you reach a level of satisfaction.
  • Keep your breathing process in a stable condition. Relax your body completely.


Concentrate on regular exercise. Make it a part of your daily routine.

  • Join a gym as it will help your keep yourself busy and healthy.
  • Follow a routine at gym to keep yourself away from drugs and get back in shape.

Get constructive

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Getting a job is very helpful as you’ll spend most of the day at work and your mind will also be busy so that you don’t get that much time to think about drugs.

  • When you get your salary, deposit it in the bank and make a good savings for future plans.
  • Have 100% commitment towards work and work hard to achieve social and job oriented goals.

Surround yourself with supportive people

Be around people who encourage you to live a healthy life, people who inspire you, support you and love you. Be with people who have suffered the same as you do and inspire yourself. Learn how they managed to get rid of drugs.

Talk to them and explain if any difficulties are there with getting rid of drugs. Create a drug free healthy and peaceful environment for yourself. Ask your friends and family to help you in this in every other aspect that they can.